Spring must-have “black harem pants”, classic and hiking, super thin!


Speaking of spring, trousers or skirts must be a must-have item, compared to elegant skirts, black harem pants more classic, very wide-legged trousers, have a good way to modify the body, super display thin.

No.1: Flower black harem pants


Fashionable black harem pants, Korean version of the design, relatively loose version, can easily cover the shortcomings of your legs, big size workfall, suitable for all body girls, high waist flower ice design, visually elongation The ratio of leg type, with white T-shirts and sneakers, is a thin and fashionable wearing.

No.2: Suit black harem pants

Commuter version of the suit harem pants, suitable for the school students, wearing a very shape and thin, very classic black, very wild, moderate thickness, spring with a white short T-shirt is very cool, The high waist is designed, the nine-point pants long, the super scale is long, the pockets on both sides can place a small hand, take a pair of thick-looking casual shoes special cool look.


No.3: Nine points black harem pants


Spring is very suitable for wearing nine pants, showing an ankle design, visually visually high, suitable for small children, very comfortable casual pants, INS superficial workshops, comparing straight version, not perfect enough Leg-type modifications have a touch of touch, very black, with white print T-shirts and casual shoes, simple and fashionable.

No.4: Cotton and linen black harem pants

Very cool cotton ringe harem pants, black tones, classic and thin, very harem pants, adjustable waist, even the micro-fat girl can control, high waist nine pants, Very highly tapped, with white print T-shirts and small white shoes, is also particularly simple and sports, good look.


Spring must-have “black harem pants”, classic and hiking, super thin ~