3-12 months baby summer dress, style graph and cutting sharing, the sewing process commentary



Today, I will share the patterning method of baby linhouses.

First look at the style

Baby clothing drawings are not divided into men and women, just color and decorations. I look forward to the picture sharing of men treasure.

Let’s start the drawing below


Number: Suitable for 3-12 months of height 59-80cm baby



Length: From the shoulder to the trouser foot 45cm (actual size can be measured by himself)

Sleeve cage deep (bust line): net sleeve area 10.5 + 4.5cm

Shoulder width: net body shoulder width 19 + 3cm

Bust: net body 44 + 10cm

Length: shoulder to the length of the length 32 + 7cm


Pinter: Paste size + 2-3cm

The following is a 66 yard as an example.

Bust: 44 + 10/4 shoulder width: 19 + 3/2

Shoulder: 21 degrees with the upper clamp

Need to have another number of baby size table, you can go to the circle. Recommended collection

Complete tabetry

Sewing process and sewing process

Selection of fabrics: cotton skin can, summer fabric as much as possible to choose light breathable

Wash treatment before the fabric is cut, washing and drying can be cropped.


Sewing order:

First stacked the lattice, the crimp seam. The intermediate cross is fixed, the rear piece is buckled to use a small flat, so the child is comfortable

Sewing on the lower body

Do front and rear 缝, front jams to do internal stickers


The rear film is made into a dark lattice, and after being ready, use the resin four-in-button. I often use the baby’s clothes to buy a staple buckle, especially convenient.

The front and rear side seams, shoulder, necklines, and cages are treated with the edges. The inner bags want to cut the film to sequet, and the outer edges do not need to be seamless.

The width of the bag is the same, with some 45-degree cloth-shaped oblique packet width 3.6cm

In the foot, the ribbed roll sides are built, the length of the rubber band is dip in the length of the baby’s purity plus 2-3 cm.

Ok, today’s share is here.

I like to collect and try it.


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3-12 months baby summer dress, style graph and cutting sharing, the sewing process commentary