A lace and cotton linen stitching a foreign girl dress. Simple production, comfortable wearing


I will share a girl’s dress today.

This style is my family’s second treasures, I also feel very good, I will share it with everyone.


First look at the style pictures, the picture is the sleeve, I do a long sleeve for my baby, because the weather is more suitable for long sleeves.

Because the picture is the sleeve, the cropping is also painted, and the long sleeve can be long-sleeved can measure the baby’s size.

120 code cutting, suitable for babies with height of 120.


The clothes are divided into two sections, and the above lace is the fit, the following cotton is loose.


In the split position, the cotton linen appearance is placed on the upper lace.

The position in the collar is separated, so that the neckline is convenient to take off.


The prototype of the prototype is based on the net bust of the pure bust, and after the production of 8cm loose amount.

Cuff Cable Calculation Formula: Bust / 4+0.5cm

I don’t understand the top chart above. If you want to learn, you can click on the circle card below to enter the circle to learn from the most basic start.

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Sewing process and sewing process

The choice of fabrics: Baby’s materials are recommended to be cotton and linen, these materials are more skin-friendly, this is also a bodied.


The lace above can use cotton lace, with cotton linen. Mianhua can also be, but there will be elegant feelings on the picture.

If the fabric is transparent, you can add Garib in the skirt.


Production process, first splicing the front and rear shoulders of the lace, then the rounds of the scroll, the neckline, the label length 25cm

Then after stitching the skirt on the lower skirt, the above pleats, the length of the pleated pleat is the length of the above partitioning sheet.


You can see you to see the pleats of pleats.

Sewed sleeves, suture suture, sleeve and cage of cuffs.

Put the roll.



Ok, today’s share is here.

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