Add three travel for your journey to carry portable speakers recommended


The summer has arrived, and the level of prevention and control is gradually declined, and the inter-province and city tourism group has also begun. In this summer, the big friends are inevitably being broken by the epidemic. Hurry with the homes and beasts to talk about it! How can I have a relatively more than music? Today, I recommend three portable speakers that can be added to the journey.


Pulse 4 is the fourth-generation portable Bluetooth speaker of the JBL music pulsating series. The fuselage is a cylinder, surrounded by the LED, bringing 360 degrees full-time colorful and light effect, dynamic dazzling special effects make you a second It can be the focus of the crowd. JBL PULSE4 is not only 360 degree lights and 360 degrees sound effects. The speaker has a professional design. By adjusting the sound holes and speaker structures at both ends of the fuselage, it brings you a full range of stereo.

JBL PULSE4 adopts specially designed glass quality casing with IPX7 waterproof and anti-fall performance, and its surface adopts special coating material, which ensures robust, durable and does not leave fingerprints. In terms of endurance, PULSE4 is fully charged for 12-hour smooth music playback. The full-grand dynamic bass performance and the shocking three-dimensional effects allow users to use 湃 music enjoy even in outdoor environments. And the bottom of the speaker is equipped with a piloted passive bass enhancement unit, which can float with the sound while passive radiation, dripping a few drops on the unit, and can see the water droplets to beat it on the unit, bring hearing and Visual double enjoyment.

为你的旅途加点料 三款出行必带便携音箱推荐

1MORE portable Bluetooth speaker S1

为你的旅途加点料 三款出行必带便携音箱推荐

1MORE portable Bluetooth speaker S1 is very mini, and the weight is less than 500 grams. The streamlined line is designed, the corner is round, which is small and portable, which is convenient to carry it. 1MORE portable Bluetooth speaker S1 uses space black classic color scheme, soft cloth material coverage, enable IPX4 waterproof, wear, non-slip and other functions. With discs, it has a good texture. Built-in 2600mAh large-capacity lithium battery, support for 12 hours of normal play, equivalent to 160 songs, 5 movies long. Let music listen more smoothly.

1MORE portable Bluetooth speaker S1 adopts a dual audio trunken speaker design, built-in 3.3-inch high-resolution full-frequency hanging unit and 0.75 inches high resolution treble vocal unit, the response frequency can reach 80 Hz-20,000 Hz, the maximum peak power can be achieved 35W, the maximum sound pressure level 102dB can give people the distinguished enjoyment of the audience. Enhance the BASS function, so that the low frequency is moved, and it also optimizes the intermediate frequency section, making the people clear and naturally more expressive.

Bose SoundLink MINI 2

Bose SoundLink Mini 2 is a very classic product. The box is integrated aluminum shell, all metal buryed fuselage, plus surface matte crafts, let Bose SoundLink Mini 2 feel delicate. The front and back of the cabinet uses a metal mesh cover, except for the middle logo, there is no excessive embellishment, continuing the simple and generous aesthetic design of BOSE products. Bose SoundLink Mini 2 can store 8 Bluetooth devices, as long as it is equipped with the speaker pair, it will be automatically recorded, and the speaker will automatically connect with the last paired device when booting, without the need for each re-pair, let It is more convenient to use.

The sound style of Bose SoundLink Mini 2 continues to continuing BOSE’s consistent tradition, bass performance is very good, full, solid, and very flexible. The speaker uses a double speaker + double passive diaphragm design, and the sound is very pure, and the high frequency is clear. Bose SoundLink Mini 2 can do 12 hours without interrupt play music. And Bose SoundLink Mini 2 also has a microphone to use as a call to call or answer your phone.

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为你的旅途加点料 三款出行必带便携音箱推荐