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overall evaluation

Are you attacked because you are different from ordinary people?

Chry Jerlot from doubts to trust, teachers, father, inherit, family

Why will she destroy the world?

Elf and human love hate

Monstered monsters, Visemir’s past

Ye Napo lost the curse of the mana, in the face of himself who did not dare to face

Jerlot’s heart melts, emotional hunter

What changed you, Jerlot?


Hundler second season ending


One day, I’ve been chasing the second season of “Hugh”, and I’ve been satisfied. It is also a whole emblem. The second season story narrative method is much better than the first season (although the first season storyline has not affected me, but the second quarter has jumped like this, the story of the jump, one second into the play! ); Emptiness, “Hunting Devils” third season, etc., this time is called the fans waiting! I read a foreign website mentioned that the third quarter has been taken, but it is necessary to make a post-production, and it will wait until 2022 will be seen.

Not much nonsense, directly enter the theme. Because the “hunter” world outlook is very large, the role is numerous (at least the character is clear, will not let the audience face blind), so I am also thinking about the people and incidents, this is the sense of accomplishment of “Hunts” . There are many incidents that have echoed in the first quarter, so you have forgotten the plot of the first quarter, it will be difficult to know the intentions of these lines in the second quarter, but if you know What they are talking, they will be fun!

I have not played a game. I didn’t have seen the novel. I am a watching audience, so I will not write my experience with the game, novel, and I can write my experience in the scriptures. The first quarter is the same, the picture is also very shocking, and more and more stereo in characters!

I really like the “hunter” second season, the role of the first season, there is no fault in the emotional shop, even as long as you understand the role and world view of the first season, the paradise of the second season The content will be quite resonant.

In the first quarter, many people did not agree with the identity of the hunter. The role of Jelot is a kind of person who doesn’t want to be born in my heart. I only want to hunt and have a good life, so the first season of the hunter has been talking about this hunter in Jelot is a creature without emotion.

I really like the people who have been given by Jerlot. He didn’t host the people who hated them, but tried to coexist with humans. This is why Jerlot will be in Brandasa. To Ferra Fandui, “” Go to other places, start, rebuild their power, can keep their own life. ” Jerlot This role is actually very agree with his own life. When the first season, the principle of Jerlot is very clear “I don’t kill human beings”, although he is not purebred by purebred humans, people will be a heterogeneous and monster. But Jerlot still retains his own humanity, so when you are in the first quarter, “If you really retaliate, this is also equal to prove that you are really monsters.”

So when Qi Li said this sentence in the second quarter, “You will be attacked because you are different from ordinary people?” Jerlot did not deny, so he only used “keep low-key” in the way. Free from disputes.

However, as a heterogeneous psychology, there are other different identity monsters or people with different people (such as elf), just Bi Nevillen, Qi Li asked “because the long appearance is alone is What feeling? ” I agree with the process, I really like Chili’s “those who you kill” in Ni Li, is not your own intention.


In fact, Nivon has given up for the curse, because he believes that he is no longer pure human, has lost humanity. However, Chili said that his kingdom was destroyed, letting me think of these humans bringing destruction to Ni Ville, but it is difficult to say that they are really different or monsters.

So in this season, the screenwriter director leads the audience to think about what is a monster, what is a heterogeneous? Because Chili himself is also a heterogeneous (has the ability of the elves, the ability to be magical), and Jerlot kills the monsters, they are the heterogeneous in the eyes of others, but the other is worth thinking is that human beings will also kill and destroy, is it? Not a monster, isn’t it alien?

The first season of the hunition will focus on the process of getting along with Chile and Chili. In this process, Qili and Jerlot have always focused on the untrust of each other, Chili thought To learn about Jerlot, Jerlot also wants to know Chi Li, just enter this topic in the second season of this drama, and the core information of the second season of the hunter.

In particular, the first episode of the first episode, I said “He (Jerlot) will do this to you before the end of the first episode. The first episode is very good, Ni Ville’s curse is relieved because of “true love and blood” (lost true love), but for him is not the freedom he want, Nivon and Qili feel it. Wei Le Na’s love in Nivon, only Jerlot believes he should kill Wei Le Na, Jerlot is different from other people’s ideas, bringing out the role of Jerlot, is considered “there is no emotion”.

This is also why the first concentrated Nivren will say to Jerlot. And Qi Li himself is also a different monster. Will Jerlot will kill himself? At the same time, it also brought Qi Li, I don’t know my ability. I don’t know what I’m doing it. So this is also a follow-up collection, I want to know Qi Li real ability, Jelo How to face the true identity of Chili.


I really like the pavement of the hunter’s second quarter to each other of each other. For example, the first few episodes of Qi Li did not talk to Jerlot how to escape the pianotera. A person who appeared safely, But each episode of Gilel is gradually improved to Jerlot’s trust. When the plot came to the third episode, I felt that Chili gradually understood the inner heart of Jerlot in the training, just like walking through Jerlot, every training and experience can let him know Jelo. The idea and philosophy in the core. Perhaps this doesn’t have to say the facts in Chile, Chili naturally understands.

As for Jerlot’s inner exploration of Chili, Jerlot started with Chili’s only like control and protection. Jerlot often said “I told you to run, you will run”, this is a kind of Qi Li If you don’t know how but want to protect Chili. But with the development of the plot, every concentrated viewer can find that Jerlot is a bit different from Chili, and Chili will start to say his inner feelings, and Jerlot will also begin to tell his own ideas. . Especially my impression is that when Vermir has to let Chili become hunters, they are known by Jerlot that Chili said she wants to escape everything, becoming an emotion like Jerlot. People, this will not suffer.

However, Jelot was able to answer Qili in his inner heart: “No, no matter who is not forgotten, you can’t kill your emotions, the best chance is to kill the resentment in the heart, and go forward . Even the eighth episode, Jerlot would like Chili to fight against Warley Smere, and Jerlot’s ability, even if Qi Li is “home”, On behalf of Jelot, he opened the atrium for Chili, and asked her to a secret family.


The second quarter of the hunter uses a lot of plots in these two characters to portray their two relationships, Jerlot and Chili are like “Teachers and Eas” → “Inheritance” → “Father” → ” Family, and Jerlot’s attitude towards Chi Li is more designed! If the audience has found it, Jerlot has not admitted that Qili has a relationship with his own, especially if there is a prostitute asked Jerlot, “Isn’t it a daughter, Jerlot denied, in the street Jerlot is just the relationship with Qi Li, but gradually walked through “inheritance” → “Father” → “Family” is closely embarrassing! This is also the place where I love Hugh in the second season! Emotion is an episode and a set of piles!

Qili’s true identity? Why will she destroy the world?

About Qili’s identity story advancement is not too fast, but the rhythm of the second half is good, Qi Li itself let me feel like a mystery, I can know that she is a cursed knight (hedgehog) and The child, the child, and the blood of the blood, Qi Li is the elves, so she will definitely be magical. The most important thing in the second season of the hunter is to focus on finding the blood of Chili and the mystery of life.

When the plot goes to the fourth episode, you can know that Qi Li’s blood is the blood of the ancient (also a few generations of almost extinct blood). You can let Fenve Wade come out, Visemir says “Destiny gave us a gift, Create more hunter’s key. So I have Chi Li to create more hunters, so the design is very beautiful. Just because Chili wants to make up your own accident, I want to be a hunter, I really like the why “Because I have a faster feeling”. Her personality is actually a bit like Ye Nifu, can’t stand the ability to save others, can’t endure yourself can only be a bystander. I want to be eager to have the ability to hunt in Qili, but also because I want to help this world, although these capabilities will make yourself or lose everything, although Chi Li finally did not become a hunter, but I really like this pavement in this Ci Li.

“The world will be destroyed in the cold ice, it is reborn with Xinyang, reborn in the blood of the ancient, reborn in the seeds under the broadcast, a seed that will not sprout, but will break the flame” (this is Istelina Prophecy, it is chi Li in the episode). The seed that won’t sprouting is Qi Li. The role of Chili is really very miserable. It is a person who has brought destruction. In the state of Qi Li, her inner heart must be more desperate and sad than others. So after Chili knows this truth, I want to become a hunter, I want to go to the past, I will not be injured, and I will not be sad.

Chili is the source of dark destruction. Nan Naka said that Chryle is the princess of Qintera. Now, it is basically that Qintra should be a person who wants to inherit the throne. Therefore, all countries will naturally have been looking for Qi Li’s drop, good condition, Qintera Future Inheriting the rule, the light will let the countries will send countless troops to find Chili, and this process has brought countless killings and destruction for the entire mainland, so light is this destruction source.


The plot to the sixth episode, Nan Naka said that Qi Li is “Destiny”, there is a more powerful force than anyone, but Nan Na Card said that “You are part of you. She is part of you. “If this is the” Destiny, Destin “, which has been emphasizing to the first season, Jerlot got Chili because the Surprise law, which is already the beginning of the fate, the two are destined to be together, can not separate, Can’t open.

Behind the role of Chili, the mystery of the world, the next paragraph “Elf and human love hate” can only be announced, because Chi Li has the end of the elf, and her elf is the beginning of destruction, and Qi Li’s identity is “Century Weapon . The second half of the seventh episode finally finished, and Warley was indeed released, and it was attached to Qili, and the reason why Chili wakes up, seeing Qintera still happy and happy scene, this is Warlezmere deliberately see Chili. Because Jerlot said that Warley is desperate and painful, she can control Chili is also the pain of Qili’s heart losing the piano. Chi Li, plus returning to Kalmeram, Warley is attached to Chili, killing those hunters, because the first batch of hunters will imprison Warley to the hut, now she It is desired to retaliate.


The second episode of Ye Nifu and Fuffinja were taken away by Ferrafande, the wizards were very unhappy for the wizards of Aru Tuha because they have passed the history, I remember that in the first quarter, the elf teaches. Some of the so-called somewhere of human beings, and then after the elf builds Ari Tuha, the human witch is a massacre, which can only hide in Botada, so this is why the elf will hate The reason for the human wizard, this is why there will be a building similar to Aru Tuha in the location of the elves.

The second episode of the “I lost to Karate,” I lost to Karant, my people chased Flanges, they need faith “, Karant is Qili’s grandmother, Ferra Fandui once rebellious, But Karant also slaughtered the elves after the rebellion (the second season Qi Li also said that the grandmother hate the elf), this episode is this, the time of Ferrafande hide because the rebellion failed, so The humble inner heart has been seen by Jerlot. Jerlot also encouraged him “to other places, restart, rebuild your power, can keep your own life.”

I want to be in the heart of Ferra Fran, still hope to be the king of the elf in the poems, I want to help the elf once again have their own home and the place, not like now in the woods.

▲ The first quarter of the character event is diagram, and the fake prior to the wizard and the relationship between the human wizard of Ari Tuha, and the rebellion of Ferrafande.


In the second quarter, the relationship between the elf and the human wizard is connected in series through the “Mother of the Forest”, because there is a man in the “hunter” worldview. Wizard with humanity. So Ye Nifu, Fuffalinjila, Francis dreams that they are because they have a mana, and through their pain and the dark desire to lure them to make the mother of the forest. The following is their dreams:

overall evaluation

Are you attacked because you are different from ordinary people?

Chry Jerlot from doubts to trust, teachers, father, inherit, family

Elf and human love hate

Ye Nifu met the red robe (and Jerlot has a child, but the little girl is taken away by the red robe)

Fuffin Gera dreams to meet the robe (in the dark, Many people in the dark, gently touch her, the pureener first is funeral, put all the wizards in the middle, Fuffalijula ​​is in the past few years , Then Empier found her, Fufflin Jilin did not see his face, but she determined this is Ewel, he just returned to Nivald, killing the god, and saved Fuffalinjira)

The flanges are dreaming of the White Robe (the flange wisley lost in the maze of the dead body, the stacked elf autopship high to the sun, the flange West believes that the white robe that she saw is the spirit of the elf “Itrina” leads her. Going out of the maze, see the sun in the new Elf Kingdom)

These dreams are the desires and pain in their three people. Those things, you can get what you want, but in fact these methods are the mother’s own plan, but also through them, so that I am released from the hut:

Ye Nifu wants to have a mana → but need to steal the law from the son of the surprise

Fuffaliji is a military to reach a mission for the white flame of Nivald, so it is necessary for military → Flanges, but it is only used to use each other, and Warley is to attract them to Qintera.

The flanges must make the Elves can have an relief of the place of peace.

The above said a big string, the total is that they have made each other to trade with Warley (the mother of the forest), watching the contents of the picture is the most desired thing in the heart, the huge wound in the heart. Come to ask for request, Ye Ni, Fuffalinji, Flanges and Warley’s transactions are equal to Wo Lezmel in the use of methods to make themselves to be released, because the seventh episode of Jerlot said After the first batch of hunter people were hired by Warley (the mother of the forest, the immortal mother) gave the imprisonment in the hut, so Warlezmel gave Ye Nifu, French, Fuffalila The image is the illusion of Warlezmel, all the plans are Warley Smel to control and lead, using their inner desire to make them need to make Warler Smel.

In the transaction of the Buffinjira (human wizard), the French wizard (wizard wizard), such settings have a contradiction between the legal wizard and the wizard, as such a request, so the elf Alliance Nivald first occupied Qintera, the people of the Tongwashings will definitely want to stop the elf and Nivad, after all, the elves and human wizards are not dealttage, and there is a hatred hatred, so the same Some people think that the elf is that the enemy is normal. On the contrary, the wizard will hate the human wizards and the same.

The third episode of the Elf and Nivald will choose a special design, and the fate will be connected in series again. I think the two sides will not speak, and I will not specifically say what I am doing, so When trading with evil wits (the mother of the forest), Fuffinjira and French wisdom do not know their own abacus (but should also feel each other), in fact, in fact, in the war If I need it, I will give you what you want, so Fuffaliji needs the help of the elves, and the flanges will naturally want Fuffaliji to give them a place where you can safe.

I recorded the psychology of the whole drama, the first season of Fuffaliji, which has been very concerned about power. At the beginning, her role is also a country with Ye Nifu, is the country. Ye Nifu used the country that made himself beautiful and wanted to go as a wizard. The pull itself is very eager to power (from she said in Ari Tuha learning politics, persuading the scripture, she is very political mind, Lian Sha Yada said this), so I am watching Come to Fuffalin Jilin’s composition of the Elf Army Since it is necessary to violate the idea of ​​the white flame, she will definitely leave a step back to himself.

However, in the seventh, eight gathered, Fuffalila’s protection is more and more attention to the spirit. Fuffinjira said “because she is my friend”, the light is already in this sentence. Gira gradually attaches and protects the elves, it may be because the flange West is “only the family talent will have a constant embarrassment”, and the Fuffaliji, maybe she gradually regards the flanges as a family, so The arrangement is very special, because the elf and the human (wizard) are very difficult to trust each other (the previous big cleaning of the sequelae left on the elifficol mass “), but Fuffali Grand gradually felt from the flange West. Elf opposition.

The role of flanges is also very critical in this season. I think she is simple, it is very simple to let the elf race can be lived in stability, until the Radarian Kingdom will start with the Leranian children, but also build humanity and The opposition between the elves, such a history is like being re-acting, I think this is why Flanges will say “There is not necessarily to continue” in the past.

“When the wizard finds that human beings are not friendly, bring death and destruction, breeding and invading their land, the elf has built a weapon to destroy them,” said this paragraph of Finn, the elf did not build a weapon but a weapon. The Soldier (Lala Dollen), this paragraph of the Sixth episode, is probably like the relationship between the two sides of the elf and the human wizard. This paragraph let me think of the relationship between the elf and human beings in the first season. This paragraph is related to the big cleaning, that is, human beings’ spirits, the enemy of the elves, and open the hatred of the two sides, and the elf also hate human beings.

As far as my own understanding, Chili himself inherits the mother’s wizard, Itrina, Flanse, believes that it is a dream of the white robe, and the great prophet of the elves, so Qi Li even talks about Iter when I was attacking. When Liena’s destruction, Chi Li himself took away the black knight in Qintera, Chi Li said that the inner feelings of the time were “anger”, I impressed the source of chaotic relationship with anger, but as long as the control is good If you turn to a mana, I have this chaotic, but I don’t know how to control. Such Chili echoed to Finn’s above, “The wizard finds human beings are not friendly”, so build a warrior (weapon If this warrior is Qi Li, it is said that because Chili is coming, fate is like a warrior to make her a warrior, so become a surprise of Jerlot, which is affected by Jerlot. I want to be a warrior.

“After the baby is born, I will grow a piece of Fen Wade. Lala Dollen crying with the last breath,” Listening, my curse will entangle your future generation to the tenth generation, until the time and space of the pillar, And open for my compatriots (elf), then my revenge will be reborn “”

So Qili will bring the death may be because the inner sprite blood is inexplicably resistant to human unity, and there is a strong angry emotion, and even the seventh episode, Qi Li also said that he fantasy After returning to Qintera, I found a black knight. I used her sword to puncture his throat. This is her heart in her heart. The inexplicable hate “unfriendly” mankind), so it should be destroyed (by Larador ” Curse to open the boulder pillar, open the revenge of chaos goddess), but Qili itself is because he can’t accept yourself, and Jerlot helped her, let her overcome his destiny.

I combine these information together to become a flow chart may be better understood.

Monstered monsters, Visemir’s past

The first episode of the first episode of Jerlot was played in the first quarter. When Jerlot was brought to the master of Jerlot (Vissemir) by her mother (Vissemir). Lott was trained into this place to train into a hunter, in the “Hunting Devil: Wolf” animation, there is a story that Visemir has encountered all of Karmeham’s annihilated story. I don’t know that this is not an incident that is most annihilated with the hunter man who speaks in the port of Jelot. (About Kalmeram’s story, you can see “Hugh: Wolf Dream” animation)

The fourth episode has a monster who has never seen it, this is the only survivor’s event, which is the only survivor’s event, and the detailed relationship map is as follows. At the beginning of David (the second season of the hunter, he also mentioned him) and Ruoreke has been studying sudden training, is the mayor of Caired to destroy the hunter together with the mayor of Cairer. Thus, the young Vermir became the only survivor in this battle. Later, Vistenmir trained with the qualified children to now this batch of hunters, including Jerlot, so the mutant alchemy mentioned in this season, if it is the monster made by the wizard, That will shine.

When the celestial intersection is the elf, human, dwarf or monsters are in the celestial tribe, and the wizard turns the monster into the weapon to conquer the land but also ruined everything. The wizard will become a weapon for three hundred years ago. They are more integrated and stronger, can be enough to fight monsters, hunter people let humans are extinguishing, and the hunter is getting less and less because of Karlham attacking the mutagers that can make new hunters. . However, in the second quarter, it is not to talk about mutation, but the boulder column, and this boulder column is still pouring, this can also explain why those monsters should catch Chili, because that is Chili’s power to make it. of.

“Hunter: Lang Dream” Animation Chart, telling Vistemir’s young experience

Ye Ni Fu lost the curse of the mana, bravely facing yourself

There are two power in the same robe, St. Sturg and Alo Rims VS VS, so that the forces here is also the point of view of this season. This is also the first season, the first season. In fact, the royal wizards of the countries are equal to the dispensing. When Shi Shurg, St. Sturg is already fighting against Dresia, and even in Nivald, St. St. It is Dresia to block Nivald with other wizards.

I saw this season I know that I have learned the so-called “political art” in Ari Tuha, “” In Ari Tujo, the art of politics, the art of persuasion, the art, let others think that they have the power “, So in fact, in the world of hunter, the wizard is actually above the king, holding the king, to get what you want. There will be a wizard in each country, and these wizards are equal to the king’s military division, and advisory is the same. Now I understand why people who will meet the seats in the parliament. After all, they can be equivalent to allocation, layout what they want.

The season of Ye Nifu felt very sad, because she lost the law, this is what she never wants to lose, she would rather lose their fertility to get a beautiful position, I can know her. How big is the ambition, so she is almost in a state in the second quarter, fighting with their inner, especially if she admits that there is a loss of the law, which is a despair for her to lose strength. She must face the darkness of their own bridge.

But why is the mana to say this important to Yelifu? Because she used to be spit with abandoned and abandoned objects, her inner is actually very empty and hate. She will want to have strength, representing her own, it can be seen, and there is also valuable, so she will say “There is no mana, I have anything.” Not “This reason, because of her life, because of the mana to make her own complete, there is no mana, Ye Nep, can see that she is like a loss.

The mother of the forest “liberation yourself, you can take the law”, Ye Ni Fu did not accept the transaction of the forest’s mother, because it led the audience to explore the mood of Ye Nifu When a person lost everything, he can easily see his inner and evil. Therefore, in the second quarter, Ye Nifu completely did not show the bridge segment of the mana, only the process and choice of her and his inner dialogue, will always see Ye Nifu often encounter himself in the second quarter, but I really want to save. People’s picture.

I am very distressed that Ye Napu lost the inner heart, especially in the fourth episode of Yelifu, I can’t save the heart, I can start the life of the life of the life, the moment, Ye Nifu began to blame himself without a mana. Save people, in my opinion, Yeli Fu’s change is no longer to get power, she gradually moves to save human changes, this is why I like Ye Ni, because I originally At the beginning I thought she was a counter, but she later made me more and more, I prefer to fight for myself.

In the second season, Ye Nihu has been resisting the temptation of the mother of the forest. She has never wants to make her a man’s request, but Ye Nifu is almost because there is no mana in a whole season because there is no mana. Opportunity, I have been struggling with her inner heart, and finally Ye Napo chooses to ask for the mother of the forest, but Ye Napu wants to take the power, you must find Qili.

In the first quarter, Ye Ni Fu was originally liked, but the second season has gradually made her black, because she has always used Qi Li to take Qianshi in order to take her own mana. Pulling, the seventh episode, Ye Nifu, has been guiding Chili to go back to Qintera, because the mother of the forest said to do this, in order to make Ye Nifu’s mana, the mother of the forest will return to the piano again La is also because it is an important part of the revenge, because Chryly is a way to open the revenge (so the seventh episode Ye Nihu has always been qi Hu Qinte, Ye Napu’s ear Outlet “Yes, take her, chaos will return you”).

As for the role of Ye Nifu, there is no magic in all seasons, so it is mainly engraved in the whole season. It must have a long-standing desire, and there is no mana, which is basically like human beings. Her feeling for the second season is not all black, but her inner struggle, because she has a few degrees because she has no law, she can’t save people’s new students strong self-blame, so her starting point is to save people. She is just looking back to her own mana, so she will not be able to trade with the mother of the forest.

There are many complicated emotions in the heart of Ye Ni, desire (want to take back the cravings of the crave), regret (betrayal of Jerlot and Chili), fear (lost mana and losing the fear of lover), although this It is Ye Nifu to say that he said his relationship with Jerlot, but in fact, the mood since this way, in the seventh episode of Ye Napu really brought Qili to “crushing” Black door, but she is still struggling here, Ye Ni Fu has changed, because she found that he was destroating and painful, so the last Ye Ni Fu was shamefully washed in a moment!

Jerlot’s heart melts, emotional hunter

“We will not seize life because of fear, we will take life to save people,” Jerlot treats Chili as it is Visemir to treat Jerlot, Jerlot is the father, care and protection Li, I think this is why there is a few curtains in the first episode, say “Is it your daughter?” This sentence, one of the prostitutes also said, “You still say it is not your daughter”, just like It is to take Jerlot that Chili has been carefully taken as its own important person.

On the other hand, Jerlot will teach Qi Li to protect himself because it is Vistemir to give Jerlot’s education, so I want to ask “Jerlot, do you determine that Qi is not your daughter?” Second In the season, I like Jerlot and Chili’s interaction, Jerlot also gradually felt emotion in the heart because of Chili’s existence, especially the second episode of Jelot to solve Lin Demon Esco After that, the first time is to find Qi Li, the two also hug!

In the hunter people in Karmeham, I will not be understood by other people after Kirot Estret, after all, Jerlot makes Estute, but there is nothing in the heart of Jerlot. Because he also adhered to the sentence “We won’t take life because of fear, we will take life to save people,” I also found that Jerlot in the second season will go to remember before and others, that is, he After killing Esco, the heart is actually very difficult, he will also think of a happy time to train with Esco.

The lines also gradually showed Jerlot’s attention to Chili, Visemir said Aisco is his own child, so be sure to find the answer, and Jerlot said, “I know, now there is this burden now.” “, This is not that Jerlot has made Chi Li as his child!

Tiri “You said that you are variants, so don’t understand the feelings of others, but the truth is that you choose to be ignorant, right?” Those interactive and lessons with the hunter, all wake up these people is not emotion, but choose to make yourself have no emotions, so those hunters have been learned by Trui, Jerlot is holding Breakfast came in to Qi Li, the outside of the hunters began to learn to be sympathy, change this, I like this, because there is no emotion not just Jerlot, but all hunters, but they are not There is no emotion, but choose to close yourself.

“What is your relationship with Jerlot?”

“Desire, remorse, hope is fear”

“So you love him too”

Although Jerlot and Ye Nifu have really no results, Jerlot can’t forgave Yelifu to sacrifice Chili in order to get a mana, but this may be fate, before the first quarter, three cold The crow said: “You have two natural pairs, destined together, but no results, because the destiny is not enough, there is still something else, the original Qi Li is tightening Jelot and Ye Ni Fu more close The key, because Chili’s relationship, Yelifu betrayed the Jerlot, but at the critical moment and now I want to sacrifice myself to save Qi Li, the light is this, although Jerlot can’t forgive Yelifu However, the passage of Jerlot said that Qili will be an important key to the two “future results”.

What changed you, Jerlot?

“The ancient collapses” Young Elf Warrior loves the human witch, this story let me think of describing the emotional line of Jerlot and Ye Ni, but later think about it, this is more like a hedgehog and the love story of the hedgehog and Pattaya . Elf Warrior and human witch are destined to have tricks, but they find true love, take away the horizon, violate the will of the compatriots, combined with the two people, have a baby, a child who is born, a child, the winter day, the winter day.

In the first quarter, the audience can you know that Jerlot is not believed in fate. This kind of fate does not believe it. In the first quarter, the paving of Jelot is that Jerlot does not believe in the fate, and then gradually regarded fate as a It is the mission, so the audience can find that the audience can find that the people met by Jerlot will have a destiny to Jerlot, this is to guide Jerlot to believe in fate, then the second season is gradually gradually Put Jerlot’s love and worry about Chili, Jerlot’s shop is like a warm flow, it is really more emotional!

What has changed Jerlot? It turned out to be Ye Nep, I met twice in the first season of Jerlot and Ye Ni, I think it was because such Ye Nifu melted the heart of Jerlot, let him not believe in the cold heart of fate. melt. After watching the second quarter, what changed Gelot? I want to join “because Chili”, what is the reason? Continue to see!

I really like that Jelot said to Qi Li, who was attached by Warley: “Our hatred can make her more powerful pain, we don’t want her, Chili, if you can hear me If you can hear us, go home? ” The pain of human beings, and the pain and darkness of Qi Li lost the piano Tella, etc., all of the more powerful nutrients, Jerlot will speak this passage, in fact, his inner heart Just feelings and emotions, for Qi Li is no longer a mission, but also the emotional emotions of the family, I remember that when Yarpan asked Geelot, “This girl is you ? “Jerlot very certainly said” she is mine “.


If there is an interaction between love and hopes, it will rub a lot of sparks. I think that Jerlot will have no emotions because his heart has been closed, but it is interacting with people. Ni Fu, Chi Li’s time to get along, many things trigger more emotions and feelings in Jerlot, so Jerlot said that the words of the beautiful dreams, I want to go home, this During the paramount, I think it is very beautiful, because Qi Li’s piano dream is no longer her real home, the piano of the eyes is an illusion, and now the real family is the Karmeham’s hunter people and Jerlot.

Finally, everyone is a tearful to Chile shouting. Because this is a real family, echoing the “family talent is always awkward”, Jerlot also said “We are your family.” ,we need you”.

Hundler second season ending

Some volts left when the second season of the hunter, roughly like Jerlot, “The future path will be difficult, because more people are looking for Qi Li’s fallen”, this is why Jie Lot will say “life should continue, we can’t escape the destiny”. In the third quarter, you can know that Ye Ni, Jerlot, and Qi Li will encounter many parties to chase Qi Li:

All countries continue to find Chili, in order to inherit the right, Radaria’s wizard Destra, finally knew that Qi Li had an ancient blood and her life, so Qili will become his goal, and finally he also puts that “The poet” came, and it is necessary to be Yaskel.


Renes is listening to the instructions from the white flaming in the opportunity, the third season, his lens should be more, the white flaming is just a “hedgehog”, which is why in Yara, the whole family Killing by Renz with fire magic, because the white flame and Renus secretly lanted the line, while the white flames have been looking for Chili in the service of Sodon, this is why Jerlot is in the final question. “Why is the Nivald will catch Qi, this sentence is to bring a white flame (hedgehog), I know that Chry is a son of the son and knowing the sources of the world behind Chili. However, the first quarter said that Chryly father had already died, now there is now, I am thinking that it is definitely fraud, otherwise it is not dead, but I haven’t returned to Qintela, that is, I have been planning to use Qi Li. the power of.

Itelina prophes to say Chi Li can save the elves, and now the elf is unable to reveal human beings, this even wizard will find Qi Li’s drops.

Jerlot said that Chi Li was stared at Mo Hao Ghost (Wild Hunt Wild Hunting) in the celestial body, and it would be brought out in the third quarter ~

The Tongshua’s Tongsa is to die, because Chili’s remarks have brought the hanging and destruction, and Doraia believes the easiest way.


At the same time, so many people are looking for Chi Li, the purpose is different, and Qi Li itself is not good or bad, and the curse brought by Laraon is bad, but I want to be bad. It should be that Tri is said, “If Chry falls into the bad guys, it will be very dangerous.” This also represents Qi Li’s power can also bring benefits. These people have to hunting Qi Li brings destruction. So Qili can’t fall into any party.

“The” Hundler “derived drama” Hung: Blood Source “is coming, there is Yang Ziqiong in the inside. “Hunter: Blood Source” is the prequel “hunter”, but the “hunter” third season “has also been determined to renew, the fans only need to wait, just don’t know when to wait.

The above article is purely handed, sharing some shadows behind the shadow to everyone, I hope everyone can like it. At the same time, don’t forget, praise, collect and forward!