I am at first sight.



Break up this matter, it is my follow.

He was connected to the operating table for three days, and even missed my birthday.

I am waiting late at night, one person eats half of the cake, and the backhand will send himself into the night emergency, hanging water to dawn.

After dawn, I went home with a painful stomach, just sit down on the sofa, and I was opened again.

Murchen’s face is pale, there is still a bloody gas, mixing a touch of sterilization.

He tired of his face is on a single sofa, and he has an eye, like it is completely, there is one next to me.

I don’t dare to confuse: “Murchen, you see me now, I didn’t see it ??

He slowly opened his eyes, his eyes were fascinated: “Sorry, Nan Jia, I am too sleepy.”

The rest of the birthday cake is still in tea, he is even too lazy to tell me a happy birthday.

When I wake up, I have already packaged my things, and the two suitcases are discharged in porch.

Looking back, solemnly announced: “We break up.”

He slowly woke up and recovered in a cold look in the next day.

Listening to me, he didn’t say anything, just leaning against the wall, stun: “You won’t drive, I will help you send something home?”


He did not save me, and I have a uncomfortable in my heart. “I hit the car on my mobile phone.”

“The license plate number will be sent to me.” Murchen is holding the lips, the jaw line is tight, “pay attention to safety on the road.”

This is this love, he said the last sentence I said.

I am a blind date.

After graduating, I have to have a 25-year-old big relationship. My mother is can’t bear to help me arrange blind.

There is no follow-up to six people.

Murch is the seventh, the introducer said that his family is good, the people are highly academically good, the occupation is a doctor, the future is unlimited, and this year is less than 30 years old.

In front of the face, I will spit with my girlfriends: “The conditions are so superior to the blind date, not the information, fake is a major defect.”

It turns out that the conditions are true, and there is a defect.

He is too busy.

Murchen is an obstetrician doctor, graduated from famous university, almost all time spent in the hospital.

His personality is too cold, and will not ask the girl to be happy, so it is so single to now.

Even if I was blind, I didn’t finish it. He took a call, I bought a single in advance, and then politely farewell.

He is also high and handsome, the value is indeed my dish, just from him to rectify the food and no wave, he didn’t look at me.

The result is the next day, the introducer found my mother, saying that I feel very good, I can try it.

I talked to him for half a year.

Mu Shi is really busy, not much about date, will also answer some work, even several times in advance.

In order to meet more, I moved into his house.

He gave me the salary card, let me use it, the mobile phone can check, will prepare an pain pain in advance when I dysmenor, and the holiday will pick a gift.

But what I need is not these.

“You are purely louder.” Su Sao vomiting me, “He also handed all his family to you. Do you still be dissatisfied? Remember that you didn’t have a hot pot without AA, you worship you. Do you want to be boyfriend? “

After breaking up, my mom is really angry, I want to drag me to comply with compament.

I cried in her face: “I don’t go! He is busy to forget my birthday, I sent more than a dozen messages to return to a word, I can’t stand this kind of grievance!”

My mother sighed, I didn’t force me.

After returning home, I opened WeChat and saw the news from Murchen: “Is it safe to home?”

My hard Bangbang returned to a “Well” word, like him back to me.

“Sorry, I saw the piece of cake you left. Happy birthday.”

In this sentence, my tears are coming soon, trying to tie: “Thank you.”


Then the conversation ends.

When I didn’t pull black, he didn’t delete me, we lied in the list of friends in each other.

Mu Shi never sent a circle, I can send ten, zero straw, and there is no giant.

I didn’t know anything about his life after breaking up. He estimated that all me three meals a clear clear.


After determining that I and Mu Mu, my mother introduced me the son of her college students, called Qin Xuan.

“Xiao Qin is a little bit older than you, and people are very sensible.”

As a result, I saw the face, I found my mother purely.

Qin Xuan has graduated from the University, I will meet with him for the first time.

The onlookers applause, he walked on the dancer.

Good nice little boy.

I am so sad that I am still more thinking.

Qin Xuan took me to catch a pile of dolls. After having dinner, I drove me home.

I am idle, just put those dolls one by one, then take a photo, and send a circle.

I took a shower that night, I found that Murchen actually gave this point.

This is a breakup, he first gave me a circle of friends.

I came to my spirit, I opened the big picture and took a closer study for a long time, and finally I found Qin Xuan on the steering wheel in the corner.

The fingers are well slender, and the bones are clear, and they are a man’s hand.

I excited to send Susu news: “I feel that Murchen is not the rest.”

She sent a string question mark: “Chen Nanjia, you have broken up for three months, you are awake.”

“I am very awake, I have me in my heart.”

In fact, Qin Xuan is also a good person, but I am also very clear, I am this person, saying that it is delicate, saying that it is a princess.

I live for so many years, I can get my temper, in addition to my mother and Su, only Mu.

Even I have to take a small table to eat snail in his bed, and the bowl is knocked over. He is not angry. It is only very calmly cleansed up with my mess, and I will help me cook a bowl of new.

I hung up online online and went to their hospital for the next morning.

He listens to me to use the subcutaneous embedded surgery to contraception, gently blame the next eyebrow, and quickly recover the calm-free expression: “Is there a life after recently?”

I stared at the eyes above his mask: “You are my boyfriend, are you unclear?”

Quiet for a while, Mr. Chen said: “Miss Chen, I need to remind you, we have broken up for three months.”

He has never used this alienation of indifference to tell me, my nose is sour, almost falling into tears.

“Life after marriage … There is no surgery for the time being, do it.”

In fact, I heard that the subcutaneous implant can relieve the dysmenorrhea to ask, but obviously, Mr. Mon.

He opened the inspection list and said that he said: “For the sake of health, it is recommended to use a hygiene article.”

According to past experience, I can almost certainly, he is angry.

I took the list of Mu and I went out and walked around and found that he was back to me, slightly low, and a young girl in a disease.

“I have seen your check report, and the values ​​are normal. I can be discharged today.”

A very gentle voice, and the attitude of talking to me is very different.

The girl said softly: “Nadu, after I was discharged, can I come to you again?”

She looked at the eyes of Mu Shi, and it was a non-concealed love.

I stayed in place, my heart was filled with sorrow, and I was a blank, and I didn’t even listen to it.

Successful, the girl has gone.

In addition to a few steps, I was crying and cold and cold: “Come over.”

I entered the consultation room, he looked at the payment of my hand, flat: “Pumgmentation is not painful. I have a blood, I can give you an operation list.”

I am afraid of pain, he has always known.

I suddenly reached out his wrist: “Don’t need it, I am actually looking for you today.”

He is wearing white coat, leaning on the table, mask, covering the good face, only a pair of cold eyes, just look at me: “What to do with me?”

I can’t hear half of emotions in the sound, it seems that I don’t want to see me.

I took a breath and said, “Oh, come to send you invitation, invite you to participate in my wedding.”


The air is stagnant, and the eyes closed and closed, and he opened his mask, and the voice was cold to the ultimate: “Take it.”

Of course, it is impossible to have any invitations.

I took the portable parcel and touched two in a chaos, and then said: “Forget it.”

He hit the lower lip angle and turned it.

I carefully went to pull his neighborhood: “Who is the girl who is talking to you?”

“My patient.” “Mu Mun’s pace, look back at me,” Miss Chen, now I am working time, if you don’t see a doctor, please click back. “

His eyes, like a clear cold pool, calmless, it seems that there is nothing to affect his emotions.

I only saw him upset, it was two months after our love.

That is my first kissing and I am actively.

At the end of a kiss, he calmly breathed the breath and looked at my eyes as if there was a broken star.

The light of the light is warm, he is holding my waist, putting his face on my ear, low low yes: “Nanjia.”

I have never met such a person, just just called my name, I have made my heartbeat, my blush is soft.

Now we break up, is it one day, he will do this to other girls?

The light is imagining that scene, I have been difficult to cry, shake your voice Q: “Will you be with her?”


“Your patient.”

He should not sound, I mood suddenly fell to the bottom of the valley, turned around, barely supported.

Mu Mun, but chasing my arms, sighing when I saw my tears: “Will n’t.”

“Mu Mun, do you feel that I hate it?”

“Not.” He looked down at the watch on his wrist, “The lunch break is coming, I will send you home.”

I am in my heart, and the fire promises.

Sitting into the car, still a familiar clear smell.

He didn’t smoke, the taste of the car was clean, like him.

I am trying to find a topic: “Are you busy these months?”

“Fortunately, and before.” He looked at it, quickly saw me, no cold, “But I see that your days are very happy.”

“How could it be!” I quickly clarified, “I have a few months more dysmenorrhea than before, I’m not good.”

He sighed, it seems to be a bit helpless:

“I have told you before. Don’t eat ice before and after the physiological period, what about it? During this time, you drink ice cream tea every three times, it is not difficult to be blamed.”

He actually knew that I was drinking ice milk tea?

Everyone in my friend, he all enlarged, did you not let the label on the milk tea cup?

I am very vibrating, poor Baba is spoiled: “Not because you are not around me, no one supervises me.”

This is said to export, and the inner car is awkward.

I saw a tight mandibular line, and I learned after knowing, in fact, we have broken up.

But I still like him.

Mu Mun opened the car to my hierarchy, faint: “Get off the bus.”

I tried to invite him: “Don’t go to my house to sit, my mom is not at home, my new sheet of bed is very good.”

When I was a steering wheel, I turned to look at me, a word a meal: “Since you have already married, why bother to provoke me?”

“Chen Nanjia, I am not your toy.”

If you say that you are really true, I saw him cold and ice, I finally realized that I seem to have a bit.

“… I didn’t want to get married, that is, I just said.” I looked at his sleeves, whispered, “I am coming to you, just because I want to see you.”

He smashed the lips and asked me: “” The first two days, who do you go to the doll? “

I cooked the intermediary: “I have a brother.”

Mu Shi’s hand is gently trembled, then he opened the door: “Let’s go.”

I stunned: “Where to go?”

“I still have half an hour. Isn’t it to send you home?”

When the dark mood, I just lit up, I should be loud, I followed the car.

After reaching out, he did not refuse, but he held my wrist, and the body was low as before, so I could be more comfortable.

He went out of the hospital to take off the white shirt, revealing cotton white shirt, arms, there is a soft touch, warm temperature is hot and heat.

The heart of the gods, I am going to speak, and the front suddenly came to a familiar voice: “Sister.”

One looks up, it is Qin Xuan.

He took a bag of soda and ran to me. He was going to speak. He was intercepted by my fire: “How come you come here today?”

Qin Xuan looked at me.

I also looked at him, crowded, crazy hint.

He picked his eyebrows, meaning deep: “Of course, it is to look at the cousin.”

Said, he took the initiative to reach out: “Hello, I am Chen Nanjia’s cousin.”

When you have a lip line, and Qin Xuan has hit his hand and quickly recovered.

He said faintly: “Since you are here, then I will go back to work.”

I have a mobile phone, and I am in a reluctant to waving him: “Well, then you have to go back to my WeChat.”

Mu Mu said, “Good”, turned around.

I have been staring at him until he disappears in the door of the community. He suddenly sounded Qin Xuan’s voice in the ear: “So can’t be alive? Table – Sister.”

I saw Qin Xuan. He looked at me smiling. The little face was within easy reach, and it was tender like a water.

It’s very good, but I don’t like it.

“Just thank you.” I said, “But I will tell my mom, I am not interested in this type.”

Qin Xuan is a bit, probably I didn’t expect that I would say so straightforward.

He looked at me smile: “What should I do? I seem to be interested in this type of sister, particularly interest.”

I patted his head: “Hey.”

Qin Xuan: “?”

“Later, I will recognize a few sisters outside, you are gently, don’t be so greasy.”

After finishing, I went to the bag.


I was eating dinner, and announced to her after meeting: “I have to recover my murder.”


“Because I like him.”

She looked at me with a look at the fool: “Since you like him, why do you split your hand?”

“Because he is busy forgetting my birthday, I still don’t return to my WeChat, I still put me countless pigeons in advance.”

I said, the voice gradually went down, some depressed, “But I broke up for these three months, I really miss him.”

“So, if you chase him back, these questions can be solved? He can accompany you to have a birthday, accompany you, second back to your WeChat?”

I can’t refute it.

Su Su and I am a friend, but it is the opposite person.

I made a day, and the sickness of the princess, I thought it was an out; and she was calm, and the problem was seen.

“Murchen is a doctor, he is very busy, and the probabilies are so busy.”

“But you don’t have to go to work. In addition to rushing a few drawings every month, the rest is free time – Chen Nanjia, you need a man who always accompany you, and he can never be such a people.”

I don’t understand.

I don’t want this, but it is Mu.

I am unpredictable, I took out my mobile phone with Su Sao to the toilet, I took out my mobile phone, gave Mr Shiguan: “Do you want to value night from time to time?”

After a few minutes, he returned me: “No.”

I thought about my juice, I suddenly thought of there was something to take away, can you go to your home at night? “


I am comforting myself in my heart, there is progress, I only go back to a word before, now two words.

After dinner, I bid farewell to Su Su, go home to change the clothes.

Also sprayed, dress yourself like a demon green tea, then step on the high-heeled shoes to take a taxi home.

As a result, I found that he was not at home.

Send WeChat, calling, calling for half an hour at the door, the more weighing, the more grievances, and finally endure the nasal acid downstairs.

Go to the side of the flower bed, suddenly found a familiar car in front of not far away.

Haven’t reacted yet, two people came down.

Mu Mun is still like an past, straight straight back.

The night blurred his contour, let him indifference into the coldness of the cold, but there is a fascinating fascination.

And the girl standing in front of him, looking at the head and talking about him …

Isn’t his patient?

So Murchen is because she is, I don’t pick up my phone. He said that he would not be with her, it is also lie to me?

I stand in the same place, the big brain is blank, the lips are bitten hurt, etc., they have been slow, they have passed from the other side of the flower bed.

Probably the sky is too dark, I didn’t see me.

I want to catch up with the question, I feel that I have no position, the more I want to be wronged, simply take out the mobile phone, and locate the nearest bar on the map, then take the taxi.

I took a selfie at the bar door, meticulous P, sent to a circle of friends, and attached to the positioning.

In fact, the length is so big, this is the first place to come to the bar, and I am a little nervous.

But I thought of Murchen and I lied to me and I was very wronged.

I dare to drink beer, I didn’t dare to drink, I went to the bar to go to the bar, and I listen to the band singing.

After listening for a while, I suddenly had a familiar voice behind him: “It’s so clever, Chen Nanjia, meet again.”

It is Qin Xuan.

He came over with a glass of wine and sat down on my opposite, and smiled and looked at me.

I slowly said: “Actually …”


“When my mom introduced us, I said that you are a honesthe’s child.” I looked at the wine glass that had already seen in his hand, “You are really playing.”

He smashed: “Heaven and Earth Conscience, Chen Nanjia, today is the first time to come this place.”

I am in the nose, but I have been in a while, but I suddenly responded: “How do you start calling my name directly?”

“Not that day, you let me not mess with my sister.” Qin Xuan wronged, “I am so big, or the first time I heard people say that I am greasy.”

I am a little bit of laughter, I think that Mr. Mu can’t laugh, take out the mobile phone to see it, WeChat is dead.

He didn’t send me a message, and didn’t give it a circle of friends.

I looked at Qin Xuan: “Since you listen to me, then help me a busy?”

He looked like a large dog, and his eyes looked at me brightly: “What is busy?”

“Take a photo with me.” I have to send one.

I and Qin Xuan’s side shoulder, open the beauty camera, find a half-day angle, just press the shot button, suddenly there is a personal standing, blocking the dim light.

I moved down and saw a pair of white slender hands.

Then inch inch, it is loose white t, embresses a small cockroach, highlighting the throat, tight jaw, and a familiar, cold face.

Looking at me in Mu, pulling the lips: “Chen Nanjia, ten seconds, leaving me here.”

I really want to support it, “Do you have any qualifications me, but intuition tell me, he is very angry now.

So I put down the wine where I didn’t drink, and I was gone behind my face.

Qin Xuan shouted me behind, do a full set of play, I turned my head, and said, I said:

“Clays, you grow up now, the cousin can’t manage you, but you still pay a little attention, go home early.”

He looked at me horrified, I saw that he said four words with your mouth: “Cross-river dismantling.”


Sitting into the car, I first smell the smell, no strange fragrance.

But still decided to send the man: “Why do you want to lie to me?”

Murchen and coldly said: “When will I deceive you?”

He is so fierce, I am red in my eyes: “You lie to me, you said it is your patient, you won’t be with her, but you actually take her home!”

When Mu Mu, suddenly, he suddenly took the brow: “You just, in my house?”

Ok, he responded so fast, it must be guilty.

I stared at him, and my tears fell.

“Of course! I will call you a message, you don’t return, I am waiting for you downstairs. As a result, I will see you take home – you are honest, why not tell me clearly? Will I be hit by you? “

“can not you do it?”


I am a sprint, thus thinking, I have bordered it before, now I am actively running back to find him, and it seems to be dying.

When the eyes closed, I simply broke the tin to break, unreasonable to take a loss:

“Since you clearly know that I will die, why do you want to like others? Are you not afraid that I am going to your wedding?”

“I didn’t like others, and I didn’t take someone home.” Murchen’s fingers tapped in the steering wheel, “Lu Yu stopped my car at the entrance of the community, her clothes were not hurt, so I made her Waiting downstairs, giving her a coat and ointment down, then waiting for her parents to pick her back. “

“As for mobile phone … I didn’t have a charger.”

He paused a little, “I thought you would wait for me at home.”

My tears stopped, but still smoked the land: “You are not at home, how do I wait.”

Mu Chen smashed the temple, the bottom is tired, “” Your fingerprint, I haven’t deleted it, you can unlock it directly. “

I am stunned.

There is a soreness in my heart. When the stock feels that the spread is spread, it will become a fever of my ear.

I have a little bit of moving, four next to the circle, and suddenly I see the half-box smoke in front, and there is a lighter next to it.

How did he suddenly start smoking?

I am still there, and the sound of the time is once again sounded:

“Since you see, why not ask me? Chen Nanjia, because you think I am lie you, so you have to come to the bar with other men?”

“That, that is my cousin …”

I didn’t finish it, I was blocked by his cold and sharp eyes.

Mu Mun is one inch to get close to me, fixed my eyes, laughing in the lips: “Is it? Chen Nanjia, is it really your cousin?”

I tight my throat and I can’t say it.

“At the beginning, the introduction people have given your information, emphasizing your family relationship is simple. I have been with you for a long time, even your mother has seen several times, do you have a cousin, is I unclear?”

My heart was hit by his injured eyes, and a sharp pain was passed out, and the fingertips were gently treated: “Then you … why …”

“Why don’t you remove you, is it?” He laughed, “Because I am escaping, I still have a fantasy, I think I don’t know your lie, you can stick me like it, even … … “

In the back, he didn’t say it, closed his eyes, long eyelashes, and showed a small piece of shadow under his eyes, and the throat and chin were stretched into a line.

I have never seen such a fragile and charming Mr.

I feel that I am distressed, I don’t want to lose my god.

After a while, I came back, the little voice said:

“I admit that Qin Xuan is not my brother. I was afraid that you were afraid that you were angry. We broke the time, my mom introduced Qin Xuan to give me awareness, but I don’t like him, I also said with him. I am not interested in him. “

Speaking of me, I will pick up my mobile phone from the bag: “If you don’t believe it, I can let him prove to you.”

“Don’t use it.” Mu Xiaoyu, looked at my suspended skirt and Chu Chu pity, and asked, “Why do you dress up like this, come with him?”

“I am coming, just happened to meet him.” I said myself, “I dressed as this is not for him, because I want to seduce you.”

The air is stagnant.

In the next second, after the murder, I reached out, after the brain, like it is still difficult to solve, and I kissed it.

This is a great aggressive kiss, breathing burning, long eyelashes sweep on my eyelids, his warm fingers pass me, the temperature gradually became hot.



He is slightly retired, and he is not willing to leave too far. The other hand lifts me down.

After a moment, I came again again.

In the past, the cold and alienated correction was broken at this moment, and he was like falling into the world, and finally god of the seven emotions.

Finally, my legs have been soft, and I look at the mirror at the line of sight, I heard him asking me: “Nanjia, do you want to be with me?”

I am weak, I am in front of him, I heard this, I don’t hesitate to nod.



I haven’t come to the house for three months, and it still keeps the look before I leave.

After the decoration in the room was extremely simple, after I moved, I bought a bunch of chaos and seven-eight things, and even met a colorful sofa as possible, and also put the plush dolls.

He is not angry, just neglects me, putting some of his nice and frost-free home.

When I came overtime, I invited Su Sao to play.

After she entered the door, she stared at the mermaid puzzle of porch and saw it for ten seconds, and then turned to me: “I am really curious, why didn’t I lose you now.”

Then I was proud of the chest and announced that “because he loves me.”

But at this moment, looked at this mermaid puzzle that was inconsistent with the black golden porch cabinet, I suddenly understood the idea of ​​Su Su.

“This is not, I will take it down first, let’s change the style of a pair of style.”

It’s going to pick it up, but I still hold my hand and shook my head gently: “No, hang.”

His hand also left a little hot, and I thought I thought that I just aggressive kiss just in the car, my face was red.

Just when I look forward to the next thing, he let me go without anything, go to the kitchen to open the water heater.

“Go to take a shower.” Murchen said faintly, “” You are Khan. “

This sentence is so quietly, I feel that the top is hot, and I will run into the bathroom.

Unloading makeup, take a shower, I remembered the pajamas away when I moved it, helpless, I went out around the bath, I plan to find a T-shirt when I plan to find him.

However, he is not in the living room, nor is it in the bedroom.

Around a circle, in the end, I came to the entrance of the study. I was going to open the door, I heard him talking inside: “Don’t do this next time, your parents will worry.”

It should be called.

Quiet for a while, the sound of the cold sounded again: “I will of course also.”

I have been holding the door to retrieve it in place, and I have a cold heart.

The footsteps are getting closer and closer, and the book is opened in Mu, seeing me slightly: “Is it finished?”


His eyes have a little cold, it seems that it is not too emotional.

I hesitated, I still swallowed the question, I bowed my head, “My pajamas is brought home, can you find some clothes for me?”

When I got a big T-shirt, I took the bath towel and put the T-shirt.

When you look up, when you look at the past, Muro has turned his face to the side, and the ear is red.

I deliberately wear the thin and loose T-shirt, swaying a few rounds in front of him, until I rolled up and rolling up and rolling up, my eyes are more secure.

Then take a step back, pull the distance: “I am sleepy, good night.”

The four-piece set of beds used in Murchen, or the cotton Snoopy I bought before.

I sent him Samoyed dolls to the pillow, and even the aromatherapy candles before I didn’t use it before.

In this way, in a warm atmosphere, I slowly calm down and seriously think.

About the girl, before, he explained in the car in the car at night; I always figured out the phone in the study.

So, the next night, I specially took a taxi to go to the hospital, and I watched a circle in the last four.

“What are you looking for?” Asked me faintly.

“The patient, Lu Yu.” I looked up at him, “Is she often coming to the hospital to find you?”

“Before, now she is discharged, so it is only occasionally coming.” Murchen is holding my hand, walking in the direction of the parking lot, “Is there a dinner?”

“… yet, go home during the day, and then draw a picture.”

Then I brought me to a nearby Hunan Restaurant.

I am free, he has always tasted light.

So long together, as long as you eat outside, almost all he moved.

I stopped at the door of Xiang Hui, greeted the eyes of Murquity, Subo: “I am a bit uncomfortable today, I don’t want to eat spicy, let’s go to eat the porridge hot pot next door.”

When I was eating, I once again mentioned Lu Yu: “I think she likes you.”

“She is only 19 years old, the little girl’s favorite, don’t put it on my heart.”

Murchen, pick up two shrimps from the bottom of the pot, carefully peeled off the shell into my bowl.

I pinched the chopsticks and a little wrony: “But even if she occasionally comes to you, I will not be happy.”

When I looked up at me, there was something that turned around and I won’t see her anymore. “


I lived in Mun for three days, my mom suddenly called.

“Xiao Qin said that you and he said clearly, what is going on?”


Qin Xuan? I have forgotten this person in the world.

“Nothing, that is, I don’t like him.” I packed the picture to edit the mailbox, turn on the computer, “How did he tell you?”

“Xiao Qin said that you are unclear with a man.” My mom’s tone took a few people who suffered a bit of pain, “Nan Jia, Mom is to let you set it up early, but not let you play others feelings. You told your mother” Said, who is the man? “

I was silent for two seconds: “Murchen.”

My mother is anger.

“Are you crazy? Chen Nanjia? Who used to cry and move home, say he didn’t return you, don’t give you a birthday, you will not forgive him, I will let you kill you. Go, what do you have to do now? “

I bite my lips, whispered: “Mom, I still like him.”

The sound is a little crying in the sound.

“…” My mother sighed, “Forget it, follow you. Little Qin, I will go to Qin Shu, I have to go to work, I hang it first.”

Before the phone, she finally told me: “Nanjia, you are twenty-six years old, can’t be so good.”

I am getting very bad, staring at the butterfly orchid on the balcony.

This is what I just bought in the nearby flower market, but unfortunately I won’t grow, poured a few days of water, it was, and finally I could only find it to find it.

Finally, he took over this pot of flowers. It is said that it is a favorite colleague who is hobbed, and carefully takes it for a while, saving it, and has a few new leaves.

I am very happy, I have a bite with his neck.

He took the top of my hair, helplessly said: “You are less tossing.”

In fact, he was very busy that time, there were several maternity near the expected date of birth, and it would need to prepare surgery at any time. Many nights slept very shallow, and they immediately got up the bed back to the hospital.

Even if you are so busy, I have to take over the flower.

My mom is right, I can’t always be so good.

I decided to do something for Mur.

In the evening, I read a book in the study. I read a movie, then ran to the kitchen to take the mango bought two afternoon, cut into the side of the past.

He sighed: “Let’s talk, there is anything to ask me.”

I am spoiled: “How can you think about me like this, I just want to cut you with a fruit.”

He looked at the strange mango block in the plate, took a small fork and put it in his mouth, paused: “Is this you bought?”


“It’s very delicious, I like it very much.”

After that, he finished a whole animal mango, he didn’t leave me, then got up and took a shower.

I am not willing, I took the pointer to the mamida juice in some dishes, I tasted it, and then was jumped by acid to the eyelids.

Although I said that my own taste is more treated, I am too sorry this stuff? Can I bear it?

I took the plate to the kitchen, the middle of the table, the mobile phone on the table, suddenly lit up, is the WeChat sent by his mother: “You decide yourself, we don’t speak.”

My hesitated only lasts two seconds, then picked up his mobile phone, fingerprint unlocking.

WeChat chat, Mother Mom, Q: “Do you comply with Nanjia?”


“She moved back?”


“Don’t set it out? Don’t toss, Nan Jia also suffered so much grievances.”

“She is still small, I don’t want to consider this thing to get married.”

Mother Mom finally returned: “You decide yourself, we don’t do it.”

My whole person is zombie, and my tears are smashed on the screen.

At this time, the water in the bathroom stopped, I wiped the god, wipe it with tears on the screen, and quit chat, set it to not read, and put the phone back in place.

I didn’t find my mobile phone, but I was a whole person, but I was coming for a long time.

In the middle of the night, I slept when I was asleep, I secretly ran to online questions: “After the boyfriend, I combined with my mother. He said with his mother and married me. What does it mean?”

The next day, I woke up, Mu Mu was already at home, I took the mobile phone, I saw the highest answer to the highest, “I played with you.”


I have to be broken, holding the Samoyed doll crying.

After crying for a long time, open the rental software and started watching the nearby house.

If you really want to play with me, I am still shameless, and it is too poor.

If there is any misunderstanding, I will not help him.

Finally, I rented the house in the opposite community, and called Su Su to help me move.

In fact, this time, I have not packed how many things itself, but I really want her to comfort me.

She saw me in the first sentence is: “Chen Nanjia, are you crazy? Just a few days, which is what is it?”

My eyes are still red, and I will talk about things over.

Su Suri frowned.

“Mu Shi … Is this a person?” She was in the chin, thinking about it for a while, “Nan Jia, do you really don’t consider personally ask him?”

I shook my head.

Do I want to ask him, Mr., have you promised and my compound just to play with me?

The light is imagining that scene, I have to suffocate.

Su Sao sighed: “Okay. That, you move out to live, calm for a few days, don’t lose your temper, just say that you want you to add a few pictures, time is more urgent, you need to be closed A few days. Look at what the time is reacted. “

“Hey, good.”

I walked over, holding her waist, embed his face on her shoulder, “Su Su, or you are best for me.”

“Less than this set.” Her voice is very calm, “I still remember what you said last time? I ask you, I will fall into the water in the water, you said to me,” I will Save you, because only I and Mercantry can fall into the love river “- Chen Nanjia, if I have died a day, it must be immersed by you.”

Although she said, but she still picks up the suitcase: “Let’s go.”

Going home at night, probably I found that I am not there, things are empty, I have called it directly.

I said in accordance with Su Si’s approach, he silently took a moment on the phone, then asked me: “When I am going to work, can you paint at home?”

“I …” I got at once, I would like to explain it for a while, “I don’t have it very enough during the day, I have to work at night.”

“You can use the book room.”

“I … have you in the room, I am full of you, you can’t go in.”

“Oh.” Mutal Shrickled, there was a little cold, “Chen Nanjia, you will be more than I think.”

What will happen?

He didn’t finish it, and he hung it directly.

In the next few days, in order to make this clutch painting lie more realistic, I strongly believed that I didn’t let myself gifted the news, but I really want him, so I hope that he takes me to contact me.

However, there is no.

That night, I finished the draft, I went to the downstairs, and when I came back, I had a singer with a live broadcast of the mobile phone, and I was singing while playing the guitar.

“My listening, I thought you said to continue, what you said is to go.”

The lyrics are really too scenario, I am sad to go home, the more I want to be sad, I just took out the mobile phone, I saw a phone call.

There was a soft voice from there: “Chen Nanjia.”

I am stunned.

A familiar voice … this is the patient Luo Yu?

He didn’t agree with me, would you see her anymore?

I sucked the nose: “I don’t listen to you, you are calling.”

“Sorry, Mu Shi is now not convenient to pick your phone.” She smiled and said, “Are you Mr’s pre-girlfriend? I have called to tell you, he now likes me, he Already explained with me – “

It is said that the phone is hung up.

I held my mobile phone and sat in bed for a long time, I waited back to God, raised his hand on his face.

Faceless tears.

Early the next morning, Su Su hit the door of my house, and I was drunk, I hugged her, crying and crying:

“I am lie to me. He said that he didn’t meet her. In fact, he still went to her in the middle of the night. He promised to comply with me, in fact, did not plan to marry me, and said to others, I am his ex-girlfriend, 呜 … … I don’t like him anymore … “

“Do you determine that he is a lot of night to see her? Isn’t the girl hit the girl?”

“It’s impossible.” I clicked the interference, “I have turned down in the table, and I am not his night shift yesterday.”

“What do you want to do?”

I wiped tears, biting his teeth: “I want to break up with him.”

Then Su Sao dragged me to the door of Murch, and louled his doorbell.

“He is a white class today …”

I haven’t finished it, I opened it.

Murchen stood at the door, there was still a bit tired of tits, and I saw me, “Nanjia?”

Su Su turned over white, pushing half drunk to him: “Come, Nanjia, tell him what you want to say.”

I gave myself to myself in my heart, and then announced that I was drunk, I didn’t like you again! I want to break up with you! “

The look of Murquity did not accident unexpectedly.

He is just a light hook the lips: “Chen Nanjia, do you really like me?”


Su Sao sighed in me: “I know.”

I tried to look back at her: “Do you know?”

As a result, she holds my head, forcibly coming back:

“Nanjia said, you and your patient have a relationship, and have already been white with her. And you are not intended to marry Nanjia, just plan to play with her. As for your thoughts, I can’t guess, you Talk yourself. “

She pushed me to Murior, bowed a watch:

“One hour. I will wait downstairs. After an hour, if the problem has not been solved, Nan Jia is still going to break up with you, I will pick up her.”

After that, she didn’t care about my retaining, turned and turned into the elevator.

I have to chase it, but I have gripped my wrist, I took it back.

When the door is closed, he pressed me on the wall of porch, a word, “Chen Nanjia.”

“Can you not make trouble?”

I was angered by this trouble, earned him for hard:

“I am doing? Mur, you, you didn’t put me in your heart, nor intended to marry me, you just want to play with me!”

Murchen didn’t immediately immediately, he released my hand, closed his eyes, open it, and opened a cold, his eyes were cold, and it was a depressed anger.

“You said, I am not going to marry you?”

He is vividly dangerous with a gentle danger, then turn around to go to the bedroom, fell in front of me, “If you are willing, I can marry you now.”

“But do you dare?”

“Why don’t I dare?”

I can’t never accidentally, let alone didn’t sleep overnight, drinking wine, all people are in an exciting state, and then dragging the hand to go outside.

When I went downstairs, Su Su was still waiting there.

She saw me, slightly stunned: “What are you doing?”

“Go to the certificate.”

Su Su’s face looked at the expression of mental illness, and turned his attention to Mur. “She is crazy, do you have trouble?”

“Why isn’t it?” Mu Mu said coldly, “I really want to know that she dares.”

I am so angry that I am smog, the pace is faster: “Go, who is a grandson.”

I have been in my hand until two fresh red marriage certificates, I gradually calm down.

Rework back to the car, I turned to look at the mirror, he also looked at me: “Calm? Regret?”

I am dead, duck, hard: “The light said, what about you?”

He faintly said: “I have been very calm.”

“Then let’s talk about Lu Yu now.”

I pinched the marriage certificate, and my eyes looked at him.

“You should not be worth a night from yet last night, but I will call you, but it is Lu Yu. She said that I am your ex-girlfriend, but also say that you have explained her, now you like people. “

In fact, I didn’t fully believe in these words, but I didn’t contact me three days at the time, and I also saw him talking to his mother.

Three things are together, the emotions are catalyzed, and I broke out the whole person.

But now calm down, thinking about her words, there is no sense of persuasion, and the phone is too clever.

Murchen’s look suddenly became cold, he took out the mobile phone and saw it:

“The call record was deleted by her. Yesterday is indeed my night shift, but she cut her wrist, bloody ran to the hospital, said that I didn’t helpness. Colleagues are afraid that she really do something, death in the hospital, so I will contact I have passed. “

“After I went to the hospital, she was willing to blood and bandage, and he said that he didn’t bring a mobile phone. I would like to use my mobile phone to call her parents. So I will throw my mobile phone to her. -” he paused. Take it, “five minutes.”

It’s five minutes, she can actually give me a phone call to the idiot, then delete the call record, and then put it to her parents if I don’t have anything.

And just said that Murchen, she actually cut his wrist to go to the hospital, and threatened the doctor, it was to see Mur.

Under my question, he finally told me the truth.

“When Lu Yu is hospitalized, I am her attending physician. Later, she was discharged, and I also sent me a message every day. I took her. Then, she deliberately cut my clothes and wounded. I am looking for me, I notify her that my parents will lead her back home. That night, I called her parents, let them look good, let the phone grab the past, saying that if I don’t see her, she will die.”

Mu Mu said, hanging down: “I didn’t see her later, she really opened her wrist to find me.”

I stunned: “She is not psychological, psychology …” is not very normal.

“Yes.” Mu Mu said helplessly, “she got a disease, called the love. So she insisted that I like her, insisting that I and she is a pair. I have told her, I have a favorite person, but she will not be in my heart. “

I am in the original place, I have to find my own voice for a long time: “But you didn’t tell me these things before …”

“Because it is all annoying, I don’t want you to follow, and I feel that I can handle it.”

His voice is here, and finally dyed a rare hedity: “But it seems to make you misunderstood. Sorry, Nanjia.”

Mu Mu smashed the torrential hole, and the eyes were also faint and blue, and I didn’t sleep for a night, I didn’t sleep overnight.

I also apologize to him: “Sorry, Mr.”

“But we are now legal husband and wife, there is these things in the future, don’t you hit me? I just want you to let me enter your world, not a place to draw a place to give me a place, pretend that is Carefree peach blossom. “

I strive to put this so much serious serious, but the soft voice is really like spoiled.

When Mu Mu smiled, she passed away, I took it, and my breathing was revered in my lip, hot.

He low and low responses: “Good.”


I tangled a whole week, still didn’t think about how to tell my mom’s marriage.

If you tell her that this is the certificate that I will get the impulse when I am quarreling, my mother is also a pet.

When I came over, I held a mobile phone, I still worked.

He touched my hair: “Otherwise, let me say, anyway, I actively propose.”

I shook my heads: “No, I will organize a chance again.”

Su Sao is the first time I know this.

After us and good, I asked me if I would like to ask her to dinner. As a result, Su Sao did not rejection: “New Marriage Del, you are slowly greasy, I have to work.”

It’s so cold, I have to smash my murder.

After marriage, he stared tightly, keeping every reason for me, and I don’t allow me to eat ice in a few days.

One time I made him with him a cup of ice milk tea. As a result, the take-out little brother came late, and I was catching up with Mr.

He cooked the milk tea in a small pot, and he reinied it to me.

I complained: “You abuse me.”

He has no expression: “If I really abuse you, I should stare at you every day to eat a glass of ice.”

“You will return to my WeChat. Can you pay more words?” I proposed to protest to Mi Shi, “I will send you so much, even today drinking milk, I told you, and you will return me. Word, make me like a dog. “

He bowed his head to a book: “Good.”

Later, I found out that the book is the “network chat with the criticism” that he is deliberately bought.

So, I took lunch and sent it to Mur.

He: “It’s really a lot of things.”


I said: “I feel that I only eat fried rice is a bit, I plan to be a tomato egg soup.”

Mu Shi: “Very good, this soup, more affairs.”


“Talking is good, don’t talk next time.” When he went home at night, I was soft and relied in his arms, calving breathing, “You still pay back to me as before, one word, now this is now I am afraid.”

But later, he will still try to return to me a few words, such as changing um into um.

It seems that our relationship is from the previous deadlock, I also walked into his world at a little bit, rather than simply being dragged behind him.

Then I couldn’t help but began to think about it.

“He never been to I open my heart, is it because I didn’t get a certificate, I have a heart to me? Does he not believe me?”

Su Su hard puts the milk tea on the table: “Chen Nanjia, I warned you, the days are good, you don’t do it.”

“I just want to find it, I will not go to him to confront.” I bite the straw in my committee, “said, are you my friend or his friend?”

“Just because I am your friend, you must stop you from stupid. After all, you have encountered such a favorite person for the first time, if you let you give you yourself, then you can’t cry. “

I know that Su Su said.

After coming with her, I went to the dessert shop to pack a large box of Swiss rolls and took a taxi to the hospital.

As a result, I just said no two sentences, a pregnant woman who is in the expected date of birth suddenly born, and she hurried into the operating room.

I have been busy late at night, he took off his sterile clothes, with a bloody smell, and the eyes left behind the spiritual height.

He stopped his footsteps away from me, and the corridor light was taken down and wrapped him in a cold white.

The bloody flavor is incompatible, he is going down, hooks his lips and laughs: “Nan Jia, I want to hug you, but unfortunately, I have a little smell.”

I didn’t care so much, I slammed him, and the cheeks were stuck in his chest, whispered: “Husband.”

I took my waist in my murder.

I took his arm and went out of the hospital. It was going to go down the steps. He suddenly came out behind the big round column next to them.

I haven’t seen it yet. She has already ran to my close, put the liquid in the hand and splashled me.

“Nanjia!” Holding my arm and put me behind me.

My whole person fell into his arms. Most of the liquid was splashled, but there were still a few drops of arms and hands on the outside.

The painful painful feelings, my nose is sour, tears are not controlled down.

“Pain …” I cried and said, “Mu Shi, I am hurt …”

It is sulfuric acid.

The person who gave me sulfuric acid has been rushed to the security guard, she lifted her face under the light, and the gods were extremely crazy:

“If you are not your horizontal foot, how can I betray me? He likes me so much! He said that he only loves me one, even if you want to get married, you will only harmony with me! You this liar, small three, people!”

I took a cold sweat after I was hurt, but I still strongly supported her:

“I ridicily! I will be with him a year ago. At that time, you were still reading high school. The brain has a disease to cure the disease. I think about the woman in the whole day. What tricks us really?”

In the back, I have never been able to export, because Murchen directly hugs me, strolls to the clinic, let the doctor who emerged at night to deal with the wound.

“It’s okay, not serious, the wound is only in the skin surface, go back to apply a few days, the ointment is fine.”

The doctor looked at Murchen tightness, suddenly laughed: “So nervous, Musk, this is your girlfriend?”

He said faintly: “It’s my wife.”

I added a sentence next to: “Legal.”

The doctor turned his head, and I have been detained for me: “Hey, how do I see you a bit of pain – don’t you just ran a little girl hanging in the hospital in the middle of the night? It turned out to be the family of doctors?”

Mu suddenly stiffly when I stood next to it.

After a while, he slowly said: “” One person in the middle of the night is hanging … When is that? “

“I think about it … a few months ago, I don’t remember the specific date, it is a bit impression because this little girl spits a cream, and the aunt came over and cleaned. She also cried to let her say a birthday. hapiness.”

He spoke, the memories of the night have poured into my heart.

I originally, I was committed to myself, and I pushed my mother and Su Su, I wanted to live together with Mu, as a result, he had forgotten that he didn’t say it, and I still ran alone in the middle of the night to hang.

But today, I suddenly realized that when I hanged the water, I was also in the same hospital when I hanged the water.

Just, like tonight, he must maintain a highly concentrated spirit, and wait until the operating table, there is no short release.

If there is a chance, he must also imagine that tonight, from the operating room, come over to hug me.

There is a new patient in the speech, and the doctor hit a greetings and hurried.

When I was watching me, I sat down and gently grabbed my hand: “Is it your birthday?”

“Yes.” I watched him again, quickly intercept him, “But it has passed, let alone you are busy surgery, can’t open, and then give me a happy birthday.”

Mu Mun looks at me, it seems that there is star light flashing.

I am toned, trying to seek praise: “How is it, is it I grew up?”

He laughed, and he went to kiss my nose, whispered: “Yes.”


Lu Yu Pushed my sulfuric acid, and she didn’t care about her parents, or reported to the police.

That is a couple who look weak and weak, I don’t know how to raise this extremely terrible daughter.

At the police station, they directly in front of us, ask us to sign the understanding book, do not let Lu Yu are detained.

“She has been adult, and it is certainly punished wrong.”

When I was in my body, I said that I was frustrated. “Be mentioning that she hurts my wife, I will never forgive her.”

Lu Yu’s mother said: “But it is because she likes you.”

“That’s because she is sick. I have to be a tolerant to her. I hope that you can send her to the treatment in time, but you not only don’t, in turn, if you hurt yourself and hurt others. In this way, then hand it over to the legal tube bundle Let’s wait until she came out from the detention, naturally someone will arrange her to treat. “

After finishing, he didn’t see the couple sitting on the ground, holding my hand.

The night wind, Mu Mu, carefully put my hand into his coat pocket, hurry to the car, and opened the heating.

The car gradually warmed, I suck the nose, leaned over the waist around him: “Suddenly I feel that you have a good attitude towards me.”


“You have two extremes to the road jade, her parents, and before being angry, it is simply two extremes.”

Murchen is laughing: “How can it be the same, they are strangers, you are a person I want to spend a lifetime.”

Then I will silently.

“What’s up?”

“In fact, that night, I saw you chatting with Mu Auntie, you said that you don’t want to consider what I get married for the time being.”

I bite my lips and think of my heartbeat and sad. I still feel a little fever. “Later, why do you change your mind?”

The hand stopped on my back was suddenly tight: “Do you see that message, so do you move out?”

I buried my face in his chest, nodded in a very wronged look: “They say that you just want to play with me.”

“… is because you have made a breakup, and later I thought about it, probably I am really busy, not so much time to accompany you. I am a little scared, I am afraid that if I am really married, I can’t give you very good. After marriage, it is delayed you. “

He said that this time is calm, but the sound is a very lightweight.

I am sour in my heart, I think the fingertips is soft: “Do you worry and be afraid?”

“What is this.” Mu Mu laughed, “Of course, I am a person, no God – let alone, Nanjia, you don’t know how much I like you.”

The roof light is lit down. He lowered to kiss me. The atmosphere in warm caucaso is getting hotter.

I still have hurt in my hand, I don’t dare to force it, and I am very careful.

I was soothing, and I asked him: “When did you like me?”


Mu Shi said, “Probably you move into my home, I will stick to the puzzle of the fish puzzles in the porch cabinet.”

I pushed him, saying angry: “So late? I like you very much !!”

“Live you.” He re-adult, forehead with my forehead, gently gasped, “That day we met, I was full of frogs that were folded with napkins. Then I will be Love at first sight. “


Later, Mun is still following me, I met my mother.

When we took out the marriage certificate, my mom gave a broom in his hand.

In the end, I pulled her to the side to talk, I talked for a long time, I thought I would like to follow the past, the two people have a tacit context, and the same sound: “You go to the sofa.”

I contracted a long time on the sofa, I was finished with a strawberry that my mother washed, and they didn’t talk.

So I secretly touched the past, just heard my mother said: “I only have the daughter of Nan Jia, she didn’t make her more wronged.”

Murchen voice slowly, but solemnly: “I will only have her wife, I will not let her be wronged.”

I am red in my eyes.

He loves me, can’t do it.

When spring is coming, I married me when I came.

In order to make a marriage ceremony.

That day he just came out from the operating room, still with a bloody gas.

I waited in his office, I saw him step by step, I took out a small box from my pocket and pushed the ring to me.

My ear is hot, still in the stood, so I don’t know how to write: “The old husband is old and wife, I still do this.”

Mu Xiaoke smile, sat down around me, gently relying on my shoulder: “I will make you a wedding.”

I suddenly excited: “Okay! I want the lawn wedding, but also white long trailing wedding, rose corolla, forest style cake and tableware …”

Said that I said, I found out that Murchen was asleep on my shoulder.

He must be tired.

My heart is soft, and I am going to my own cheeks. The little voice said: “Nothing, only you, you can.”

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