Piganed cabinet writing ancient Chinese painting Changan also adds a beautiful landscape


Lead: These two days went to Chang’an District, Chang’an Street, some careful residents will find that there is a lot of wild advertisements in the distribution cabinet near the road, now today, now, through the fineness of the city management department After the rectification, these distribution cabinets were written on ancient poems and painted Chinese paintings and attracted everyone to the eye.

Text: In the afternoon, the reporter saw in West Chang’an Street. These big and small distribution cabinets that are inconspicuous in these weekdays are dressed up by garden green workers. All kinds of ancient poetry and national paintings related to Changan, this kind of creative creative , Let people feel refreshing.

配电柜书写古诗国画 长安又增添一道靓丽风景线

(The same period: this is simply the carrier of art, the cultural breath is very strong)

(The same period: feel very refreshed)

配电柜书写古诗国画 长安又增添一道靓丽风景线

A citizen said that with the promotion of the urban environment, the trees can be seen everywhere, walking on the sidewalk, suddenly discovers that these streets gray, green converters are changed, and they have become an artistic carrier, highlighting the city’s deep Cultural heritage.

配电柜书写古诗国画 长安又增添一道靓丽风景线

(The same period: now create an ancient city, this creative makes this city full of poetic.)

The landscaping staff said they conducted colorful prustries, hand-painted, and east paragraphs, they showed the ancient Chinese paintings, hand-painted, and east paragraphs, showing our millennium, the ancient capital; the west section mainly Traditional twenty-four hollow is the theme, showing the public to our Chinese traditional culture.

(The Landscape Works of the Garden Engineering Office: After a few months of refining, giving Changan demonstration street, adding a beautiful landscape)

配电柜书写古诗国画 长安又增添一道靓丽风景线

Jen Jianjun reported.