The long dress is too immortal, wearing a filter, Xie Na puts on the young


Have you had this situation, when you anxious to participate in a banquet or attend an important event, you always find a suitable skirt, which is specially prepared for official doors. I always feel that I bought it last time, I am not suitable for this time.


I don’t like it very much.

The long skirt is still a good look, it is like



Xie Na is not like a child, then what do you think is at least a few dress long skirts? One


Wild skirt

It can be suitable for multiple occasions, if you don’t like it, it is likely that you haven’t encountered it yet, the long dress is too immortal, wear itself to the filter, Xie Na puts up looks better than Zhang Jie.


Xie Na wearing a long dress very lady, and Zhang Jiehen loves to look at it. It is not like a bride, let’s analyze what kind of empty clothes in her dresses.


Style and material.

For example, tube top and one

The word shoulder, or the strap or other sleeveless

The length of the long skirt has just arrived at the ankle position, and some can even be mopped. Let’s talk about the material of the skirt, the most common, the origin of a fairy, and the perspective skirt or

Sequin dress

There are many types available for picking.

● Purple dress long skirt with appreciation

Pleasant characteristics

The characteristics of the skirt, the most important embodiment is that in the upper body of the skirt, the upper version is really a favorite to win everyone’s favorite. The first is that the skirt can be said to be

One-shoulder design


It can also be said that it is


Because two layers are all involved, and the roles of these are different.

The shoulder is responsible for gentleness, the sling is

Responsible for sexy and bone

. And the slope is free to adjust the length of the shoulder strap, is it very flexible?

One-shoulder version

It is also a double-layer fabric that will make you more like a little fairy.


It is the design of a conventional pleated skirt and a spauo skirt because the spaurit is usually a stacked design. It seems that there is a pleated skirt.

The contrast design such as the upper body and the lower body,

Is it a concern to get your attention? And the waist line of the skirt is very high, the effect of the long legs, you must know.

Length skirt color characteristics

The color choice of the skirt can be said to be the most feelingful, shallow purple is not a light thorn yarn, you will feel that you are just one


Purple skirt

Whether it is a woman’s life, it will look super gentle and temperament, which is the best choice color that the public will impress you.

Long skirt material

The entire skirt is relatively large, if you choose those very thick or

Chiffon fabric,

For girls wearing high heels, walking from the road is very exhausted, so it is still better.

Materials and mesh

It is also very good, and when you wear you, you will not feel very hot.


Wear such a beautiful dress such as such a fairy, can be said to be your own smile will lead to a strong concern. So you know this

Skirt’s charm

How big is it.

Even if the girls are in such a skirt even attended a lot



I believe it is ok, don’t worry about any negative evaluation, I believe everyone will fall in love with you.

● Appreciation of long skirts in other styles

Dark blue hanging strap tissue star skirt


The whole dress is like a starry sky, it will be like the weather, see the starry sky, a highlight of a highlight makes the skirt romantic and gorgeous, try it, every girl is

Full of imagination against the starry sky,

But when you really think the starry sky is on your own body, is it the happiest girl in the world?


Especially the base color of the skirt also chose dark blue but not very

Deep color

Such a beautiful dress will not feel bored even if we wear once a day. The upper body of the skirt is a slightly designed version of the sling.

Add points

, The hem of the skirt uses a loose design, so the dress is really a girl with a pear shape.

Tailoring, one

Point will not highlight your bloated under.

The skirt of the skirt is also very long, even if wearing a very high

High heels, don’t


People will not feel weird and are still very high. The most favorite is that the upper body of the skirt has one piece.

Tulle shawl

It will bring you a feeling.

Black sleeveless chiffon skirt

If you prefer sleeveless clothes, then you can choose a long skirt version, and a lot of sleeveless design will have a shortcoming, then

Is the sleeve part looks bare

There is no highlight, but this is a bit different.

There will be a stitching design of the upper body and the bottom of the skirt.

Two clothes, so

What you have to say is very level. Skirt is still available

The design of the fork, this

You can prevent you from being tripped, your feelings are worthy of praise. The overall black looks like some points

Lonely proud

A pair of red high heels make you more famous.

Green single-shoulder satin skirt

When you hear this vocabulary, you will think this is a very noble and elegant dress, satin skirts are relatively advanced for color, even light and color, it will be very shiny, more Don’t mention green, such advanced colors, will only give one

Advanced atmosphere.

The design of the skirt you will find that there is one on the left.

Well design,

The skirt on the whole right side will have a feeling of being pulled up, forming a wrinkled, and a folded gathering place

Design of lotus leaves.

The skirt uses a shoulder design, the shoulders on the left and right again are asymmetrical, but this time is the shoulder on the right side, so the left and right sides of the whole dress is very characteristic.



Which one is you preferred? The material of the tulle is light, the satin material is high, the material of chiffon is more breathable. For the matter, the material is important or the style is more important?