Tomorrow’s wind + cooling + rainfall, it is time to find out your autumn pants!


Today’s Beijing blue sky is still, the highest temperature is 20 ° C, showing a scene of autumn and cool.



At this time, the autumn and winter transition season, the cold air will not “soft”. As a “good partner” of cold air, the wind, cooling, and precipitation will not be less in the next few days.

In the future, a clear air arrival was arrived, affected by it, Beijing

The maximum temperature will fall to 15 ° C, and there are light rain in most regions, and the wind is increased to 4 ~ 5, and the short gust is obvious.

The second wave of cold air on the weekend will follow, the wind of Beijing is not reduced.

Meteorologists reminded that Beijing’s wind is obvious in the next few days, the public needs to pay attention to wind, prevent high-altitude treasures, and as long as a big wind, the red leaves will fall extremely fast, to grasp the autumn light.

At the same time, the autumn trousers for half a year are also found!

A picture read cold air

One more knowledge

Take the initiative to wear the autumn pants, is the young and no longer sign?

I don’t know when, those girls in the four seasons, reverse shoulders, Lujia line, and the ankle of the ankle began to put themselves strict.

A article, a funny article says that the autumn pants are a conspiracy initiated by the Soviet, let the Chinese lose cold resistance, and eventually do not dare to challenge the majesty of the old brother.

In fact, the autumn pants are born in North America in the early 20th century. The first thing to get the patent is the Canadian Frank Stanfield, and people call the father of “autumn pants”.

During the Second World War, autumn pants can be the standard of American soldiers, called Long John. At first, the soldiers didn’t want to put down the self-respect of the ridiculous tights, because the soldiers put on this clothes, John Sullivan, the late 19th century One heavyweight boxer) is the same.

Finally, people simply use this boxer’s name to name this practical but rustic clothing. However, compared to Long John, China netizen translates the autumn trousers into Chill Cool, it seems to be more appropriate, autumn trousers, should not wear in the cold days.

Why is the autumn trousers called the autumn pants?

That funny article also has a matter of on behaving in the autumn trousers: In 1953, the first batch of samples were produced in Qiu Mingzhou’s woolen factory in Qiuming Oilfield. With the “156 Aid Works”, people who have been transferred to China. Fascent of this warm bush is called “Qiu Mingfeng Pants” according to its original origin source, and most people referred to as “autumn pants”, forget the earliest name of “Qiu Mingfen”. This is the origin of the word “autumn pants”.


Autumn trousers is of course not autumn fever. Autumn trousers is in the autumn wearing in the trousers for the cold trousers. Why is it called the autumn trousers without a winter pants? I am afraid it is because the thickness of the autumn trousers can only be resistant to the autumn. In winter, there are trousers, feweed waves waiting.


Autumn trousers and autumn clothes are called knit underwear, and there is still a road called knitting road now, because there is a famous copper cattle underwear factory (formerly known as Beijing People’s Knitting Factory). Nowadays, all the country know what is autumn trousers, but it is not the case.


Autumn clothes, autumn pants are a geographical statement, which is in the north region, in the southern region, called cotton sweaters, cotton trousers, or according to the use of shirts. The statement of cotton trousers is very image, compared to the cotton trousers of the cotton, the autumn pants use knit fabrics, and the knitted flush is more similar.

The Chinese ancients also have the existence similar to “autumn pants”, but mainly for shame. One of them is called “袴”. From the front, 袴 and a loose modern autumn trousers are almost, but there is a big hole from the back to the legs, wearing a crouch, the whole white flower hips are exposed outside.


From the Warring States to the Western Han, the old people wearing a “robe” is called “robe”, which is equivalent to the current coil. “曰 无 衣,” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “”

For so many years, everyone has changed several rounds to the aesthetics and attitude of the autumn trousers. No matter what you wear, I am not ready to wear.