In the most popular ugly jacket in the south, the northerners looked straight a good guy.


Why is the South don’t have heating!

Every time I think this problem, the South people will be born, and they will fire.

In the winter of the South, the room is cold than the house, and the air conditioner hits 30 ° C and it is useless.

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But when the fire returns to the fire, what kind of slope is standing, I have to sing something –


How to prevent cold at home?

If you shake it, you can’t shake it, you can’t shake it.

It has to be a human hand, not related to stylish, related to warmth, Fiona wear back to Zhang Ermei, Jack wear back Li Sanwa, accompany the southerner to fight another winter –

House clothes.

See here, please click below the BGM with consumption.

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Once it accepts it, you will voluntarily abandon the secular fashion, turn into a warm embrace.

Every South understands that this is the winter church.

In the south, it and electric fire furnace, hot pot, cotton son


And called – Warm Tour.

Eat hot pot and sing songs, simply, suitable for board (stick). If there is a cat, it is Mo.

Although it is called it pajamas, only wear at home …

The pattern is small.

A variety of styles can appear on both male and female, stars, Gege, flower, and winter streets.

Shy is not shy.

You can also encounter your own broth to wear a lot of pair of pajou. Bamboo


Take a few melon seeds, put the Halong Gate in the intersection and sisters

(to chat with)


After all, it is a thing that the Village Central Love is doing every day. Don’t delay the koaf because of the makeup.


Talking about, go to the supermarket with the family, in the vegetable market, buy some meat (meat), fish swing (fish), no matter where, it is the most trend of savings of the season.

The South is deeply loved to the thick pajamas, blocking parents, stopping the hustle foot (JIO) pole.

But the broth cannot be bought.

Some people may say that they don’t feel warm …

That is not challenged! Don’t think that the length of the drums, warmth, and comfort is different.

Today we invited textile experts to teach you to choose a warm pair of warm clothes.

3 steps to pick

Great thick pawad

01 Pick fabric: preferred lamb, coral velvet.

In fact, no matter how popular the lamb, coral velvet, flannel, they are basically 100% polyester fibers. (* Polyester fiber is the polyester that everyone is often said)

From warmth, lamb fleece is a coral fleece> flannel.

Because of lamb, coral velvet, comparison flannel is longer, more fluffy.

When the fluff is long and fluffy, you can store more air. The air is a hot poor conductor that can effectively prevent heat loss, which helps us better “insulation”.

However, it is important to pay attention to the inner layer of the broth, the outer layer, which does not require long and fluffy fluff.

If it is long, long fluff, it is recommended not to buy.

02 Note Tarrel: Cuffs, and the pants are selected from the closing process.

The traditional thick pawats, the cropping is quite a problem.

They mostly use the straight straight tailor – the cuffs are wide, the pants are wide, which is too easy to leak.


The cold wind is inserted from the cuffs, and it is also in a hurry, and it is rushing to take away the temperature that is hard to save.

It is recommended to select “Long Rodget”.

It blocks air circulation, allowing heat to be lost. If you don’t like long rods, you can also choose other obvious collection technology, focus is to prevent! leak! wind!

The boat tube is similar, but if you think that the trousers of the long rods are too funny, affect the image of your chasing the wind …

Then choose a long pants, you can cover the foot.


03 Take a look at this extra points: hat.


The loss of human heat is usually carried out on the surface of the skin, and the head and neck are generally exposed.

Since the blood vessels in the person, the nerve is very rich, the pores are more thick, and the temperature changes are very sensitive.

Protect your head, neck, warm feelings will be more obvious.

When you first get up in winter, protect your head and neck, or get takeaway takeaway, express, pick up from the bathhouse back to dormitory … There is a plush hat, which makes people feel warm.

If you have a higher demand for keeping warm, you can pay attention to the thick pajamas, there is no “sandwich, laminated”.

The common sense tells us that the thicker the clothes is so warm. So some thick pawras will also make some sandwich, sandwich, which is indeed more beneficial to “insulation”.

Ok, now everyone learns to choose the method.


If you are troublesome, we also give you a list of recommendations.

(We will not admit that you are forced by you.

Handsome style

Protector cat coral velvet home service

Men | solid color | do not have a cap


Reference price: 198 yuan / set


Shortee, convenient

Smiley Joint Sen Ma Pa

Men and women | solid color | do not have a cap

Reference price: 199 yuan / set


Cute with hat

La-cho thickened pajamas

Men and women | cute style

Reference price: 269 yuan / set



Hanana fluff pajamas

Men and women |


Reference price: 289 yuan / set



For the southerners, every time wearing a thick pajamas, it is basically equal to the New Year. Bamboo

So this opportunity, research institutes also

I wish you all warm and warm and warm.


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