Oceana flower, 2 kinds of practices with rice, green, sweet, fresh and clear


The pegs of rice, very delicious, more delicious than the addition of flour, more delicious.

Originally, the rice is eaten, the more chewing, more sweet, plus the fresh flowers, and it is more worth afraid, and the mixed fried is delicious.

Such as the banyan rice in “乡 五 月”:

In the season of flowering in the peony, as long as a child walks into the hometown, he, it will be detached by the aroma, stupidly lying in the banyan tree, don’t want to go home.

The hospitable child will pull him home, ask him to eat a soul flower.

The banyan rice is used to mix with rice.

Eat salty, poured sesame oil, garlic, vinegar;

Eat sweet, sprinkle with fried noodles, mix with noodles.


Now that the spring is now in the middle of the spring, and the folk flower season, although there are rare people in the city, but the vegetable farm is full of fragrant aroma.

5 yuan / catties, the taste of the taste is ten days, don’t miss this, there is no pollution-free small wild flowers, clearing and beauty, as a long time.


In practice, the kind of wheat rice is simpler than the mixed surface. After the hot, the flowers are mixed with the sausage, mix raw rice, become a red green white three-color, sell better, good nutrition, a bowl of two bowls are not enough.


One [Sausage Rice]


Ingredients: 2 cups of rice, 200 grams of peony, sausage.

Practice: 1. Take the rice in rice cooker, steamed rice.

2. Painting flour and leaves and rinse it, pour it into the boiling water.

When you are hot, you will quickly remove the cold water.

3. Put the squeezed moisture into the bowl.


After rinse under warm water, it can easily tear off the outer skin, the meat is high, so it can also be smoothly used.

4. Don’t refuel in the pot, put it directly into the sausage, stir fry until the oil, the fat part is transparent, and you can smell the smell.

Small fire operation, with anti-Lausa dibuser.


5. After turning off the fire, pour the pantya flower.

The hot stir fry is evenly stirred, and all the flowers are all bonded to the sausage oil.

6. In again, pour it in the rice, mix well quickly.

Then cover the lid of the rice cooker, simmer for 5 minutes with insulation gear, let the sausage grease penetrate into rice.


No need to put salt, no seasonings, highlight the simple original ingredients, the meat rice is sweet.


The peaks, don’t buy a full open, no open or half-open flowers, and taste is more tender and delicious.

Eat flowers, let the old banyan of the old banyan tree, from the famine special, rising to the spring feelings of North China.

The second kind of raw rice, fried, delicious and nutritious.


Ordinary simple egg fried rice, because adding fresh foreign flowers, but becomes unique.

[花 饭]

Material: 100 grams of solk flower, 1 bowl of rice, 3 eggs, 3 chives, a little salt.


Practice: 1. In the pot, pour it into the flowers, so hot to discharging, you can remove it.


2. Squeeze the water, steamed the rice, and the rice is steamed, and the egg is scattered in the bowl.


3. Plus a little oil in the non-stick pan, pour the scattered egg liquid, fry to the solidification with chopsticks

4. Pour the rice in the microwave in the microwave, stir fry after mixing.

5. Add a little salt, mix well and mix it.


Fresh 槐 花 焯 焯 焯

How to eat, you have to do it, you have to be hot, and the advantage is that it is too bitter. The fragrance will become more soft, let the people who are bare drills are also easy to accept, the color of the peduncle is more green, and the taste is also crisp.