Zhou Xun is like a “aunt”, wearing white shirt skirt elegant knowledge, there is light in the eyes


Today, the actual age is not young, but the years did not leave a trace of traces in her, but the petite body did not affect her rays. Zhou Xun’s aura, also makes her more full of girls, which can be both atmospheric and elegant, but they can be thin, but although thin, the style of various styles can also hold.

When you mention the summer, you have to say that women like to wear a dress. The dress is not like other costumes, it has a variety of clothing styles and colors, and for women who want to match different styles, dress It can also be satisfied, the lady is very elegant, lively bowel wind, sexy and soft wind, etc., the style should have.

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Zhou Xun’s wearing analysis;


2. How to create a fashion and temperament?

Zhou Xun’s wearing analysis

Zhou Xun’s full style and fashion, while highlighting the taste of the woman, it also played a better age. First of all, she chose the shirt dress is satin, the satin material looks soft and smooth, and gives people a feeling, plus suitable mid-range eight-word Liu Hai modified face type, let the whole person’s temperament is greatly improved .

When Zhou Xun was in a shirt dress, the accessories did not have too much, just chose the rhombus earrings, the granules were full of silver earrings, and the good contrast with the smoke blue shirts, let the original single thin The clothing looks at the level.

How to build a stylish and temperament?

Tip 1: Matching of hairstyle

It can be seen that Zhou Xun’s clothing is in dressing, and the hair style of hairstyles plays a vital role. In daily life, most of the female friends will ignore the choice of hairstyle, which is caused, even good to wear It is also difficult to play its truly role and effect.

Therefore, in the usual match, you need to combine your own style and characteristics to choose a relatively suitable hairstyle. Of course, for female friends with round or larger, you can choose from Zhou Xun’s eight-word bangs, or M-shaped bangs, these two Liu Hai can better modify the face of the face.

Tips 2: Selection of clothing style

Female friends of different body, have different effects on the dressing of the dress, so you need to combine your own body characteristics to choose the dress that is suitable for yourself, so you can match better clothing.

Should be shorter, try to choose the length of the dress above the knee, so that the lines of the legs can be seen, allowing the body proportion to a more coordinated beauty. Female friends with coarse waist, try to choose a simple generous style, do not choose to have too many stylish fashion elements, such as wood ear.


Tips 3: Matching of makeup


You can see that Zhou Xun is in a shirt dress, makeup is still more elegant and low-key, choosing a relatively light makeup, let the skin look natural and translucent, not a vision and old state.

In fact, there is not much demanding for your makeup, just most of the women are more suitable for light makeup, because the summer is too rich in makeup, there will be greasy feelings, and it is easy to go to the car. Therefore, it is recommended to wear a small white and beautiful makeup whitening from the simplest start, don’t worry about it.


So confident is a woman’s wealth, but wearing a woman’s self-confidence and taste, and wearing a good use, the whole person’s temperament and gas field will change.

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