The most beautiful mother-in-law wedding, the value is higher than the bride, and it is also wore red dress too.


The child’s marriage is for mothers, it should be one of the most important things in life. Since it is such an important occasion, as a mother, as a mother, it is also necessary to have a wedding banquet attending the children.

Most mothers are not self-contained, and there are even some problems that will face the middle-aged blessings, so I want to improve your temperament in the wedding banquet.

Wear and makeup

These are very important ~ as long as they are well, they can create their own






Wedding banquet

There must be some attention to the wear of mid mothers, and they should wear them to wear wedding banquets.



Corresponding to the wedding atmosphere

, Pay more attention to can’t grab the wind of the new lady, fully show the elegance and affinity of your mother.

However, in the nearest wedding, a mother-in-law chose

Dighter evening dress

It is really too stealing ~ the overall temperament seems to be too


And elegant, while the netizen shouted “the most beautiful mother-in-law”, there have been a lot of voices, and the mother-in-law is so high in the wedding and even grab the new lady’s head is really appropriate?

Mother-in-law red dress

1, advanced fabrics, all of them


Highlight the exquisiteness of the overall shape, the texture of each piece must be sufficiently advanced

. The texture of the item is included.

Simple atmosphere style design


Coloring cutting way


as well as

Comfortable and glossy fabric selection

As long as the three conditions can be satisfied, then the whole is looking for an exquisite and spirit.




Illuminating silk

Senior satin

It is a good choice. In addition to the smoothness of the fabric, the flatness and drooping of fabrics are also important, and the high-level reflection is more attention.

Dropping fabric



Such a fabric is easier to wear



2, pay attention to the accessories, exquisite advanced

After the dress is picked up, add some

High-level accessories can also light the overall shape

. for example,

Wenye pearl necklace and ear

, Pearl this kind of jewelery can be very good

Improve the beauty of mothers


Unsupported jade jewelry

Especially in some

Big dress in the neckline

It is more necessary to make embellishments.

As a mother-in-law, how to wear a wedding?

1, makeup should be based on light makeup

Be a guest full of marriage, so mothers can’t be lost in wear and makeup. Remember to choose your makeup

Light makeup

It is easy to grab the wind of the new lady, as long as the makeup is refined, even if the makeup, you can improve a lot of temperament.

How to make a light makeup? first,

Eye shadow


As far as possible

Do not choose a pearlescent series


Don’t choose oil eye shadow cream

. Because these two types of eye shadow cosmetics are easy to make the eyes more



Smile pattern is more prominent

Lips, try to


Don’t draw lip lines


It is best to use comparison

Gentle slogan color


The lips will be more natural. More use before you are uplink

lip balm

Nourish the lips, so that

Reduce the exposure of the lip

2, dressing and matching should be selected according to body type

When I got to my mother, in fact, most women have been hard to keep in staying. So good body, some of them are fat, but everyone should not be discouraged, because as long as

Pick up the dress that meets yourself according to your own body

It will definitely be able to avoid weaknesses, showing their unique charm in the wedding banquet.


Mom is more suitable

Straight line strip cut

The evening gown looks more slim. And it is best to choose “V” or low waist dress dress when choosing a dress.

The decoration of the clothing collar can be slightly rich

Some, this can attract the eyes of others, moved from the position to the left and right positions.


Mom is more suitable

High waist



This can make long body proportions. At the same time, you have to go down the skirt with a special fluffy style, and the style of the slim waist is ideal.


3, clothing style should pick according to the wedding topic

As one of the most happy moments of a family, the unity of the whole family wearing styles is very important.

First of all, of course


Western wedding dress skirt

Distinguish. If it is a western wedding, the dress style will be more, you can choose a light pink or beige color, and it is relatively similar to the bride’s wedding color, so the overall coordination sense is stronger.


Chinese marriage


Traditional cheongsam

This type looks more


The skirt will be better. At present, many new cheongsam will integrate into modern elements, so as long as the color chooses to simply simply atmospheric, don’t be too gorgeous, you can easily wear the Ya Ya.

Fashion summary


1. Wenye pearl necklace and earrings, you can improve your mother’s temperament, and very low-key is elegant;

2, the texture of the item includes the simple style design, a descending cutting method, as well as a comfortable and glossy fabric selection.

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