Chengdu financing territory observation: progressive force, 140 enterprises were 21.2 billion yuan financing


This past October, Sichuan’s capital market investment and financing amount hit a new high this year. According to Red Star Resources Bureau comb, in October, the amount of investment and financing in Sichuan Province reached 5.826 billion yuan, 16 companies to obtain financing, two companies successful IPO. The past two months, corporate investment and financing market in Sichuan progressive force, investment and financing event is also rising, the entire capital market to pick up signs of obvious.

In 2020, due to the sudden impact of the epidemic, capital market suffered cold winter, the number of corporate finance Sichuan arrived in recent years low. But this year, with investment sentiment to pick up, and the brightest institutional investors progressive force, the market is bottoming out trend.

According to public information statistics, from early November 1 this year, 146 since disclosure of Sichuan investment and financing event, investment and financing amounting to 24.481 billion yuan. Among them, Chengdu contains a total of 140 incidents from investment and financing, investment and financing amount of 21.205 billion yuan, still the capital value of the investment hot spot, advanced manufacturing, healthcare, business services, games, and several other areas of the capital’s most sought after.

Chengdu enterprises were financed amount and number

In response, Red Star Capital Bureau in Chengdu as a sample (subject to statistical information publicly available information), carded financing situation 10 months of 2021 Chengdu enterprise:


140 disclosures from investment and financing

Coming Unicorn



Financing rounds comparative data Source: IT oranges

1, a total of 140 disclosures from investment and financing, the largest number of strategic financing

As of November 1, Chengdu, disclosed a total of 140 from financing events. Among them, 44 enterprises to obtain financing strategy, accounting for most.

It is worth mentioning that in September this year, Chengdu, a unicorn business – trendy media re Jingdong blessing former club, won the $ 400 million strategic investment in the latest valuation of 200 billion. The investment, but also to become trendy media enterprise in Sichuan unicorn highest valuation of enterprises, and among the top ten domestic enterprises unicorn.

2,5 seed companies to complete round 20 complete angel round

According to Red Star Resources Bureau comb, Chengdu this year to obtain financing companies, mostly concentrated in the early and middle stages of development. This also means that a lot of high-quality companies, you can get capital boost in its infancy.

In January, new energy charge brand “Jubilee charge” for six million yuan angel round of funding from lead investor million to help digital energy, hand travel companies Tap4Fun (Nepalese Bi Lu Technology) chairman Yang Xiangji with the cast. It is noteworthy that, Tap4Fun Chengdu is also a well-known local hand travel company, had also participated in the “Jubilee charge” seed round investment.

February, April, Chengdu, a big earthquake early warning data technology company US Magic won two pen financing, OPPO affiliates, millet Group (1801.HK) has shares. US earthquake early warning technology research focus Magic technology.

These seed and angel round financing round stage companies, investors behind rans included Ding Xiang capital, the Austrian cattle capital, Fang capital, whale capital, Bern capital, Hangzhou unicorn investment, OPPO so on.


3,50 companies completed in the A round of financing, eight corporate finance billions of dollars

Chengdu local finance companies, mostly concentrated in the A round of financing stage. Pre-A wheel, A wheel, A + round stage, access to financing companies totaled 50. Among them, eight corporate finance billions of dollars.


Financing rounds contrast

In January this year, new hope (000876.SZ) Group of fresh cold-chain logistics platform fresh life to complete the A round of financing $ 600 million round of financing by the Longfor Capital (LFC), the capital’s gold fund in Jinqi Hong , Far East Horizon’s alms with calendar and other capital investments. According to Red Star Resources Bureau comb, which is also the year in the A round of financing to obtain the largest single financing stage.

In addition, Chengdu, a cultural and creative enterprise – Star read Chen Shi received 300 million yuan A round of financing. Chen Shi Xing reading is a deep economic IP for the development of digital culture goals-ups. It is understood that in recent years, Chengdu cultural and creative industries have seen vigorous development trend, the current overall strength has been among the forefront of the country.

In addition, Chengdu bubble fish Technology Co., Ltd., Chengdu Ka drug Celebrex silver Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd., Sichuan good doctor Cloud Medical Technology Co., Ltd., Feng Bird Aviation, Chengdu Maike Kang Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Chengdu palmar world Information Technology Co., Ltd. are in the A round, A + wheel on one hundred million yuan to obtain financing.

From the investor lineup of view, Tencent investment, Sequoia Capital China, Chengdu Hi-tech Zone Business Angel investment funds are all involved in the investment in this phase.


4,8 companies completed B round of financing, coming Unicorn

In April of this year, home fitness brand Fiture technology boiling technology gains a thorough B round of financing a $ 300 million, the employers behind the financing of investment All-Stars Investment (lead investor) All-Star, valuation of the investment 1.5 billion US dollars. Chengdu has become this year Fiture coming unicorn enterprises.

5, the new 3 C round of financing, clover biological listed

C round of financing in stages, Chengdu Shang Medical Information Technology Co., Ltd., the number of Chengdu Science and Technology Co., Ltd., Sichuan clover Biological Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. have completed the financing. It is worth mentioning that, just recently, the new crown vaccine developer biological clover after the completion of $ 230 million of Series C, valuation of 7.475 billion. In November this year, clover biological (02197.HK) successfully landed on the capital market.



What are the most popular segments?

Red Star Capital Bureau sort, from the disclosure of financial companies owned sectors, mostly concentrated in the advanced manufacturing, healthcare, business services, games, intelligent hardware and other fields. Among them, the most sought after investment sub-sectors are biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, data services, game development.

An investment and financing companies Industry

1, the biotechnology and pharmaceutical


In 2020, the medical industry due to the epidemic catalytic Chengdu, the development of faster, many biopharmaceutical companies submitted the listing application. Among them, Yuan Tung biological (688513.SH), Chengdu pilot (68822.SH) has landed in the capital market. 2021, is still in the field of health care investments bumper year. Meanwhile, biotechnology and pharmaceutical fields Chengdu, capital much sought after.

2, data services

Data services business this year has reaped a lot of investment and financing. Among them, data services, industry information and solutions, cloud services, enterprise IT services and other areas of concern.

Data obtained financing services business

3, game developers

Known Chinese game industry, “the fourth city,” said Chengdu, the game industry has always been the “R & D positions”, domestic hot style game has multiple “Chengdu” figure. Meanwhile, after years of development, mature game development industry chain has also attracted the influx of capital.


What are the most popular capital Chengdu?

Red Star Capital Bureau comb, a total of nearly 20 years, game developers obtain financing, mostly for strategic investments. The investors behind the figure, Tencent, B station (beep beep miles miles) incoming frequently.

Related statistics, Tencent (00700.HK) in Chengdu this year to invest in 14 companies. Compared to 2020 in Chengdu Tencent investment three companies, Tencent this year can be described as very concerned about Chengdu.

B station (09626.HK) to invest in the six enterprises, mainly in the animation, game field. Companies involved in animation and game developers have a good network of cloth, empty in the community; sub-dish game developers Networks, Dongji Six Senses, mobile game developers such as Gloucester.


Tencent, beep beep miles miles incoming frequently

In addition, in January of this year, Alibaba (9988.HK; BABA.US) in Chengdu invested in a business information technology solutions scale easily build custom furniture business software; June this year, gene sequencing technology company, “Qi carbon technology” completed B round of financing, investment institutions include Hillhouse capital, BV Baidu venture capital and other financing amounting to over 400 million yuan. Since 2017, Qi carbon technology angel round of financing strategy, Baidu VCs are involved.

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