How much is the sterling silver necklace? How to buy a talented price


The necklace of pure gold often because there are too high prices, many people give up buying, buy sterling silver necklace, because relatively, the price of sterling silver necklace is not expensive, and even if there is a scratch situation, it will not be too distressed. So how much is the sterling silver necklace? Why is the price of the sterling silver necklace sold in different brands also varies so much. Xiaobian will give you a simple introduction to this sterling silver necklace? How to buy a maximum price.


The price of the sterling silver necklace is not expensive. The international sterling silver price is around 5 yuan, but it is necessary to pay for payment, surcharge, etc. when making jewelry. So not just 5 yuan, one gram, may reach 10 yuan a gram, 15 yuan a gram, or even 20 yuan, one can be possible. Therefore, a sterling silver necklace is calculated according to 10 grams, with a minimum of 50-200 yuan. If you also add a gemstone, the price may be higher.

How to buy sterling silver necklace?

1. Avoid luxury brands

Silky silver necklace with high purchase price should avoid luxury brands, many luxury brands will also sell sterling silver necklaces, but these luxury brands sell a lot more expensive. For example, the sterling silver necklace of the same gram, other brands may buy 300, the luxury brand may sell 3000, so avoid buying the sterling silver necklace of luxury brands.

2, avoid joint

Different sterling silver necklace models will also have the difference in heaven, such as a common style of sterling silver necklace prices in 300 yuan, maybe combined with Disney a person to create a sterling silver necklace price may be more than 600 yuan. Because of the joint name of Disney or other IP characters, it is a fan liked this person, so it is generally not selling, the price will be much more expensive.

3, choose duty-free regions

Different regions to buy sterling silver necklace prices are also equally different. For example, we will have tax rates, so the more expensive, the more expensive, the tax rate, which needs to pay. Therefore, in the tax-free area, the price will be relatively cheaper. For example, the precious metals in Hong Kong in China is tax-free, so there is a lot of cheapness in Hong Kong.

After 3 o’clock, you will know how to choose a high-priced sterling silver necklace.