Who can think of the childhood “mini four-wheel drive”, but hide the potential of new energy?


Online shopping is definitely a deep understanding, and I bought a bunch of unwanted things. Just during the double eleven, it is unintentionally turned to the children’s toys, GBA game consoles, Iron tram, mini four-wheel drive, who enlisted these childhood memories, but was labeled as “feelings” tag identity Double increase. When you see it, you don’t hesitate to choose the order, your heart is looking forward to it.

The “genuine” Audi double diamond of 20 yuan in the same year, according to the instructions for half an hour, install the battery about the small partner, less than a few minutes, will be hit by seventeen eight falls. Until later, I found the “Audi” double diamond that I can afford it. It is not partner but the imitation.


In fact, the price is cheap, Audi double diamonds, although the main market is occupied, but the Tang Dynasty is the real inventor of the mini four-wheel drive. Timing Heroes, who operated wood business, just use the angular material production model. After the Japanese war, the wood is short, and then the Yugong Yiong will use the wooden model as the main business and gradually turn into plastics and gradually become a famous model manufacturer.


Initial enlightenment teacher

“Chong! Charge God!”, “Four-Drive Brothers” This is almost every 90 boy, and the four-wheel drive type anime, who will look at it, but hold the wood stick chasing the “four-wheel drive kid” of the car. It is the first anime with a mini four-wheel drive theme.

The “Qi Dragon Ball” “Machine Cat” “Four Drive Brothers”, “Four-Drive Brothers” Impact us.

Compared with the “Four Drive Brothers”, the second World Cup competition is crazy to add various future technology. Early released “four-drive kid” seems to be more close to the real version of our hands. Mini four-wheel drive needs to include different parts of the motor, chassis, drive, tires, housing, and in the later stage, it can also be modified according to the demand. In addition to the tide of the four-wheel drive, there is also a numerous teacher of many car enthusiasts.

When I was a child, I found a four-wheel motor, basically only single-head motor, Audi double diamond or other imitation brands, basically only two of the S2 and FM chassis. The fields in the four-wheel drive chassis have developed a variety of types and have different performance orientations. In addition, the Timen also launched a hinged motor layout that matches the double-head motor.


A mini four-wheel drive consists of different parts of the shell, chassis, power, tires, batteries, stickers, etc., which seems to be complex, but basically the simplest in all splicing models. I have been fortunate to visit the production base of the military model of the trumpet, just a tank crawler takes a few days of big projects, and there is also a military model in many people still in the “rotten” period.


Generally, the model housing provided by the four-wheel drive is only a single main color, which is convenient for players’ later DIY. Of course, it can also be pasted through the toy, the supplied painting. Although there is a detailed paste step in the specification, most people will only paste the cover. It is the stronger step in this way when it is a child, and it is also the step that is still bad.


The most common S1 chassis is almost occupied by Audi double diamonds. The most easily fell is also a S1 chassis, which will rear the motor and achieve four-wheel drive through the vehicle side drive shaft. There is also a pre-motor FM chassis is also more common. The giant milestive is based on this chassis. Basically, the drive structure is opposite to S1, so the two chassis is installed, almost no reference instructions.

When the Towel is developing a mini four-wheel drive chassis, it will refer to the mainstream car drive type, and will be developed for collision, wind resistance, heat dissipation, resistance, rapid disassembly, etc. In 2005, the MS chassis launched in Tianchai, equipped with a double motor. In the drive structure, the middle-head motor is the core, and the gear sets above the front and rear chassis have significantly improved the motor transmission efficiency.


A commonly used civil pure electric vehicle today is basically consistent with the mini four-wheel drive type of the year. Universal front, post-protected, high-performance models or SUV models generally adopted the front and rear dual motor layout. The MS chassis is a central four-wheel drive type, and there is currently no car enterprise adopted.

The common drive motor is dominated by a single motor, in addition to providing kinetic energy for toys, there is also a wide range of applications. Small drive motor, mainly in the case of the outer casing body, the built-in axis, copper wire, magnet, brush, back cover, ball bearing, the structure principle is substantially similar to the vehicle-based drive motor.

The motor shipped by the factory will be replaced in the later stage. The fields not only develop new cars and chassis, but also launch different modifications, the motor is the weight. In the “Four-Drive Brothers”, Xingmati and Xingmahao use a completely different motor type for different performance requirements.

As an important modification project of promoting performance, there are two modifications, one is to purchase the original modification directly, one is self-diy. The essence of improvement performance is mainly to increase motor speed, or lift torque. After upgrading the speed, the acceleration performance will be improved. On this basis, replace the magnet magnet of the motor in the motor, further enhance the torque of the motor.


View the development of pure electric technology from the toys

The basic theory of mini four-wheel drive is equally applicable to pure electric passenger cars. The S1 and FM chassis drive mechanisms used by mini four-wheel drive are the current driveline of pure electric vehicles, especially the driving layout of the front of the motor. For electric vehicles, four-wheel drive does not require any transmission mechanism, but the electric drive system in the front and rear shaft layout, respectively.


After the layout, the motor included Tesla, BYD had similar applications. However, Tesra starts from MODLE 3 to match the combination of ahead of the front permanent magnet synchronization +, this power combination can take care of performance and power consumption, and simultaneously with the bear’s palm. The same use this power matching ES6, and now it has also joined MODLE 3 to become a representative model of domestic pure electric medium cars.

The mini four-wheel drive in the same year, almost all the first stage accelerated, and the post-session was maintained or weak. Today, this illusion is one of the pure electric trucks still have to solve. For motor speed, attenuation, energy consumption, etc., there are mainly two ways to solve it. The first similar Porsche Taycan is equipped with a two-speed transmission in the rear axle, using different gear ratios in different stages, adjusting the power distribution. The second is the universal hybrid system built-in multi-set motor, reasonable allocation, should have different workspace.

Whether it is a single-head motor, or a double motor, the built-in rotor is built into the electric power, there is a larger centrifugal force, so the housing is required to fix it on the chassis. In addition, the motor will produce high frequency current noise during operation, which can be accepted on the toy, but on the pure electric model, manufacturers generally block current noise to pass to the car.

After replacing high-performance motors, ordinary Nanfu, super tyrant, double deer battery, unable to play all the performance of the motor. Therefore, high current, high voltage battery is required. For pure electric vehicles, the importance of power batteries is more important, including cost, battery life, safety, performance, and power battery have determined a terminal sales of a pure electric vehicle. Now, with the breakthrough of battery technology, the battery life is constantly rising, and the BMS management system, the active temperature management system, and the internal security process mechanism will require overall improvement.


Of course, for pure electric vehicles, high voltages, large currents are also the basis for improving acceleration performance. Therefore, the battery modules inside the power battery pack need to be stringed and the internal voltage is improved. In addition, in addition to the power battery itself, it can also be “boosted” outside. For example, BYD’s IGBT chip, the role of IGBT chips is to increase current output and reduce overall loss. On the one hand, improve the comprehensive performance capabilities of the vehicle and reduce the vehicle driving energy consumption.

Assembly single-headed motor needs to pay attention to the brush connection outside the motor, and the MS chassis is very convenient, and its guide copper guide is revealed on the chassis, which is very convenient to install. Replacing a more powerful conductive conductive film is also a key project that enhances the power performance in the same year.

This is also the same now on the pure electric car. The orange wrapped line built into the pure electric car is a built-in high pressure conductor. By improving wire performance, it can reduce energy consumption in internal resistance. There are also many car companies in China, minimizing the built-in wires by integrated design, thus shortening electricity loss. Of course, there is also a lightweight weight loss method that prefer to improve the voltages of the vehicle.


The MS chassis adopted by the Nianhuang superstar, the biggest advantage is the transmission efficiency, and the center of gravity compared to the S1 and FM chassis. The double-head motor directly drives the front and rear axles, the structure is simple and efficient, and the kinetic energy loss is small. At the same time of the driving system, the drive system is in the same place, and the vehicle stability can be significantly improved, and the “speed” risk is lowered as much as possible in the competition.


Although the pure electric models have few models that are laying in the motor, the power battery layout is substantially mainstream between the wheelbases. Some fully consulted the human engineering model, will also reserve the safety of the inner legs and reduce the influence of the power battery on the occupant.


The MS chassis is equipped with a battery in the bottom, and the motor is well-sleeved, which should belong to a passive wind cooling method according to a pure electric vehicle style. At present, the model of the active intelligent temperature control system equipped with pure electric mainstream models, in terms of sales coverage, safety guarantee, performance guarantee, obviously better than power battery passive wind cold models.

When you win a small partner, explore how to improve the mini four-wheel drive speed, but gradually realize what is the whole body, pursue a comprehensive balance, in order to truly win the game. Despite the pure electric vehicle structure, technology, the system is more complicated, but the basic theory of the year is equally applicable to the moment.