Song Hao’s figure is my dream! Camouflage jacket + wide leg pants to welcome the school season, personality and chic


Hi, here is set,


A focus dress, exclusive, your beautiful fashionable people!

On the first day of September, the stars were like a general, and they took out their own beauty. As the fashion goddess, Song Hao’s wear naturally caused a lot of netizens.

have to say,

Song Wei’s private service has maintained a high level

It is very borrowed for our daily match.

The first set of LOOK in Song, September, who worked again and hated in the school season. It is also wearing a fascinating service, and you are in the military training, you wear a mid-acle, and

Her wear is overdewrough and chic

It is simply a real name.

The single product of the camouflage element, in fact, the personality that wants to wear is not difficult, as long as you choose this year’s ultrafire, you can wear more women’s charm.

Of course, I don’t necessarily be successful, because everyone has Song’s margin and A4 waist, and naturally can’t make the whole shape instantly.

The Song Wei, the women’s group, how many people are the dream?

Anyway, I am very enviable with my friends. And there is a figure, she will still run their own advantages. This time, the lumbage shirt + high waist wide leg pants, modified the perfect proportion and the beauty of the body, the ordinary girl can also easily change.

The molding collision of the neutral wind single product and the show body, the style is very compacted, it is easy to wear beautiful and 飒 LOOK. Song Ran really confident, and then take the self-headed top, this posture will increase the lumbar area of ​​the upper clothes, revealing the “underwear”, looks

Sexy personality


Of course, Song Yan put the camouflage of the movement, not only helping her show a hot body curve, but also perfectly interpretation of the visual effect of the legs below the chest, too amazing!

Song Wei is also very popular this time.

Dark black system


However, because she is laid, showing women’s cell, it looks soft and handsome!

Slim five-pants, it is simply the god of legs, the upper body shows that the body is not stylish. With the T-shirt leisure and age, it is easy to wear the cool girl’s Feel. The hooded sweater jacket creates an autumn atmosphere, and collides with the coolness of the coolness, and the charm of the anti-season wear is demonstrated.

Song Wei has a lot of outcomes, this time, it is also a series that makes people look more. The little black skirt of Hepburn is

“Simple is advanced”

The perfect interpretation of this sentence, the upper body has temperament.


Song Wei chose a light-cooked V-neck skirt, but because the joining of long-sleeved shawls, not only did not expose, but also helped her to wear gentle and fresh temperament. Fisherman, casual shoes, etc.

Song Wei’s wear, I chose a single product called “bad street”, and the heat is almost a place in hand. But she can take a stripe shirt with jeans

Fashionable LOOK

It can be seen how good her clothing is.

Obvious wearable wearing, is the skill of these two care machines of color echo + Ceress, using visual longitudinal extension, significant and thin. The makeup hair accessories are refreshing, but also helps her.

Neighbor girl


Song Wei is a very powerful actress. As an actor, she has recently been very good, and the acting is not said. And her love is born, the stage performance is more surprised than once.


And the Song Dynasty in the stage, not only


Singing exercise SALY

Her shape is very beautiful. She wears a pleated skirt uniform, youth, you don’t lose sexy.


LOOK attended the event, but also uses it very completely. A black suspender with a cropped body. Out of her front and backward body,

Elegant and lost woman

The black line does not want to wear an old and autumn, you can use the lip color to improve the color, you will be young and you can wear a delicate temperament.


I am taking, if you have confusion, you can privately believe me, you also welcome a message to discuss! Follow the study, we will become better and more beautiful together!

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