White wool coat, interpretation of youth


In the cold winter, many girls like wearing dark clothes, so that the original youth is gorneous. White wool coat can not only give you warm, but also show your skin color. A white coat, don’t need too much decoration, you can let you wear the goddess fan.

Recommended 1: 型 大

The circular lapel design can be modified to make a clavicle and create a small face effect. More agefields, wear a child. Slim tailoring, building gold ratio, slim and high. Quality wool fabrics, the version is more convincing, and there is no excessive straight line, Han Fan is full.

Recommended 2: Little Lace Embroidery Coast Coat

Embroidery design, beautiful, very quality, make monotonous clothes more interesting. The exquisite small lapel, the face is better, the slim version, more identified. Double-breasted design, classic wild, convenient to wear. In the jam on both sides, it is not only convenient to go out of small objects, but also can warm hands, very practical.


Recommended three: cow buckle coat

Customized horn buckle, highlighting, and there is also a college wind gas. The fabric is soft, not born, it is very comfortable, and the clothes are lighter and will not look very thick. The version is loose, not picking up, putting on aged and beautiful.


Recommended four: rabbit fur collar hooded woolen coat

The fur collar can be disassembled, not only keep warm, but also makes clothes more fashionable. High quality fabrics, delicate and soft, pure color clean and concise, put more age. The design, simple and beautiful, practical.


Recommended five: hooded woolen coat

Hooding design, not only can prevent wind and cold, but also more college winds, and the aging effect is very good. Clean white, refreshing and natural, no decoration, very net, more free. Wide generous version of the girl is suitable for all kinds of girls, more lazy.

Recommended six: double breasted loose coat

The black double-row button is contracted with the body shape, simple and wild. The waist style is designed, but also can show the elegant charm of women.

Recommended seven: long woolen coat

Long version, wearing a more favorable gaseous field. A concise lapel design, showing women’s elegance, stereo tailoring, making the back more bonded, putting more.

Recommended 8: Short Han Fang woolen coat

This coat is suitable for small sisters, short version, can stretch the waistline, let the girls look more high. Add cotton cloth design, wearing a more warm. Slim version, no bloated, children’s girls are more delicate.