Looking at human desire from bracelet color, super accurate


When people buy their own braces, they will have a lot of life, after all, no one is willing to spend money to buy something you don’t like.


The opponent’s different color preferences, often directly reflecting the true feelings of people, look at what people wearing a bracelet around us today.


The red bracelet is bright and transparent, and most people outside people like red. This type of person is optimistic, lively and cheerful, enthusiastic, causing dare, firm, their actions are always thinking.

Variety recommendation: Nanhong, red tourmaline, red coral, garnet, blood.



Most people wearing green bracelets, most of the analytics, good analysts, good health, good at thinking, rationally dealing with problems and control emotions, good at people around, the people around, people around them are also very worship And trust.


Variety recommendation: turquoise, green ghost, Hetian Biyu.


People who like blue bracers have not only a strong team of coordination, but also very polite, it is very modest and cautious. They are never impulsive, and they will develop a thoughtful plan before action. They are still cautious, strictly abide by various rules. Peaceists also have a tendency to like blue.

Variety recommendation: Qingjin, Tianhe Stone, Sea Blue Bao.


Most of the purple bracelets are emotional, like romantic people. If you are boys like purple, then he must make romance, like the purple girl, is the deep heart is quiet, and it is a bit noble.


Variety recommendation: purple crystals, purple toothfish.



A person who likes black bracelets, conveys the temperament of people full of mystery and stability. This kind of person is very practiced, and it is very serious when it is doing things. I don’t like to drag the traps, I like the feeling of success, but I will not show it to others, belongs to the singularity.

Variety recommendation: obsidian, black tourmaline.



People who like brown bracelets, generally desire safety emotions, and I hope to get the identity of the outside world, the brown represents honesty, steady, calm, cauting, like a well-ordered, stable lifestyle.

Variety recommendation: small diamond, Cliff, agarwood, tea crystal, etc.


People who like the white hand string are very straightforward, doing things don’t like left regret, pursue perfection, not good calculation. They will take the people around the world, no matter what they do, always with a holy attitude.

Variety recommendation: pearl, Hetian white jade, etc.


People wearing yellow bracelets are unrestricted, cultural cultivation.

Such people are good at communicating, there is a curiosity, courage, easy to adapt to the environment, because they are likely, attractive and satisfied.


It can be said that the yellow text is suitable for the player who is suitable for the text.

Variety recommendation: honey wax, yellow crystal.

It is a good person who has a deep man, a sensible person, a lively person, a lively person, but it is recommended that everyone, no matter what color, it is always the best.

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