In the winter, we must keep warm and fashionable, wear hooded sweater, wear coat, not only temperament is thin and fashionable.


Hat sweater with coat coat:


The hooded sweater is a must-have warm single product in autumn and winter, and can be used as an inner. The woolen coat is more fashionable fashion clothing in the fashion circle, and its version and style are also a variety of styles. And the two of the two simultaneously combined warm and fashionable, but also put it not only thin, it seems to be filled with fashion.

Introduction to the version of the woolen coat

There are four common version of coats, which are H-type, type A, X-type and tantramids. Different people are wearing different version of coats, often wear different results. And the four version of the coat can match the hooded sweater very well, and it is a tantal and H-shaped coat. The loose style of coats and sweaters just can be coordinated very well, it looks fashionable and slim. X-type and A-type coats are bundled in the design of the waist, and the tight bottoming shirt can play a good effect, but it is not suitable for the loose sweater.


The neckline of the woolen coat

In addition to the version of the coat, you want to match the hooded sweater, choose a coat of a suitable neckline. Large lapel coats are more suitable for hooded sweaters relative to rigging coats. Due to the hood design of the sweater, if you choose a collection of money, you will inevitably fold with the hat, which makes people look bloated. The big lapel design just makes up this point, and the match of hooded sweater, both of them have been warm, and it is more energetic.

“Foreign Dynamics” introduction

Introduce the choice of coatings and necklines, the next most important is how to choose coats and sweaters. Preferences of the girls in the grilled woolen coats, in the choice of the inner, try to follow the process of wearing the “exquisite”. You can try to pick a solid color version of hooded sweater, which can avoid dazzling, and can build a classic retro feel. In addition, if the sweater designs and color is large, you can choose a simple monochromatic woolen coat, which can also play a good fashion effect.

Internal and external color matching

If you feel that it is too trouble, or there is no time to match women, you can try to wear the inside and outside. A classic black woolen coat takes a hooded sweater in a co-color, and the whole gives a sense of practice. In addition, I feel that the whole body’s black is too dull, you can also wear a white sneakers on your feet, you can play a certain brightening effect on the overall black. Or you want a girl who wants a girl, you can also choose a yellow plaid coat with color sweater. The lower body wear a wild coffee column and Martin boots, not only the whole of the whole match, it seems to be more age.


Large clothing

Choosing the woolen coat with hooded sweater, you want to keep warm and want to wear fashion, then the choice of large clothes is especially important. The sweater is originally a loose version of the design, so it should try to choose the material than the thickness of the material, and a wide range of layers. It can take a good care of the sweater and make people look more accommodation. Or you can try to avoid the over-thickness of the inner hooded sweater, and the matching coat is too thin, it is easy to make people look.


Wool coats and hooded sweaters for the next introduction and suggestions:

The mix of the woolen coat and hooded sweater can be said to be a classic wear of autumn and winter seasons. I want to create a holistic stylish atmosphere, except for the matching of the upper, it is more important. It is a good choice for tight-fitting pants, wide legs or suit.


Woolen coat taking a cap sweaters + tights

The woolen coat is loose version, the next tight jeans or casual pants can make the whole person look high, still very thin. On the color of the pants, you should try to choose the color line consistent with the upper color style. For example, if the top is a light coat, you can choose a light blue trousers as a top, create a bright and refined. In addition, if you want to save trouble, you can also choose a classic black or white pants, not only, but also highlight the fashion.

Woolen coat riser with hood sweater + wide leg pants


In addition to coats with tights, the most popular harsh pants are also a good choice. The pants wide-legged version of the classic and hundreds of people, even if the body is sluggish, it is also easy to control. If you prefer a cowboy, you can choose a wide-legged straight blue jeans, step on a pair of white sneakers, easily create a casual street wind. In addition, you can choose a high-waist wide-leg harem pants as a coat, not only can draw the proportion of your body, but also make people look tall.


Woolen coat

For girls who have no time to match daily, you can also wear a set directly in the woolen coat, not only can save time, but also fashion. For example, wearing a black coat, you can match a gray sports suit. The overall black and gray tones collide, people look full of fullness. Or you can also choose a black sports suit in a white coat, a classic black and white match, which makes people look clean and concise. In addition, in the selection of the set, you should try to choose a more simple, color up and down. It can avoid wearing too much, and you can create a good fashion effect.