Honda CRV tire cracks caused disputes 4S shop: excessive insire


On August 24th, Mr. Liang called Daqing Evening News reporter, he took a small 4S shop in Hua Road, Fang Xiandong Honda last year, and suddenly found a few days a few days, 4 tires appeared. Crack. The car didn’t bought more than a year. The tires couldn’t work. Mr. Liang found 4S shop, but he was told for one year, more than one year owner only communicated with tire manufacturers.

Subsequently, the reporter interviewed this.

Car owner: tire crack

Mr. Liang told reporters that in order to buy this car, he and the lover saw a few stores, compared the price and after-sales, in May last May, in the Hu Road District Fang Xiandong Honda Guanchi 4S shop, spent 20 Wan Yuan bought a white 1.5T Honda CRV.

A few days ago, Mr. Liang did not intentionally discovered that a tire of the vehicle had cracks. He quickly viewed another three tires, and found that four tires had large and deep or shallow cracks.

本田CRV轮胎裂纹引发纠纷 4S店:已过质保期

Mr. Liang said: “This car has been opened for more than a year, even if it is outside every day, it will not crack it.”

4S shop: has been presupposition

Mr. Liang quickly came to the 4S shop carried at the time.

After the case of Mr. Liang, the sales personnel, after-sales personnel and relevant person in charge are viewed.

The relevant person in charge of the 4S shop told Mr. Liang, the warranty period of the tire once a year, because the vehicle has already purchased a year and three months, so to solve this problem, it can only be the car owner and the tire manufacturer communication negotiation solution.

Mr. Liang is very impossible: “The car is bought at the 4S shop. Only three months in the 4S shop, I don’t care if I don’t care. I also pushed the owner directly to the tire manufacturer?”

Mr. Liang told reporters: “I have contacted it with the manufacturer. They mean that after the 4S shop is to set the solution. But things have been in the past few days, 4S shop still let me find a tire manufacturer.” Mr. Liang said.

4S shop head:

I have been helping to coordinate

On August 25th, according to the problems reflected by Mr. Liang, the reporter has got related to the 4S shop.

Cheng Manager said that the staff has explained clearly with Mr. Liang. According to the relevant regulations, the tire quality insulation is one year. After the warranty period, there is no way to solve the warranty, only the owner and tire manufacturers communicate, 4S shop has been Help the owner to coordinate with the manufacturer. At present, they have no better ways.

On the morning of August 26, Mr. Liang called the reporter that the tire manufacturer has given him a reply, letting him replace two tires at any time.

Tire manufacturer:

After analyzing the results, give a reply.

On August 26, Wang Xianjun, who used the excellent Hummer Tire Technical Department used by the reporter and Honda CRV, and I got the contact.

On the “Mr. Liang” to the 4S store replacement two tires “, Wang Xianjun said that these issues can’t reply to the reporter. He needs to report to the company, reply to the reporter.

On August 27, Wang Class General dialed the reporter’s phone. He said that the company has gotten with Mr. Liang, and has communicated with Mr. Liang, first take the two tires on his car to return to the company, 4S The store is used by Mr. Liang, after the analysis results come out, the manufacturer will give a reply to Mr. Liang and Dongfeng Honda.

“If the tire is analyzed, there is a quality problem, and it will also take the other two tires on the car. If it is a quality problem, the manufacturer will also replace Mr. Liang.” Wang Xianjun said.

In this regard, Mr. Liang also has questions: Tire quality insulation is calculated from the date of the factory or from the date available from the 4S store? If you start from selling, if you have been in the factory, it is not a car. The tire is weathered? The security is not guaranteed? Who can give him a reasonable explanation?

Reporter Zhang Lin