How does the beauty salon 100 yuan Trew card do the most effective?


Beauty salon Tourist selection mode

Toptendee’s overall ideas: A beauty salon has 100 old customers, one with one 100 new customers, from the current situation to see the beauty salon, focusing, is a most effective means of being one of the most effective means.

The old customers of the conventional beauty salon tend to introduce a few shortcomings:

First, didn’t make it a thing, there is no system, and occasionally ask the beautician to do this project, and the beautician also asked the old customers to do this. How to achieve it.

Second, there is no full mobilization of the enthusiasm of the beautician, and go all out to do a good job in the introduction of the old customers.


Third, not fully considering the feelings of the old customers, did not combine the interests and emotions.

How to make old customers are willing to bring new customers?

Decoction II: The details of the beautician touch customers, plus the use of the various marketing methods of beauticians, so that the old customers are willing;

Decoction 2: Combine with the name of similar public welfare or promotion, so that high-end customers or new customers will be willing to accept;

Recting Three: Explain the culture, service, service, and increase the pride of the old customers through the meeting, add new customers;

Daguang III: Through a part of the kind of interest, let the old customers are willing to help;


Danchi 5: By making old customers feel the real discount, let the old customers will be willing to bring friends or transfer.

For this:

First, take advantage of excellent pleasure, let the old customers come over.

Second, with the beauty salon skills competition, let the old customers come over.

Third, share the experience of beauticians to share, let the old customers come over.

Major sales process:

First, the pre-sales of Thanksgiving card, the beautician skill competition relatives and friends card to complete the meeting; (three days of pressing card)

Second, the sales of high-end customers in the skills will promote sales (weekends);

Third, the meeting, that is, the charm woman or the beautiful lecture hall is in the form of a joint or education, let the new customers become old customers, and wait for the introduction to introduce the event. Method is to do it, you can do it.

Grand is concerned:

Find some initiating units, it is best to be a government function department, a famous magazine, or a related service assessment agency, such as:

Starting unit: a city-leader, the provincial and US union, “Medical Aesthetics Beauty”, Huashan On the Sword, China Beauty Leader Annual Meeting Excellence Beautician Selection Committee, “a certain newspaper” and so on, of course, to regard the operator’s social relationship In terms of.

Participation unit: a certain beauty salon, etc.

Selected topics: (Some of the following) 1

Small elegant:

Operation of your own beauty salon to operate on the beauty salon, the content of the beauty salon, customer satisfaction, etc., such as:

1, a beautiful beauty salon service skills workwood contest

2, a certain beauty salon gold beauty teacher all-round hegemony

3, Super Beauty Master Five Star Service Vote

Operating procedures:

First, the service rectification: about one to two weeks, all of the beauty salon service will be made by publicity, let all customers know, and every beautician is a customer feeling, be sure to have a customer who introduces it. To do one to two, I’m moving the customer, if you write thank you letter, give customers a lottery letter, tell your touching story to preheat the customer, add a targeted personalized service, and the students of the business school can also Improve the content of “Beauty Salon Five-Star Service Perfect Detail” in this course.

Second, the beauty salon organizes the list of all old customers, and is assigned to the beautician according to quality and complement. Customers generally have three situations: First, high-end customers, this notice will be, do not do sales, hired as a member of the conference review team; Second, customers who have strong feelings of strong interests, and also for beauty salons and beauticians Identity of the best prostitute, three is ordinary customers, should operate according to the first easy way, when they can’t open the situation, the boss can use their own resources, do several samples to encourage employee morale.

Third, the design of the super beautiful Thanksgiving Card Quality is generally on the opposite side, the front is the activity theme, the event participates in tickets, the beautician situation introduction, the score standard and the customer score. The back is a preferential policy, and the preferential policy adds an old customer to testify. (Ie the original price, what is the current discount? Leather care, another meeting site participated in the lucky draw, there is a sleep mask; there is also a card of 88 yuan, a set of 380 yuan Trew gift set, the face is detected once, and the meeting site participates in the lottery. Another example is like a 0 + 388 yuan card, 5 times, if the customer feels not intuitive, then invalid refund after three times.

Fourth, regarding the interests of the old customers: don’t talk about interests, just talk about the beautician after the award, you can apply for the old customers to apply for products or programs. (Although some product projects are rewarding to the beautician himself or his family friend). Second, there are many customers who are very selling in those activities, there are many related awards, such as Bole Awards, Hui Ai Awards, Zoning Awards, etc., such as tourism, dining coupons, mobile phones, etc. if this prize Customers don’t take, can come to cash in the beauty salon and have prices in 2 times.

V. Five, the beautician plans to make the beautician through SMS, telephone, boarding visit, let the old customers help the beautician sell cards, work arrangements: Working the beautician in two people, one person When a phone calls, one person can contact the relevant customers directly for sale. In order not to affect the daily work of the beauty salon, the time is generally from the morning: 30- 18:30 pm.

Sixth, at weekends, all customers, including new and old customers, invited new and old customers to meet the meeting of the associated beautician skills contest.

7. Conference content: The content of the beautician skills competition, the service declaration, the touching experience sharing, the old customers and other contents.

8. One month after the meeting, the ladies ceremonies, charm women, women, beautiful and beauty, etc. At the same time, increase the links of experts sitting. Consider elements:

1. How to mobilize the enthusiasm of the beautician, go all out to do the old customers’ referral work, if you encounter a refusal, frustration, how to deal with, if you can’t open the situation, how to break through.

Workaround: The three principles of performance assessment can be fully utilized: incentives, stress, encouragement, and the total mobilization before, in addition to the owner, let each employee share the family, parents, expectations, etc., let employees move employees. If you may arrange the beauty of the groomer to do sales, break through the mental disorder, go all out. Open a joke, how can the manufacturer will force the beauty boss to force the beautician to force the old customers. On-site competition list, indicator map, beautician Li Jun stand, flag activities, prizes: safflower, gold chocolate, passion music, the most important thing is that the bonus is issued at the time of the evening. Successful case sharing, timely mobile phone text messages, there is no group of groups, can consider making themselves to make mental punishments such as dinner. In order to complete sales, some beauty salons are still sending text messages in the evening, and the pressure is suggested. This block must show that the beauty salon is just through the event, and the beautician people want to increase popularity The number of friends and relatives and the number of people should give their own pressure.

2. Why is old customers who are willing to help to introduce, in addition to their feelings, what should I still have?


In addition to the above, the old customers have two situations, one is touched, really feel that it should help the beautician, the second is to be worn, and it is barely and semi-accepted. This degree is going to master, and generally do not have any negative situation. The ideal result is that the beautician is targeting a customer, prior detail, moving customer, a number of transactions, and a breakthrough, thereby causing a good performance cycle for the introduction. The new customer is completed by two links. First, the pre-sales card, the other is the sales card.

3, how to design the card item, let the new customer are willing to accept, come and come to meet?

Each beauty salon should design the card item in combination with your own situation, it is best to use the teacher’s proposed treto project or brand, that is, knocking on the door, this project has several elements: the effect is intuitive, price concessions, easy to operate, can emphasize frequent frequency Each beautician will serve.

4. How to make cultural, make a taste, make a grade, and more important is to make a good feeling of customers?

Do not sell strong sales, break through the three major editions: beauty salons position and differentiation (preferably the service difference), the beauty of the culture of the beauty salon and the spirit of the beautician, and there is also the admiration of the old customers, the characteristics and effects of the card item promise.

5, how to transfer the card to the project after the new customer pays low cards?

Transaction This card is not a purpose. This event must not be able to see more luxuriant, quality customers, transform customers, and solve the way is the three steps in the course in the course. Chain sales, do a good job in the short term, medium-term sales plan and pre-sales concept introduction work, of course, the most important or this card four products must be effectively or four services and different 6, after a month, why must meet, In addition to the consolidation of new customers, how do the meeting be educated except for the lively event, because education is the fundamental of Trew?

When new customers come in and complete this card service, teaching or association is another important part of emotional transformation and sublimation, education is the fundamental of Trew, individual thinks, experience marketing, personality services, project expert guidance or sales .

7. How can beauticians reward, how to commission? How do old customers give interest?

After the beautician is grouped, rewarding the championship, in general; such as 100 yuan card, consider the employee to open the card, 15 yuan, the champion can also have a total sales performance of the total sales performance, the runner-up can have a total performance of 5%, total Deduction of 20%, the customer is actually issued after the store, and the award of 100,000 yuan to 3-4 million yuan is active.

8. After the new customers have cultivated and consolidated for a month, would you make new customers with updated customers?

If this method is feasible, you can consider the two or three months later, then the customer’s transfer introduction event is held, so that the new customer has a new customer, and if the first time is not ideal, when the two months arrived, it can also be Grateful form, with customers to go to the form of the temple to pray for a wish, at the end of the year, the gods Pets seal (red envelope), the new year is beautiful and outstanding female evaluation activities, go to the relevant welfare home I hope that the elementary school will send warmth. In fact, in the past, emotional marketing is good, the star imitation show, there are old customers to bring new customers, but they put their attention to the organ unit Tourist, and there is no intensive old customers to introduce, no concentration Do the old customers to introduce, did not make the oppression of old customers.

Working arrangements:

Send a mobile phone text message fifteen days before the event, the old customers are required to forward new customers;

All training for employees:

Training content: All employees incentive: How to motivate employees, let employees have exhausted, street sales products,

Announce a reward and punishment: See the relevant, and the beauty salon will set the situation,

Sales discomist: the purpose and significance of the event, your sense of honor, and other cosmetics, the introduction of other old customers. Calling skills and methods: See new customers to visit the method: Old customers have a hundred reasons to refuse you, you have a thousand ways to convince her, she has a thousand reasons to refuse you, you have 10,000 Reason to ask her.

Old customers can introduce objects: sisters, friends, relatives, colleagues, classmates, neighbors, each person should have at least 7 suitable beauty objects around.

Old customers refused points: from card discount, emotion, help, competition, sympathy, to solve customers’ interest (benefits), etc.

Basic skills and sales phrases:


How to say a discount, help: You are old customers and know more than this offer, this is really helping friends, good things with good friends! You are doing with friends, you can talk, have a companion! What is not as good as a healthy to send beautiful, this east is lightly lighter; driving a birthday, colleagues send things better than sending us card, cheap but valuable, meaningful, two come to the scene to give me fidelity;

Gifts of roses, hand a fragrance! If your friend came over, how good this project! Sister, this thing is very good, and a certain thing is like this and leading important friends.

How to say competition, Bo sympathy: I have a big pressure, the competition is too powerful; help me this time, thank you for your life; our age is really not easy; you have noble people on life, you are my noble! Even if you don’t have a beauty salon, I have to be a long face for myself; I haven’t lost it in this life; I must be better than who is more than anyone; I can really explain that I have a good friend; the friend who is trouble is a real friend, you It is my true friend; this evaluation may come over or may know, I can’t afford this face. I am privately invited; I really envy a given a friend who brings her two relatives and friends. I know that this is not good, but it is really difficult, or I will not open this mouth, the last time.


I can’t think of it? You can help me check your mobile phone number or Tongbun, you can always find some friends, then say that you can help me, help her, and help yourself. Sister, I take a note, ok?

Are you all of my friends? Which woman doesn’t have a few cards, they may be used up, or you may want to taste fresh, go to a new beauty salon or do a new project? Sister, try it, help me, thank you for having love! Take me to introduce it, I will know it, it doesn’t matter, but my mission has always seen a few friends and relatives friends.

High-end customers, what should I do? We mainly want to come over, bring a few people, and take a few people, and come over, everyone will come over, everyone will not be cold, let the guests say this Local people are not enthusiastic, do not cooperate. Not letting you sell cards, like this kind of identity, after this offer is to choose from customers, thanks to thank you, don’t do it, but you have to express our sincerity!

There are still many illustratives, everyone should consider carefully, when the beautician calls, next to it, when you go out, you should rehearse and drill. Related beauty skills competition content:

Star Avenue, Beautician Dress Welcome, announced the judge

Beauty salon culture and gratitude: transfer this event to the customer’s photo is also placed in it, and take the chairperson

Beauty salon culture, theory, service oath, beautician self-excitation and style display

Mei Zi Meyi and the reception process, the general situation is: the performance of ordinary beauty teachers, the performance of excellent beauticians

Operation method explanation: Demonstration Dance and technique demonstration, do it with customers.

Each beautician professional knowledge drawing: Professional is the hard truth, on-site playing customers and beauticians demonstration, especially the project on the card, and promises the simulated customer effect or service commitment.

Employee talent show: and visualist comedy.

Speech contest: Beautician grows up the journey, it is best to touch customers cry, and go to the stage to comfort the beautician and say good words.

Customers, score, similar to super female model, relatives and friends

Thanks to which beautician’s new customer gives extra points, whether there will be later choices, or everyone participates in the form of lucky prices

Woman beauty is a special lecture

Beautiful and beauty, this piece is a beautician education lecture, without products, without sales, only customers believe and recognize.

Material: Beautician Personal Propaganda X Experarier, Thanksgiving Card 500-1000 Banners: Beautiful Angel Selection, Ribbon, Professional Venue, Sound, Red Packet, Camera, Rose, Celebration, Championship Army Trophy, Certificate, Gold Coin Chocolate, 1 Day / block

Award: Bole Award, Hui Ying Award, Review Group Award, Best Organization Award, Jin Shi Tong Award (Great Activities, Send to Beauty Sate)

Five stars, four stars, Samsung beauticians or the best smile prize, the best service award, the best ceremonial award, the best talent prize, the most people ‘s prize.