In the early spring, a pair of “Converse shoes”, suitable for multiple occasions and styles, skirt trousers are good


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To say what shoes are most comfortable, it is definitely flat shoes, and the flat shoes will be “Converse shoes” the most sealing, especially those who like to wear casual basic paragraphs, a pair of “Converse shoes” is fashionable!

Moreover, “Converse Shoes”

Aged span

10 years old and 50 years old can wear it ~


The so-called “Converse Shoes” is not a single finger “Converse” brand shoes, but refers to

Canvas shoes represented by “Converse shoes”

Because Converse’s canvas shoes are too classic, so we often say that canvas shoes will be called “Converse Shoes”.


But there are still many sisters feel that it is hard to wear, and it will look very short, that big probability is wrong! In accordance with the following points, “Converse Shoes” is simply “true fragrance”!

First, how to choose high help

Converse shoes are high and low-top style, not casually selected, need

According to your own height


▶▶ ▶ 160cm less low

For small children below 160cm, it is a focus on the ankle, so it is not necessary to say that the low canvas shoes, the low canvas shoes can

Strengthen leg line

Many visual increases

In fact, the low-top canvas shoes are more than one hundred and not easy to make mistakes. If you don’t know how to choose, then


The total amount of choice is correct.


▶▶ ▶ 165cm or more

The high-top Converse shoes, the package is wrapped in ankle,


Let the original skin of the skin look straight straight straight

For a high child girl, it is a good

Beautiful leg artifact

And there is also a low help






Between 160cm-165cm


Sisters, if your body is better, the legs are also very slender, you can also try a high shoes.

Second, how is the color?

▶▶ ▶ Hundreds of black and white must have

The black and white of wild must have, you can take all the clothes in a few wardrobes, and the monolithic single sense also gives it a unique


Let you


I don’t have a sense of fashion

The secret is relying on it!

White canvas shoes

From the shoe to the side of the shoes, use a clean and neat white interpretation, what

Campus sense


, White canvas shoes are all met you, don’t know what color, choose it, will never make mistakes!

White canvas shoes

Shoes narrowed slightly

Avoid some of the rounded style, because rounded shoes


Interaction on white expansion

, Lining the back of the foot wider.



What pants shoes can be used to take a match

The existence, the key is still very


For “lazy cancer” sisters who don’t love toiletries, they are properly preferred.

▶▶▶ Red is a pair

Want to try brightly canvas shoes, red canvas shoes, don’t miss, red itself is higher than other colors, red no matter where there is, will give people

Look in front of you

Feelings, more fashionable.

And, did you find it?

The red shoes are really eye-catching.


, Take pictures!

Especially when your overall color is cleaned and refreshing, match a red canvas shoes.


Highlights as a whole

Guaranteed to make you fashionable and advanced.

▶▶▶ Earth color is most soft

Regardless of the appearance in the clothing or the accessories, the existence of advanced and gentle existence, the same, the canvas shoes of the earth are also matching early spring

Gemptical on a grade

The presence.


Especially this pair

Milk tea color

, Is it a gentle little sister!


I don’t know how to wear, choose a big earth’s dress, with a jeans, is a group of people’s Look, the emergence of canvas shoes will not pull down the grade, but it seems that the whole person is young. .

3. What is the “high-level” Converse shoes?

▶▶▶ with a dress

Which girl does not love? If it is again

Self-competed BUFF

Canvas shoes match, the whole person suddenly


The passenger is instantly enhanced

, There is a delicate woman with a girl, straight male can’t live!

What is the white light in the heart?

99% will say it is a white dress + canvas shoes! Choose a high waist line cotton dress, match

Low canvas shoes that can pull long legs

I remember to wear a pair of white socks that represent “乖”, you see that the girlfriend is not coming!


35+ sisters can also take a different path, choose to protrude the knit knit skirt that can bump out the body curve, reverse the shoulders to match the canvas shoes,

Suitable skin disclosure of the masculine


, Canvas shoes, mix and match, this kind of

“It’s pure and want”

Feel, but the exclusive sisters are unique to temperament ~

When choosing a skirt, try to


Avoid too long skirts


Skirt length of the ankle

Not only makes light and elegant wearing effects, but also add fashion youth.


The eyes of the shoes should also be coordinated with the skirt, remember this if they don’t colors.

2 universal rules: shoes and tops


Shoes and skirts.



The profile handsome of solid color canvas shoes can only be excited to the ultimate, nine-point spoiled straight pants, simple and beautiful, and beautiful.

With sail shoes, the leg type can be placed very long.

When mixing nine points,

Preferred contrast color match


Especially those colorful colors, like brunette and light colored combinations, can highlight the thin legs.

Especially the legs, more beautiful sisters, you can choose more suitable pants

The integration of the model will become very fashionable.


Coats are the highest-speed single-fashioned single, and it is another kind of street and unruly sense of freedom.

Self-leisure-aged temperament, you can outline more fashionable models.

A lot of 20+ sisters will find that the coat is good, but it is difficult to wear a girl, especially the long coat, the gas field is full, but it will be a bit

Obvious “fierce” display “old”

But with a pair of canvas shoes.

Broken this feeling

It seems that it is more lively, and the aging effect is also stronger.

And the comfort of the canvas shoes is not high heels and boots, on the road to get off work, a pair of canvas shoes can give you a more comfortable experience.

Want more beautiful skills, wearing clothes sharing, don’t forget “pay attention”! If you have confusion, you can privately, welcome to leave a message, let us become beautiful!

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