Cool exciting fashion movement – aggressive skating


Light jumping, rotating elegant, personalized interpretation …… This is today’s popular global fashion movement – aggressive skating.

Development History

Unlike speed skating has a long history of aggressive skating in the early 1990s by the freestyle skating evolved, and the gradual rise in the United States. In 1995, ESPN X Games first session, in one fell swoop aggressive skating movement to the world.

Currently, aggressive skating and aggressive skating into a single row of double aggressive skating. People engaged in aggressive skating is called “ROLLERLADING”, they can choose a single or double row roller skate limit personal choice.

Single row aggressive skating shoes more solid, in order to play a role in protecting the foot fixed ankle. It is divided into two and four wheel, four wheel holder having a small diameter on both sides of the intermediate wheel via large. Special nylon holder, the intermediate holder has a groove with a slider for stuck pipe.

Limit more traditional double roller shoes, due to the unique double of stability, it is generally low-top shoes, high center of gravity than a single row limit shoes, so stability and grip will be higher.

Single row aggressive skating shoes


Double aggressive skating shoes

Specific breakdown

Freestyle (Freeskating) full name of freestyle skating, referred to as FSK.


Flatland those different actions, FSK does not adhere to a level area. This project has a very well-known slogan: We turn our city into a playground!

FSK is the main inspiration comes from speed skating (Speed) and speed skating venues limit (Aggressive) skills, combined downhill (Downhill), brake stop (Slide), pattern (Artistic) characteristics, is a new , the development of modern skating play, like “running on a wheel of cool.”

Site aggressive skating, also known as stunt skating, currently appearing in major venues such limit game is aggressive skating. Specific can be subdivided into: “STREET” (neighborhoods) and “RAMP” (U-type pool, bowl pool), players can interpret their understanding of extreme sports by sliding steps, sliding steel pipe, and a variety of flip action, and constantly to break through their own physiological and psychological limits.

“RAMP” (U-type pool, bowl pool)


“STREET” (neighborhoods)



Extreme roller skating in the middle period of the 1990s was introduced to China, the past twenty years of development, has become a concern of the fashion movement.

From the beginning of 2019, Chinese Extreme Sports Association, integration of resources, heavy launch Chinese aggressive skating league. This is the National League for integration of high-profile extreme sports events, leagues to “promote, popularize and standardize extreme roller skating,” for the purpose, is committed to developing elite skating, extreme sports promotion. League plans to hold an annual 6 races through the tournament twice, aggressive skating visibility and penetration have been greatly improved.

Mention Chinese aggressive skating, relaxation would have to mention the name, who was born in 83 years, “Uncle Beijing” is called “China’s aggressive skating the first person.”

China first person relaxation aggressive skating

Site protection

If you say that speed skating is the entry of the Enlightenment, the aggressive skating as if climbing the peak. With the increasingly popularity of roller skating, young people try to limit skating is also increasing.

National Snow and Ice at BSU sports training and scientific research base, with Beijing’s first indoor skating training hall, the museum has a casual “STREET” (neighborhoods) equipment to meet aggressive skating athletes training and competition. At the same time, skating hall floor is also equipped with high-tech physical training area.


Skating Museum “STREET” (neighborhoods) Equipment

Although the base after skating hall set-up time is not long, but Blair has been skating circles in Beijing, believe to be the epidemic completely in the past, this skating museum will also become Beijing and the country skating enthusiasts, a new pilgrimage destination.

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