How to make the knee boots do not drop the tube in winter?


Ah! Have you bought a knee boots, then walking will drop the tube … I really will rush! My foot is small, generally wearing 34, 35 shoes, usually the number of boots, the cartridge will be big … so the number of codes, the cartridge is not suitable … really head big

And buy a pair SW is so expensive, the drop tube is really difficult!

Seeing a lot of little fairy stitches with “elastic band” in the boots, it can prevent the barrel. I tried it, and the fruit can prevent the barrel! And according to your own size, the elastic band can adjust the shape of the boots, more bonding your own feet, which can be tailored! !



1. Wheel the 2.5cm wide black tension around the knee 8cm (without Lee Tight, just around a circle, after cutting down, then cut back, then cut two aspects of the tension zone.

2. Put the ribbon with steps, as shown in Figure 5, sealing the seal (the first amount of the leg is to the distance of the pink line 2, but I found that it is not tight after the upper leg, it is later sealed, it is At 1 of the pink line, the excess tension strip of the pink lines 1 and 2 is then cut off) each sewing, and the leg is tight.

3. Put the tension band seam, set on the boots (as shown), because the reasons for the speed of the boots are too large, and the tension zone just cut is definitely smaller than your boots. . (Here, I don’t recommend that the tension is all sewn in the boots, I only sew the figure of three purple lines)

4. Similarly, the 1cm wide black elastic band is around 5cm below the knee, cut two aspects of the elastic tension (as shown), sewing the risking tension zone sealing, then sewing under the knee of the boots, It is also not possible (otherwise affecting the shape of the boots)


Note: Sewing a place, we must put on your foot to see if it is fitted, and then sew. In this way, you can do both you can do not turn down! !

Figure 1 right foot is the effect of the sewing tightening tape, at least not slipping to the knee! And the left foot is not stitching tight tape, and when you take a few steps, you will fall.

Below is an upgraded version of the boots


1. After sewing, if you feel the self-feeling, there will be slightly falling boots, you can add a pair of knee stockings (when I haven’t stitched tightly before, I tried only through the knee stockings and I can’t avoid the boots. The cartridge, so it is still squatting.

2. This is amazing! ! That is to slam the magic stickers on the elastic band, 100% guaranteed not to fall! ! (But I think I seizure tension is enough, I don’t fall, so I have no magic stickers)


Velcro I bought 2CM wide, and the elastic bought is 2.5cm (pay attention to this small detail, the magic sticker is slightly smaller than the elastic band, and the magical sticker is only used in the tension of the thigh, not only The elastic band in the boots must sinate the “sticky face” of the magic stickers, and also cuts more elastic bands on the thighs (this elastic band “sucking” on the magic stickers can stabilize the magic stickers, play it Role

I sew two pairs of knee boots (on the left of Figure 8, the old boots, the quality is not good) (Figure 8 is a new boots, the quality is a lot) two pairs of knee boots in my transformation Get very patch! It is important to do not turn off the tube! !


️️ Figure 9 is the upper foot effect of my new boots sewing tension, my day! ! Super leg-fit! ! It’s just like a custom model! !

One week legs minus 2cm, then see the muscles! Still with thin legs!

Stuart Weitzman 5050 has been rotten, Lowland is a thin artifact!

When the winter is cold, the “light leg artifact” is especially important!

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