Drooling baby how to do? How to choose a nip towel? Attached 15 pieces of scarf!


Recently, I have a baby asking, the baby does not flow in the mouth before, I have a stream that will not stop these days, so I can get clothes, what should I do? Today, pockets are in the style of the baby. Finally, I also included the evaluation of the 15 pieces of towel, and ensure that you harvested.

First, the baby’s drool is growing!

For the baby, I started the mouth of the mouth, first of all, I want to be happy, this shows that your baby grows up. Why do you say that? Do you think that will the baby start the mouth? Certainly not! At this time, TA’s salivary gland has not yet matured, of course, there will be no saliva. With the growth of the baby, it is about 3-6 months, the baby’s parotid gland is the largest salivary gland, which will grow mature. The saliva secretion will increase, this is not a baby greater?

In addition, the baby’s new teeth will also lead to a lot of saliva secretion, and the baby has not learned to swallow the saliva in time, so we will see the baby’s non-stop drain. This stage of the baby’s muscle movement is also developing, can put your hand or other things into your mouth, go to the bite, which also secreted the promotion of saliva. So, I saw the baby began to draft the mouth, my mother should happiness.

Second, the benefits of exporting water!

Why, is there a benefit? Of course, it is still very important for little babies.

If the baby begins to eat solid food, the saliva can moisturize and soften the food;

Dosing makes your baby’s mouth more humid;

Can help rinse bacteria and food residue, better protect your baby’s teeth;

The saliva contains digestive enzymes to help carbohydrates;

Saliva can neutralize gastric acid, alleviate the stimulation of mucosa.

So much benefit from the mouth, Bao Ma is not worried?


Third, what should I do?

Each baby is different, some flows, some flows less, if there is too much saliva, irritating the skin may have red rash or cracks, the treasure mother can only use it. Soft cotton cloth to suck dry baby’s saliva, do not wipe it, so as not to aggravate the skin’s stimulation. When your baby is sleeping, you can apply some emollizing cream to protect the skin.

However, what is needed here is that if the baby suddenly fluorescence, can’t speak, and is accompanied by breathing, it may be a suffocation caused by food or foreign matter, and first aid immediately. If the baby is still in front of 3 years old, and his language and sports skills are not finished, but also bring your baby’s visit, there may be problems in nervous system.

Fourth, the right water tissue selection method:

When you choose, you should pay attention to the following:

Select size appropriate or easy to adjust. With the growth of the baby, the size of the sampling should be adjusted, so as not to play, too tight, will klew the baby’s neck, very uncomfortable.


Choose a comfortable material. The mouth of the tissue will contact the skin of the baby’s mandibular position. If the texture is not soft enough to damage the baby, especially the material used to interface water, gauze, cotton material is better, silicone, PVC is easy to clean, used to eat Will be more suitable.

Pay attention to the selection of colors and patterns. For your baby, you can cause your baby’s interest in patterns and colorful mouthmarks, but you must purchase genuine and ensure the quality of the product.

Talking about how to choose a smear, how can you raise less? However, here, you need to declare it first. It seems that it is used to target the saliva in the name. Therefore, we have the function of the bib, so we are in the scarf, there is not only the mouthwater towel for saliva. Compare the bibs for meals. Hey, although the mouth towel and the bib are a thing, but I personally like to make some softened mouth towels, the material is hard, the material is called the bib, and the same as the following evaluation. Oh, maybe I also have obsessive disorder.


Next, let’s take a look at the 15th scatters (also have a bib).

5, 15 pieces of scarf scarf


Material: Surface 100% cotton, nozzle 95% polyester and 5% polyurethane

Reference price: 150 yuan

Advantages: The surface is 100% cotton, strong water absorption; use annular design, can rotate, rich in shape, with fashion elements.

Disadvantages: The price is quite high!

Parenting point of mouth: The shape of this nip towel is really unlearable, especially for girls, it is so perfect. Of course, there is also a gentleman’s mouth towel specifically designed for male babies. The annular design is used, as long as it is gently turned, it will become dry by wet. Double-layer fabric, in addition to good water absorption, there is also a quick-drying property, so this port scarf is called perfect. However, a scarf will be 150 yuan of people’s coins, and it is also really expensive. Bao Ma should consider clear.


Cheeky Chompers

Material: 100% cotton

Reference price: 189 yuan

Advantages: 3-layer cotton design, strong absorption, with fixed tooth glue, for the baby’s baby, can alleviate the discomfort.

Poat children’s point of view: This picture of this mouth is quite a lot, and it can also reach a two-game purpose. In addition to preventing saliva from soaking clothes, it also provides a handless tooth gel for teeth, alleviating the teeth Inspihood, of course, this tooth gel is firm in terms of fixation, does not contain harmful substances such as BPA, and Bao Ma can use it with confidence. But it is also a price. Such a triangular towel is used in summer, and the baby will feel a bit hot. Bao Ma can choose according to his own situation.

Beibellian tied towel towel


material: 100% cotton


Price: 4 yuan

Advantages: pure cotton material, strong water absorption.

Disadvantages: poor waterproof.

Poof parenting point: This piece of scarf is more discount, but it is still a penny, although it is also a cotton material, the water absorption is very good, but after cleaning, slightly Some hard, it is more likely to be soaked, pay attention to frequent replacement, so as not to stimulate the skin. In addition, this rope type bib is still paying attention to avoiding the baby.

Bikano Sweat Water Two Towels

Material: 100% organic cotton

Price: 15 yuan / 2

Advantages: With organic cotton, softness is good, good water absorption and gas permeability; the pattern is embroidered, reducing harmful substances;


Disadvantages: Organic cotton water absorption is good, and it is easy to wet.


Poof parenting point of view: The material of this nip towel is particularly soft, reducing the stimulation of baby’s skin, in addition, a towel and dual use, in addition to preventing saliva, you can use it as a baby’s sweat towel, pay attention to replacement. There is no belt in this mouth of the towel, it is to put into the clothes, because the texture is soft, the baby will not be too contracted.

Ti Le Bamboo Fiber Scarf

Material: bamboo pulp fiber + TPU

Price: 19 yuan

Advantages: The front bamboo fiber is soft and comfortable, good water absorption; anti-surface TPU waterproof

Disadvantages: It is not highly hot.

Pocket parental perspective: The bamboo fiber fabric cannot be ironed in high temperature to avoid serious shrinkage. In addition, not all bamboo fibers are natural. This siphilta is used by bamboo slurry fibers, which are chemically synthesized fibers, and binders are used during production.

An Qihua baby triangle towel

Material: Natural color cotton

Price: 6.9 yuan

Advantages: good water absorption, no printing, high safety; two-button design, adjustable size

Disadvantages: It will shrink, and easy to use long-term use.


Pocket Parenting point: This color cotton is natural cotton, no need to use fuel to print dye, reduce the pollution of chemical substances, but cotton cloth will have shrinkage and proximity, but it is soft, the baby is also comfortable. It is also necessary to replace it at any time.

Disney baby triangle towel


Material: cotton

Price: 15 yuan

Advantages: pure cotton water absorbing breathable, multiple Disney cartoon patterns, very attractive baby;

Disadvantages: Long-term use of shrinkage, easy to form.

Poof parenting perspective: pure cotton material is breathable and water absorption, but it will also be easy to wet, it should be replaced at any time, and will shrink and go. Meng Meng’s Disney Cartoon Pattern, it is easy to attract your baby.

American Aden + Anais multi-function shoulder towel

Price: 165 yuan / 2

Advantages: cotton material, soft water absorption; shoulder, mouth sampling dual use.

Disadvantages: The material is slightly, and the summer is hot.

Poat Parenting point: The material is very soft, the water absorption is also very good, although some thick, it is not so easy to wet; in addition to giving the baby a noodle napkin, you can also take the shoulder shoulder in the mother, sincere Very practical.

Jaya color cotton six angle bib

Price: 16.9 yuan

Advantages: The water absorption of color cotton is good, no printing is required, the safety is high; the hexagon design can be rotated freely

Poat parental perspective: natural cotton, no need to use fuel to print dye, reduce the pollution of chemical substances, but cotton cloth will have shrinkage and proximity, but it is indeed soft, and the baby is comfortable. Hexagon design, you can turn it at any time to ensure dryness, let your baby feel comfortable.

NUK disposable baby bib

Material: Non-woven fabric

Price: 26 yuan / 10

Advantages: A one-time use, its breathable and waterproof performance is good.

Disadvantages: no water

Poat Parenting Parenting: This one-time bib, saving the trouble of mother cleaning, is also very convenient to carry; very breathable, waterproof, so it is very suitable for your baby. However, if used to interface water, long-term use, no water, may cause adverse stimulation for the skin.

Fisher Summer Baby Billet

Material: peva resin

Price: 25 yuan

Advantages: Adopt food grade PEVA material, safety is guaranteed; waterproof is good, easy to clean; easy to carry

Disadvantages: Easy to deformed, pattern is easy to fall.

Pocket Parenting View: This bib uses waterproof treatment. For small babies just learn to eat, use light, in addition, easy to clean and carry, and take a meal. In addition, cute little lions, small monkey patterns, let the baby like more. However, it is not enough, this pattern will be used for a long time.

Carter rabbit CTT silicone bib


Material: nylon + silicone

Price: 23 yuan

Advantages: Use nylon and silicone materials, good waterproof functions, avoid wet clothes, and easy to clean;

Adjust with the growth of your baby;

Poat Parenting View: This material is used for training for baby self-eating. It will be easier to clean, but if you wear, you will have a stimulus for your skin. It is recommended to use it when you eat, and then replace it into other comfortable mouth sampling.

Yellow duckling Q bib

Material: silicone

Price: 86 yuan

Advantages: It is also very convenient to use food-grade silicone, safe waterproof, clean; four buckle design, convenient adjustment

Disadvantages: When the weather is cold, it will feel more cool.

Poat Parenting View: Adopt food grade silica gel, high safety, and waterproof, mother no need to worry about it, clean up, it is also convenient. The adjustment buckle of the four paragraphs to accommodate the growth of the baby. If you go out, you can take it away as long as you gently, it is quite convenient. However, if you use it in winter, your baby will feel cold and may resist.

US SKIP HOP baby waterppity


Material: 100% polyester fiber

Price: 109 yuan

Advantages: Good waterproof, very soft, cartoon design, more attractive baby; with folding pockets,

Parenting point of view: colorful cartoon characters, must have a deep baby favorite, polyester fiber material is not only waterproof, but the softness is also very good, the baby is very comfortable. In addition, there is also a folding pocket, which is easy to put it, it is convenient to store. In fact, it is said that if it is used as a bib, it is convenient for cleaning, it must be the material that is not absorbed, but it can’t write, huh, you know.

Sweden Babybjorn Soft BIB soft plastic anti-staining

Material: PP + TPE

Price: 89 yuan

Advantages: PP and TPE materials, excluding harmful substances such as BPA, collar size, casual adjustment; candy color, discuss babies.

Disadvantages: The softness is poor, and it will feel more cool when the weather is cold.

Poof parenting perspective: This material is slightly poor, but it is easy to clean, and it is clean and clean, which is very convenient. The size of the collar will adjust with the growth of the baby. However, if you wear your baby in winter, you may have to contact it, because there is a cool feeling.






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Disadvantages: The price is quite high!

Material: 100% cotton

Material: Natural color cotton

Disadvantages: It will shrink, and easy to use long-term use.

Disadvantages: no water

Disadvantages: no water