The 51-year-old workman is fragrant, and the princess cuts Ziqianghong “girl style”, wearing it is still like 00


The sweater item has always been favored and welcomed by the public, regardless of men and women, seems to have the wearer to receive the wearer, and even the 51-year-old Moi is fragrant, and I like to use sweater to match, although already In the year, she is still dissatisfied with the old, from hairstyle to dressing style, it is like 00.


Why can the public prefer to favor the sweater single items? First of all, from its wild-touch route, whether the basic sweater is still a personalized style, it can achieve the role of the development of the economy, and the hooded sweater can also improve the achievement of age.

Even if you get to your grandmother, you can also give people a very vitality of the instant.


First, the wig stainous fragrant sweater wearing a model analysis

Makeup analysis: Diablo makeup with princess cut


The sweater shape of the Canada is completely can’t see that she is a woman in an annual income of half. Especially in the makeup, the daring Dark makeup is extraordinary, the purple tunes have become a bright spot, with a knife cut Princess cut, proper Japanese dark female master,

The princess is highlighting, that is, the length of the chin length, can just modify the outline of the past, but not only the appearance of the appearance is still very personal.


Clothing analysis: gray hooded printed sweater gauge green dress pants

In the choice of clothing unit, the wig is still the same as the girl’s style. It seems that there is no big bright hooded sweater, which has the embellishment of the letter printed pattern, which is more energetic, and the military green denim dress. , Added a lot of handsome,

A plastic orange is cafed on the low sock, and it breaks the effect of dressing.


Second, how to avoid the passerby of the sweater?

Step 1: Improve the highlights, reduce single feelings

Like the masses of the sweaters, it is easy to wear the way to take the way. If you want to avoid the effect of the road, it is recommended that you can improve the distribution of highlights, you can break through the color, or choose some personalization. Tailor design,


Try to minimize a single effect, properly embellishment of eye-catching accessories is also very good.


Step 2: Be sure to have a lot of simple, can’t be too exaggerated

Sweats must have a lot of Jane. If the overall is too complicated, the fancy will look inexpensive and old soil, but it will be too simple to pass, so there is a dazzling, not too exaggerated, it will become a key point. , Sweaters are similarities, and they can be integrated into some fashionable elements.

For example, grilled pins, leopard pleated skirts, or cave jeans can achieve a certain degree of fashion improvement.

Third, the smocks of the saicos selection of sweaters


Tip 1: Dark color matching with lower saturation is more temperament

When Moi Siyu selection sweater, it will focus the color as a wear point. It can drive the visual impact of bright tones, and can also hold the calm atmosphere of low saturation color color.

However, there is a deep tone of a lower saturation. For middle-aged women, it is indeed more highlighting temperament, and it is easier to grasp the advantages of wearing.

Tips 2: The upper and lower processes are displayed in the legs.

In addition to the use of colors, the selection of clothing style is also very testive. The most common on-line tightness is specially designed for sweaters, loose hip sweaters with slim leggings,

The simplicity of the styles of the styles, but also give people a very cool breath.

Tips 3: Style positioning is more profitable

When choosing sweater items, the overall style is also critical. Many people think that the style of sweater is limited, in fact, it is more likely to test your match, and what it shaped Also diversified,

With the sexy vitality of the skirt, with trousers, it is full of leisure, and the strap trousers is full.


Fashion summary:

1. The single item with the sweater is very wide, which can be both an elegant lady’s half-length skirt, or a classic foot pants, the premise is the main thing.

2. Sweater’s matching skills determine the overall wear advantage, generally loose sweater is more inclusive, and it is more common with the skinning.

I believe that many people are very beautiful in their daily life, but they want to make a wearing advantage perfect, they must learn to use good color style and matching skills!