The old appearance of the basketball is new, and she raises the people’s livelihood “loving the bridge”


Since the development of the party history, since the Qingming Bridge Street, Qingming Bridge Street, Wuxi City, Qingming, the “I do practical things for the masses” practice activities, from the subtleties, be the people’s intimate people, and insist on the service of the people ” one kilometer”.

Qingyang New Village is the old new village built in the 1980s. The small tour park in the community has 40 years old. It has always been a good place for residents in the weekdays. Recently, community staff found in daily visits, basketball racks in the garden have been sunburning, and the frame rust is corroded and the panel is damaged, but there are still many basketball enthusiasts to play here. There is a certain safety hazard. The community staff found that the problem will now apply to the superior department to replace basketball stand, contact professional maintenance personnel to view the situation while posted safety notices. In order to do the most likely to do not affect the normal movement of the residents, the community can be reopened simultaneously with the new basketball stand while dismantling the old basketball stand. After the acceptance, it can reopeically exclude safety hazards, and it also provides a pole in the jurisdiction. Big convenient. “Work, I really love to play basketball, watching this new basketball rack is even more embarrassing, thank you very much.” Live in nearby residents said happily.

The basketball rack is new, not only a replacement of fitness equipment, but the community’s full listening and satisfaction of the demand for residents, showing the initial mission of the community for the masses, and delivers the people with the people, and strives to put the party. The results of history of history have continued to conversion to the actual results of residents’ practical things.


Source: Zappian News