Modern Diary | Advertising Effect behind the tempting


In 1982, Calvin Klein launched men’s underwear, inviting photographer Bruce Weber to shoot advertisements. The protagonist of the advertisement is a pole vault player wearing the brand underwear, and the photographer is conceivable with a unique angle and the brand logo is a photographic focus. This advertisement has been admitted, Kevin Clee’s underwear quickly became the trend of men to compete.

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In 1984, Kevin Clay launched a quadruple shorts designed for young women and joined three buttons in the design. “Time” magazine will be called “Kemin’s new gender variant work”. At the same time, Kevin Clay’s lady’s underwear advertisements have also caused extensive attention. In the advertisement, the female model wearing Kevin Klenes, putting a posture of taking off the shirt, the t-shirt on the upper body covering the chest and sexy.

Kevin Clay once said: “I think, a woman wearing a boyfriend’s T-shirt and underwear, very sexy.” In 1992, he challenged himself again, please call the model Migster Mousse and say · Mark is a spokesperson, and the two are half-naked in the advertising poster, and the body shows no. Subsequently, Kevin Klein’s underwear sales increased again, and the goods of many stores were snapped up.

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