55-year-old Li Ruoyu will really wear, smog blue coats to wear cartoon sweater, fashion warm and advanced


# What to wear today?


# 品牌 好物 #


Many middle-aged women are not satisfied, especially in wearing, but also to show a similar feature with young women, although this pattern can be visually hidden, the age is more young, but it is not It will give people a sense of touching, and it is extremely high. Tracked single items can highlight layering, different color and deep shadse gradients can show young girls, hidden age. The 55-year-old Li Ruoyi uses the gradient of the same color to match the girl. The most beautiful little dragon girl is no longer, no one can escape the traces of the years but can use to wear hidden, Li Ruoxi’s wear tightness.


Model analysis

The coat has become a styles of rotten streets in the autumn and winter season. How to put popular single items is a fashionable challenge, and Li Ruoxi’s selection is very young female, and it is matched with tight jeans and medium The boots are handsome, the overall match can be in the flat and unmoid effects of the coat jacket, which will increase the charm of wearing. In the autumn and winter season, the style is very good, but I want to wear a sexy showing and the public different aesthetics, but I really test the ability. At this time, the choice is very important. How can I not have a fashionable personality? Personally show the charm.


Smog blue coat with sky blue sweater, plus blue jeans, all of which have chosen the same colors in the whole, forming the echo of color, while increasing coordination consistency is not wearing Woman with a woman. Li Ruoxi chooses blue to highlight new and clean temperament, although it is no longer the impression that the role is left to people, there is also a high-quality gas quality, so the blue system is pure and temperament.

Single product overlay

In addition to the coat jacket and the inner stack, in the match, Li Ruoxi also chose the white high collar to wear the blue sweater, this short exposed snail sweater is definitely not suitable, add the high collar It not only makes up for the shortcomings of the dew, but also adds the charm of not wearing. In women’s autumn and winter season, the stacking pattern is common, and the first can play warmth, the second can reach 1 + 1 greater than 2 visual charm.

Martin boots

Unlike routine handsome Martin boots, Li Ruoxi selected this Martin boots added yellow bottom design, and there is a stupidity in vision, but it also breaks the flat and unmodorant popularization, this side and thick design and Different, but also increased the difficulty of fashion. Women who like personality wear must do not miss this single product, and the personality and handsome Martin boots have visually increased the point of view, but also let the ordinary shape add charm.

Pattern embellishment

Add the pattern embellishment sweater adds a full-tired girl, this is also an important source of Li Ruoxi’s pending visual age. If you want to hide the real age, you must add a girl’s sense of girl in a single product. It can make the whole person look nor. The cartoon pattern is a young symbol. It is this slightly naive passage to reduce the overall mature old niger. For the elderly women, this application may be more practical, but use in middle-aged women’s body, There will be a sense of visuality that deliberately sturdy.


After entering middle age, women have fallen into two difficulties in the selection of wearing, they want to increase the charm of mature and low-key, and want to meet the role of visual aging, so it is difficult to pocket a lot of women. It is not easy to make mistakes, and the main color is determined to make a sense of the whole style, and the middle-aged woman who will not wear will be remembered.

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