6.14-6.20 shake the product list: Langsha stockings 1 week sales 47.3W single


What is the hottest selling goods recently? What explosions can be learned?

The melon data is statistics on June 14th to June 20th, the magical system list, Langsha stockings, Cartier crocodile quick-dry T-shirt, male goddess must be shower gel, board the list TOP3.

Among them, Langsha stockings are sold in a 1 week of 47.3W! Let’s take a look at what kind of tips for last week.


Part 1: 1 week sales 47.3W, “4 start” promotes product sales


Last week’s sales of TOP1 is Langsha stockings, 1 week sales 47.3W, 6.19 begins for 2 consecutive days, 10W +, is a well-deserved new explosion!


This product is mainly promoted by live broadcast, and the belongings of the goods is the company’s self-operated account Langsha official. In the nearly 15 days, the goods have brought 62W sales, then how is the live broadcast?


1 repeatedly explain the main push-up, enlarge the details to attract users

Take 6.20 live broadcast as an example, the live broadcast is 59.6W, sales 8.2W, sales of 16.7W, 97% of sales come from this Langsha stockings.

It can be seen that the live broadcast of the game is nearly 10 hours, almost all about this product.

When explaining, the material, elasticity and other details of stockings are shown, and the popularity of the live broadcast is enhanced in the way “comment buckle 1 priority delivery”.

2 Highlight the price advantage, “4 start” promotion

In addition, the live broadcast not only has a variety of similar goods in the shopping cart, but also highlights the price advantage of the main explosion. The 1.99 socks and 4.98 yuan stockings are also placed in the same link.


It can be very good to attract popularity with a low price of 1.99 yuan, and the promotion form of “4 start” can effectively improve the overall sales of goods.

Part 2: 1 day sales 4W single, what kind of video can quickly explode?


Last week, the sales of TOP17 was sold for a week, a week of sales 11.7W, of which 6.15 The day sales 4W single, conversion rate reached 28.33%.


The outbreak of this product sales is mainly from small financial fans.

The video mainly shows the design highlight of the product. The bikes of the bikes break the clothes, which can not only freely adjust the length, but also prevent the clothes from being blown by the wind, and finally highlight the “solidity” of the clothesline with load gravity. Meet the user’s demand pain point for the clothesline.

From the video hot words, “Japan”, “Japanese goods” and other keywords have higher frequencies, which is because the video uses “Japan to know” to attract users to watch.

In the case of the gradual rise in China, the national confidence of the national goods is also higher and higher, so spontaneously leaves a message in the comment area and promotes the overall heat of the video.

Combined with the viewer portrait, you can see that the audience of this item is women, the age of 41 years old, which is in line with the players of such audience portraits, or consider this selection.


The above is the content of this product list, and finally summarizes the recent hot trend:


Summary of this issue

1. A variety of similar goods on the shopping cart, which favors the price advantage of the main commodity;


2. At the same time, it is simultaneously on a link to low-cost drainage and main push, which can promote sales of different commodities;

3. Add some “stalk” that can guide the user’s initiative message, which is conducive to improving the interactivity of video;