Mei Ting really didn’t waste this body, wearing a white shirt jeans legs for 1 meter 7, long-lasting work is good.


The shirt is an indispensable single product in four seasons. Its practicality is in life. Everyone is obvious, don’t look at it simple, but in the case of the temperament, the shirt is still very good, of course, if you think the foundation The shirt is too low-cost, in the blessing of cropping or fashion elements, simply choose to get rid of it.

Mei Ting’s old play, is a famous acting in the entertainment circle. Of course, Mei Ting is also quite good in dressing in dressing. Although it can’t be described, it is in the same age actress, plum Ting’s wear and temperament is really unique, and the size of the body is good. It is really not greasy every time.


Wear small knowledge: white shirt, simple and neat is not easy

Shirts are the most common clothing, although the fashion effect is a bit lack, but the practicality, especially in terms of matching, almost one can be perfectly integrated, strong fashion, let this The clothing of the right street, has a good upper body rate in the fashion circle, some middle-aged women like to take it to the recess.

This show, Mei Ting chose a basic color shirt top, pure white style, looks refreshing and clean, looks very delicate, very well in line with her age and style, simple and exquisite.

Take a small knowledge: lead tie + lace collar, avoid monotonous


Female clothes, the most afraid of not the shape of the shape, but the clothing will not expose their true state, so when choosing the style, middle-aged women will not be too simple, just Take shirts, more less, you will add some details on your clothes to get rid of the style of style.


It can be found that Mei Ting’s style is this, pure white fashion elements, but in terms of cropping design, the design of the lace collar is plugged in, the loose version is not outlined, but the whole half is the detail Effect, the shape is a lot of instant.


Wear a small knowledge: shirt with jeans, Wanjin oil is not greasy

The shirt is most suitable for, there is no doubt that jeans, as for what kind of jeans, different from person to person, because of the place, if it is facing large activities, the shirt is the most suitable for tight high waist pants, appear Legs long, use the body to get rid of the monotone of the clothes, this is a woman who should care attention to the clothes.


I have to say that Mei Ting is really no waste, I can see that in the next match, she chose a tight jeans, the slim version also opened fork, with shirt top, because the shirt is soft, you can There is no scruple, step on high heels, greatly extend the leg lines, this 1 meter 7 big long legs, it is really beautiful, completely put the style of rotten street, wear full of high-level feelings.

Wear a small knowledge: Gao Zhama masked true age, young 5 years old


Middle-aged women will find that they are dressed in this dress, and the makeup is still paying attention to the clothes. Although the makeup can be selected, it can always be the most refined. I can avoid my true truth. Age, two to improve the appeal of shape.

Mei Ting is such a woman. This appearance of the goddess is rare high, and the red lips make up the size of the two years old. This is very good, where is it like a woman who has born twowar.

QS: What kind of shape is Mei Ting like?

Select Tips: Advanced Temperature

The solid color single product is really easy to control, but it is easy to expose the real age for middle-aged women, especially for middle-aged women, in fact, in the face of this kind of product, we only need to do it up and down That is, avoiding the entire dress too simple. Mei Ting chooses bright top, with black half-length skirt, although it is black, but it is completely different in visual absorption, step on the high heel, and it is very nice.

Choose TIPS: Simple and powerful


As the top three of the lazy gods, its advantage is to help you save the troubles of dressing, and the integrated crop design has maintained the consistency of style, and the beauty is not enough to wear to the toilet. A little tired, in addition to this, the context of the context is considered to be a good waistline because of the style of the style, or it will appear very bloated.

Choose TIPS: Stunning Charm

As a senior single product of the dress as a dress, its upper body is really low, it is easy to be limited by the style, but in the stunning scale, there is a temperament, the charm of the dress skirt is really not the general single product, A little detail is very bright. Mei Ting’s dark blue long skirt with perspective design, sexy and stunning very good.

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