How to look at the “solid color shirt”? Spring photo, simple atmosphere fashion


Good-looking apparel, but also to serve our own. Wearing a comfortable base item that does not cost your heart is the highest in your daily life. Although the base items have reduced design and interest to some extent, it is easier to match the feeling of simplicity.

Spring is wearing a “shirt”! The basic solid color shirt is comfortable and practical. After wearing a good color scheme, it is also easy to match a simple atmosphere and fashion. How do you match “solid color shirt” in the spring? Let’s take a look!

White + Denim

White and cowboy are very classic colors, and the effect is very simple and refreshing. The pure white is a combination of light cowboy or a dark cowboy, don’t have a charm. Puxing using “white shirt + back with jeans”.


Wear a basic white shirt, with a straight version of dark jeans, retro fresh and cultural, very young age. Shoes choice and trousers with colored canvas shoes, color has little echo, and the overall color is also harmonious.

Pink + white

The bright spring is injecting a fresh romantic color, more chances of vitality. Spring “Powder + White” color matching is super good. The basic model of pink shirt is equipped with loose wide-legged trousers, the color is fresh and sweet, and it is very preferable.

There is also a kind of lazy feeling of picking up the shirt. Shoes with colored high heels with colors of trousers, both of which are long and mature. A LOOK is simple and fresh and clean, very temperament.

Mint green + white

Green spare spring, wearing fresh and comfortable green lines very spring atmosphere. The white single product is high, both eye-catching, combined with other colors, can also play a transition role, it seems very fresh and clean. “Green + White” color super fit for spring.

Wear a simple base of mint green shirt, skin soft and smooth material not only is comfortable, but also looks very delicate and very exciting. With a white mop trousers, it looks high. Overall look at it is also very trendy.


Blue + blue


The faint blue is full of nature’s taste, there is a comfortable self-breathing of freedom. With the same color system, the color of the “blue + blue” color is combined with different depths of blue, which is also a high-level and simple atmosphere.

Oversize version of blue shirt, front and short-growing design is lazy and casual, with a colorful blue pleated skirt, a white belt, delicate and elegant and tall. A blue line LOOK will not lose weight and sweet, very good!

Blue + khaki

The blue is gentle and quiet, and the upper body is very cold. The “blue + khaki” is combined, and the atmosphere of retro cultural art can also create a retro culture. The basic paragraph is superimposed on a white vest, and the laminated wearing is more tight.


The rose pattern of the simple lines out on the vest is also very different. Wearing a khaki half-length trousers with the horses, handsome and type. A look vintage literary and artistic feelings are very resistant.


Black + white

“Black + White” coloring is not more to say, but the ultimate simple but elegant atmosphere is very classic. Whether in the four seasons in the year, they will not be illegal. Wearing a basic black shirt, low-key mystery is very cool.

Wipe the shirt button to unlock a few, lazy and random. Pants are mixed with a Bermuda shorts more lazy. A LOOK, full of French style, simple and chic, looks very comfortable.


Sea blue + white + black


The sea blue top is very obstetrical, and the black and white neutral color is also a simple and stylish and temperament. Trimoo color matching with “sea blue + white + black”.

Wearing a white blue shirt with a white hazelie, wearing a handsome and hierarchy. With a nine-point black trousers, the upper body is also very slim. A look is simple and unique, and it is very personal.

Black + pink

Black is low-profile calm mature temperament, while pink is a romantic fresh sweetness. “Black + Powder” coloring, wearing a sweetness of pink, is very fascinating.

Wearing a basic black shirt, simple and atmospheric. With a loose pink trousers and shirts, the whole look, the whole looks mature and elegant and women’s taste, still very gas field, very good!


Red + dark blue cowboy

The combination of “red + dark blue cowboy” is very viant. Wear a basic red shirt, the color is eye-catching on the top body.

With dark blue high-waist jeans and shoes with shirts, elegant and ladies. A look of a LOOK style is very eye-catching.