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First, is it more popular for jacket?

In my country, people wearing a variety of jackets in the Spring and Autumn Seasonal Street are far more than wearing suit. Why?

The reason is a lot:

1, suitable for most scenes. Work, holiday, home travel essential clothing.

2, good with clothes. Floral short-sleeved shirt, long short-sleeved T-shirt, all kinds of sweaters can be.

3, many jackets have functionality, such as both sides, there is a wind-resistant rain, there is elastic, and the jacket has detachable liner, which can be worn from the fall to spring.

4, more easily washing, maintenance, and taking care than in the suit. Suits must generally have dry cleaning and iron. Functional jackets can also be washed with water, only small parts of very advanced wool or cashmere jackets must be cleaned.


Second, classic jacket style


Tell it above, the application scenarios of the jacket can wear from everyday work to casual sports, so which is best for yourself? How to choose? Below I will introduce a common classic jacket one by one:

1, pilot jacket (Bomber Jacket)

Pilot jacket

The pilot jacket is a numerous jacket style, and it is also a jacket whose young people loves. The most classic original model is as shown in the figure above, but it has a variety of derivatives, but all have the same characteristics: cuff + down the tightening thread system.

The characteristics are as follows:

Features of the pilot jacket

But I personally prefer the pilot jacket that will change the collar to a stand-up, see the figure below.


Pilot jacket

The emergence of the pilot jacket gave people more imagination space, jumped out of the fabric framework of suits and windbreaks, extending the shorter and more light design concept to the present, the following three types of jackets are also benefited from pilot jackets. The foundation structure.


G9 jacket


British Baracuta in 20



In the 1930s, it was named G9, name and styles in this jacket.

G9 jacket iconic collar

The most beginning to be popular is dressed in the “Elvis Presley) in the movie” tough guilty king “.

The name of the Harrantant Jacket is because the role in the movie “Human Heating” Rodney Harrington wears this jacket and began to spread.

The picture below is the Cat Elvis Presley wearing a G9 jacket

Although it is a derivative style of a pilot jacket, G9 is different from the tailoring and style.

Tarrel no longer distinguish between shoulder sleeves, but in the form of shoulder sleeves, the shoulder site is too natural, and the activity is more favorable, the shoulder visual effect is more favorable.


The land collar of the internal thread exterior fabric with a slope with a link and a button, a back sheet


The stitching of the formula is its significant and hits the style of the style. The following two figures are the official website of Baracuta:

G9 jacket is still a common jacket style in Europe and the United States.

3, G4 jacket

G4 is another popular jacket for Baracuta.

Baracuta’s G4 jacket

The difference between G4 and G9 mainly in the cuffs, there is no longer using threaded clutches, and the back waist increases two adjustment, and the waist is controlled. See the following two figures:

4, A-1 jacket

Although the A-1 jacket developed by the US Air Force is not as widely popular as the traditional pilot jacket, the whole feels more easily and free, very suitable for the jeans, casual pants, and retains the obvious waist pockets on both sides.

A-1 jacket

A-1 jacket collar and pockets are different from the original pilot jacket.

A-1 jacket is suitable for daily with casual costumes.


5, executive jacket

Administrative Jackets are also called cadres jackets because leading cadres often wear activities, and are very common in the level of news broadcasts and life, but if you want to make the taste of the administrative jacket from the whole to the details, you must have a fabric, tailoring, materials, The process is full of efforts.

The high-end administrative jacket fabric ingredients are generally wool-based, with natural gloss, perpendicular, good breathable and feel, some functional fabrics add certain proportional functional components, such as rain or stretch.

Executive jacket


The administrative has a calm in the suit, and the comfort of jacket, the administrative jacket is the first choice for public officials and leading the daily work of cadres.

However, many young people don’t like administrative jackets, I feel slightly dull.





As the name suggests, the jacket wearing in the baseball movement.

Baseball jacket

Because many baseball jackets will also embroider the alphabet or badge of the school or group, so it is often called Letterman Jacket.

Letterman Jackets


The prototype of this jacket is a pilot jacket and adds some common features:

The color of the sleeves is different from the body color, and the white is more.

Neck, cuffs, and hem are threaded clutch threads.

Pockets often follow the sleeves.


The door is often used.


7, Hunting Jacket (Safari Jacket)


The hunting jacket is based on the hunting, the style is classic, very well identified, with four large pockets in the predecessor.

This once is to prepare sufficient bullets and other hunting supplies, now keep it for decoration, do not let the predecessors look too empty.


The following figure is the most classic hunting jacket:

Classic hunting jacket


In the UK in the last century, hunting jackets made of crude floral fabrics, closer to suit from structures and overall shapes, lining, with shoulders and other accessories.


Modern version of the hunter jacket usually removes the external belt, using the built-in drawing, the whole is more thinner, the fabric is multi-line with linen, cotton and other materials, strong wear, easy to clean. As shown below:

Built-in string hunting jacket

8, M65 Field Jacket (M65 Field Jacket)

The most important thing is always in the end, the M65 field jacket debut!


We have improved M65 front

The four pockets of the M65 predecessor look similar, but the M65 is longer, the fabric is used to use windproof, rain material, suitable for the field environment.


This jacket looks a bit similar to a small windbreaker. It is also used as a windbreaker in actual use.


M65 back

The M65 is the longest service time, from 1965 to 2009 for more than 40 years. It can be seen that his actual combat and mobile is welcome. During the Vietnam War, M65 was widely praised by the soldiers, and the status of its solid military was laid.


M65 The earliest is the M1943 field jacket that is put into use in World War II, see the figure below:

M43 field jacket

M43 has been served in World War II, I have improved M51 in Korean War, and the collar changed to shirts, see the picture below.

M51 field jacket

The M51 is further improved to M65, the collar is changed to the stand-up, and the zipper is added in the backcrope, and a top foldable


. Let this jacket is more suitable for wind and rain, see the figure below:

M65 field jacket


Below we use a map to show the evolution of M65


Because M65 has shaped a lot of classic tough guys:

Shi Tailong’s “first drop of blood”

Schwarzene’s “Terminator”

There is also a “taxi driver” in the young Robert. Denro


Strange Robert. Deniro

After the M65 is retired, because of its classic design, powerful practicability, and numerous


Film and television

The famous tough guys in the works, many clothing brands have developed similar stylus, and still sell well.

Third, summary

Telling so many jackets, let’s summarize the characteristics of each jacket, what kind of jacket is best for you:


1, the most suitable for young people to wear: pilot jacket (all of the round neck and stand)

2, all-day full terrain practicality: M65 jacket

3, most suitable for national enterprises, civil servants: administrative jacket


4, the youngest campus style: baseball jacket

5, the most enthusiasts favorite: Toy hunting jacket

6, the most classic bestseller: G9 jacket

7, the most literary style: A-1 jacket


8, the most self-cultivation waist: G4 jacket

Everyone will enter the title according to your own needs!

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