Rabbit hair identification method


Rex rabbits, famous Papanese rabbit, original France, is a typical leather rabbit, because its fur is like precious fur beast otters, refreshed rabbit. The rabbit body is well known, the cheek is meat, the ear and stands upright, the eyebrows are fine and curled, the plush is fine, the short is flat, the appearance is clean, and the hand has a cool feeling.

There are three colors of the rabbit fur in the market:

White Rex Rabbit: The whole body is fur, no stains or variegated hair, is one of the most popular and most valuable graphic types in the fur industry.

Blue rex rabbit: The whole body is pure blue, from the base to the hull of the robe, for the earliest rabbit color, is one of the most soft in all kinds of rex rabbits, and the fur industry is more popular. One of the graded types.

Black rex rabbit: The whole body is pure black, each hair fiber from the base to the tip of the tip, is black, and is shine, neither brown, no rust color, is one of the more popular graphic types in the fur industry.

At present, some bad merchants in the market use ordinary rabbit fur to pretend to be the rabbit fur grass. The following introduces the difference between the rabbit hair and ordinary rabbit, and the method of identification:


The main difference between the rabbit hair and the rabbit hair:

1, the rabbit is not a needle, that is, the thickness of the rabbit is the same as the fluff, will not be like the rabbit, a rabbit has two kinds of rough, one is a relatively long and thick outer hair, A layer is a relatively short fluff.

2, the density of the rabbit hair is very high, the phenomenon caused by the rabbit, it is straight, it is perpendicular to the skin, and the rabbit hair is not high enough because the density is not high enough, it has been supported from each hair perpendicular to the skin, so it There is a directionality to fall in a direction.

3, rabbit hair is relatively related to rabbits, it is not easy to fill, the same tanning process, the rabbit is lost (the hair follicle damage) is about 1/3 of the rabbit.

Different method:

Since the price of the rabbit is three to four times the rabbit, there are many bad businessmen to use different ways, and they are selling rabbits, earning high profits.

1. The rabbit fur is directly marking the rabbit hair to sell, this very good difference

2, the rabbit clutch imitation of the rabbit sells. This is also better. Because the rabbit after pulling the needle, its hair is still directional, it will not be vertical in the skin, you can find this.

3, rabbit cut hair pretend to be retrogitable, this is very difficult to distinguish, especially those who know halfway to fur, because the rabbit shearing hair is difficult to distinguish and refresher the difference between the race and the difference, But you can still see the Ni, for example, the pins cannot be pulled out, if you find a needle, it is definitely a rabbit.

4. Select a larger scale, compare regular merchants to buy fur coats, sometimes although the price is cheap but will cause greater losses.