Square parent-child anti-slip shoes, 9 9 can have


In July, the fire is difficult to stop, and a pair of soft-wearing slippers is a good product.

The hot sky is all in the whole day, Xiao Jiojio is sour, sincerely uncomfortable, the first thing to go home is shoe! A comfortable slippers will let you relax in the moment of liberation, instantly relax, remove the tiredness of the day.

Moreover, the usage rate of summer slippers should not be too high! Indoor wear, bath, 遛 wear, pick up, go to the beach … choose double good slippers, happy summer!

This home home shared today is –

Little deer EVA slippers, men, women, children have!

Comfortable and light, feel full, anti-slip, anti-touch design, pro test well!

The most important thing is that the whole family is worth 40, simply sending with white!

To buy 35.8 yuan of adults, our group is as long as 13.9 yuan; the group of 30.8 yuan, the group is only 9.9 yuan.

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踩屎感十足的亲子防滑拖鞋,9 块 9 就能拥有

Such a good thing, pulls the seven gods, eight big, one group, a total of only 4,000 pairs, first starting with strength.

EVA material, good shoes are not stinky

Soft bullets are light, feel full

When I just got this slippers, my inner OS: isn’t it a pair of simple slippers?

As a result, the foot was amazing.

Because it is really light and wear!

踩屎感十足的亲子防滑拖鞋,9 块 9 就能拥有

Unlike rubber slippers, it is very comfortable, home is very comfortable, not tired at all.

And the thick big shoe softball soft bullet, every step is like stepped on cotton,

Reload is quite good

This is the legendary stepping.

This is inseparable from the material of the slippers, adopting

EVA material

, Flexibility and elasticity are very good, and it is not tired.

Open the package a little pungent taste is not, it is also very good.

Such a good wear dirty slippers,

Adults have only 13.9 yuan, children’s payment is 9.9 yuan

Where is this price?

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Injection molding, professional design is safer

Sole big texture, anti-slip see

I wore it a few days at home, and I feel that this pairwear is like growing on my own feet, especially the feeling of being wrapped in the feet. It’s too comfortable! Children wearing in the Qing Bao also hang up, and walking at home without worrying about the shoes.

It turns out that this is the benefits of injection molding slippers, the facade and the sole are integrated, the edge is smooth, and there will be no problem with falling, deformed, and foot, wearing natural comfort and safety.

It is worth mentioning that this little deer Mili parent-child slippers are also very careful in the design of the sole.

Shoe head slightly


In this way, the feet can be better in contact with the ground while walking, and walking lighter.

Moreover, slender and depressed, the upper edge of the upper formation forms a protrusion, not only can support the foot of the foot, but also protects small JIOJIO in it like a boat.

Safety is also reflected in the sole, see this close

W-shaped anti-slip texture

踩屎感十足的亲子防滑拖鞋,9 块 9 就能拥有

, The complex striped gully can greatly increase the static rubber coefficient of the sole, effectively grip, and the bathroom is not afraid of slipping.

踩屎感十足的亲子防滑拖鞋,9 块 9 就能拥有

The anti-slip effect is seen.

It’s safe and safe, and a family’s slippers are all worth 40 yuan! Don’t miss you!

Do not include heavy metals, non-toxic

踩屎感十足的亲子防滑拖鞋,9 块 9 就能拥有

Small size, light weight

Many media exposes the poisonous slippers in the black workshop, those slippers that use waste plastics secondary processing, not only the taste pungent, the lead and phthalate content also exceed the standard, which will harm the immune system and digestive system.

In particular, the slippers wearing the baby are more important to strictly control the quality of control. Let’s choose this little deer EVA slippers,

Receiving heavy metal and phthalate

踩屎感十足的亲子防滑拖鞋,9 块 9 就能拥有

, Safe and non-toxic and harmless, wear it with confidence.

We don’t have any problems with “big babies” in our 400 months.

Mature and steady green blue is best for dad, beige and yellow male treasure women’s treasure, girls’ pink yellow! It’s really good to match.

踩屎感十足的亲子防滑拖鞋,9 块 9 就能拥有

The size of the size is accurate, the loose style is also very friendly to the baby’s baby. According to the footage of the foot, according to the normal code number, I like it to be loose.

Limited 4000 pairs

Take advantage of the color now, everyone quickly grabs a wave.

Finally, how do you spend it with everyone?

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On July 17th to July 23, 20 conquerssed 4.9 yuan.

2 people, invite 1 newcomer, no need to buy the same paragraph, any fight; if it is a newcomer, you can participate in the group initiated by others, you can also share it together!

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Scientific audit: Dingliang Science

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踩屎感十足的亲子防滑拖鞋,9 块 9 就能拥有

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踩屎感十足的亲子防滑拖鞋,9 块 9 就能拥有

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Scan code to the lilac mother app purchase