Home has children, standing drug suggestions


Many mothers will prepare a medicine box at home, install some common drugs for infants, and can use the baby to suddenly use medicine. But can mothers can use medicine to infants according to their own experience? The liver and kidney function of infants and young children has not yet matured, the liver detoxification is weak, and the dysfunction of the kidney is also poor. In the use and choice of drugs, infants are different from the elderly, and children are more different from adults. Therefore, care must be careful in medication.

First, antipyretic / pain relief

1. Tynold – acetaminol mixed drip (* Note 1)

2. Mei Lin-ibuprofen suspension drops (more than 6 months)

3. Mei Lin-ibuprofen suspension (more than 1 year old)

4. Baiyi Ning – acetylacetinol solution (1 year old)

5. Hundreds of bags – acetyl aminophen chewable tablets (suitable for 1 year old, not chewing small baby caution)

6. Tim acetaminol plug (use due to vomiting)

7. 必 必 – Acetaminol tablets (over 6 years old)


8. Tynnolin – acetaminol sustained release tablets (over 12 years old)

9. Fenbide – ibuprofen sustained release capsule (suitable for adults)

* Note 1: Domestic to acetaminol mixed drops only 1 year or more than 10 kilograms of children, for children above 3 months, weights below 10 kg, see the label of the product, if the concentration is If 100 mg / 1 ml, you can refer to the dose recommended by the United States Parent Parenting Encyclopedia:

2.7-5 kg: 0.4 ml / time

5.5-7.7 kg: 0.8 ml / time

8.2-10.5 kg: 1.2 ml / time

For children weighing 10 kg and above, it is recommended to use the dose instructions in the label.

Second, a cold

Physiological seawater drop nose / spray

2. Nasal

3. Tyno-phenol hemmetery (12 years old)

4. Hui Fenin-Mensitious Puppet (excluding antipyretic component. 4 years old, follow the doctor’s advice)

5. Ai Chang – Pseudo Pseudo Pseudoipastics (4 years old)


6. Tyno-phenol hemmelis suspension (following the doctor under 4 years old)

7. Days and nights (over 12 years old)

8. New Kangtail – Make Pseudo Pseudo (12 years old)

Third, cough

1. Federal Slim-stop-hydrogen bromide, right-alone, oral solution (under 2 years old)

Fourth, diarrhea / replenishment

Oral replenishment salt III


2. Oral Liquid Salt II

3. Oral replenishment salt I

Five, insect repellent / mosquito repellent

1. Swearner (DEET, concentration 10% to 30%) (2 months available. Only one can only be used every day before years)

2. Picaridin (concentration 5% to 10%)

Sixth, itch

Stove lotion

Seven, disinfection / anti-infection


2. Polyvinone iodide solution (5% concentration) (for disinfection of small area wound)

3. Hundreds of Bang – Most Star Ointment (topical antibiotics, anti-infective infection)

Alternatives of Motodin Ointment: Compound Polymyxin B Ointment, Erythromycin Ointment, Tetracycline Ointment, Norfloxacin Cream, Beenzal Chloride Spray (This belongs to disinfectants, non-antibiotics).

Eight, other

Electronic thermometer

2. Creative

3. Medical gauze

4. Medical tape

5. Medical cotton swab

6. Sunscreen (SPF15 +)