The wind and rain, the old skates are not just the shoes in memory


The 2022 bells immediately sounded, and every time, it was always inadvertently, I remembered a bit drop in this year. Think of those who are uncommon to meet, those that are unforgettable, and those who are back. And those who have never goes have different memories, and every era has its own exclusive story, unique and could not be copied.

The 21st century, the rapid development of the economy, and the luxury goods are endless, and no more unfortunate.


But in the 70s, 1980s, Fenghuang bicycle, Shuangling watches, Yan brand sewing machine and old man skate shoes are rare people in that age.


In the shortage of the lack of material, it is equivalent to having a small car. It is also a small family’s travel task.

Fragment of TV Series “Sunflower into the city”

The old man’s head is also symbolizes the identity of successful people in that era. Only dozens of money in the month salary, the old man’s skating shoes have already sold several hundred or even thousands of pieces, which is a veritable price luxury, excellent quality and classic The style is one of the reasons why the elderly skate shoes are highly respected. Buying a pair of old man skating shoes is also a dream of many men in that year. When you get married, you can wear a pair of old man’s skins.

But as the economy is getting more developed, the material conditions are getting richer and rich, the old skates seem to be faded out. Talking about the old man’s skating shoes, most people will talk about the past, as if the old skates have become a limited memories of an era. In fact, from 1899, the old man has been focusing on the field of leather shoes.

As a national brand, the old man always adheres to the brands of the founder Chen Guangzu’s ancestral training “work fine, the quality is generous, diligent and dedication, integrity is the first, and is good.” Brands have been founded for more than a hundred years, and they have passed the six generations. Every generation is in mind to be the initial heart of the shoes.

Old objects of the old man: Plaque in Guangxu five years (1879)

Chen Guangzu passed the skills and passion to the post generation, and each generation of the old man did this in a lifetime.

They stick to the initial heart, not being disturbed by the outside world, in the long years of long rivers, insist on the deposition of themselves, constantly innovate, seek breakthroughs, always maintain the love of the shoes.

Where others can see or not see, they are the same intentions. It is this kind of persistent and focused to let the old man have a new lifestyle after the end of the year, but also let the old man’s skating shoes are not only in people’s memory.

The wind and rain, from Chen Guangzu to create a brand in order to let people put a comfortable Italian handmade shoes, the old man has been working hard to build a more comfortable shoes.

Keep in mind “It is necessary to let people wear a good shoes for feet”, slow down in the torrents of the times, repeat simple things, and exquisite duplicates. Many times, the old man is not just a brand, but also a spirit, a belief, a feeling.

Some people say that only the persistence of the times, can have a handed down. The old man is inherited, and it is not only a brand, culture and history. It is a social responsibility.

In the upcoming 2022, the old man will not forget the initial heart, and the responsibility of the national brand shoulder, working hard for the development of China’s footwear industry. Do not forget the road, take a good front road, and rise in order to the world’s national brands.