The Wanli, who win the bid 07 combat boots, revenue of 693 million last year, performing 12 contracts for military and other units


Guangdong Wanli Ma Industrial Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Wanli Horse”), today (March 11) Evening issued 2018 annual report, during the reporting period, the company achieved operating income of 693 million yuan, an increase of 14.77% from the same period of the previous year; The operating profit is 51.5.045 million yuan, an increase of 6.92% from the same period of the previous year; the total profit is 51.523,800 yuan, an increase of 5.29% from the same period of the previous year; the net profit of shareholders of the listed company is 37.79.2 million yuan, which is 1.25% over the same period last year.

Wanli Ma main business is the R & D design, manufacturing, brand operation and market sales business of leather goods. The company operates mainly for lentry products, according to the brand into “Wanli Horse”, “SaintJack”, “coome” 3 There is brand leather goods products, product categories mainly include handbags, wallets, trolley cases, leather shoes and belts, and all kinds of fashion boutique extravices, such as glasses, silk towels, keychain, etc.

In March 2018, Wanli completed the acquisition of the new retail e-commerce company Chaoqi e-commerce, Super Qi e-commerce is committed to the entire world-famous high-end quality lifestyle brand, Super Qi e-commerce contract outdoor sports Brands include: Arcteryx / ancestor bird, Suunto / Yang Tuo, Salomon / Salomon, Wilson / Wills, Victorinox / Vickers, Marchon / Maji, etc. High, Maxi-CoSi / Mai is suitable.


At present, Wanli has initially formed three “3 + N” multi-brand patterns of own brands and multiple proxy brands. Self-owned brands are the “Wanli Ma” who advocates “boutique design, exquisite fashion”, advocating “Saint Jack” of “British Fashion, Hua Cai Life”, and advocates “fun and enjoy colorful, personal self” “coome”. Each brand has different types of themes in different materials, design, style, and colors, and then cover the target guest groups in accordance with the style of the product, market positioning, price, etc., thereby meeting the differentiation needs of each segment.

In recent years, Wanli has actively promoted multi-brand, multi-channel, multi-type strategy, through building multi-brand matrix, rich multi-product product line, company in focusing products and fashion consumer goods two-way strength, creating key Competitiveness. The group purchase product customer group is relatively stable, mainly divided into three major categories of the military system, the state power organs and its branches, and state-owned large and medium-sized enterprises, and the business scale is relatively large. The fashion product class mainly leads the market for terminal retail development through direct channels, e-commerce channels and proxy channels.

In conjunction with the development of Milestone business, the company has formed group purchase channels, direct channels, e-commerce channels, wholesale agents channels and ODM five categories of channels. Among them, the development of group purchase business is better, and customers cover military, armed police units and large enterprises. , Including, but not limited to, the China People’s Liberation Army’s Military Supply Bureau, the Chinese People’s Armed Police Force Logistics Department Material Purchasing Station, Armed Police Traffic Command Logistics Department Military Products Office, Armed Police Forest Command Logistics Department, Guangdong Provincial Public Security Department, Hunan Provincial Public Security Hall, Shenzhen Public Security Bureau, China Southern Aviation Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Railway (Group) Company Station Car Service Center, etc. China’s strong army dreams from the promotion of single combat capabilities, while sophisticated single combat equipment will be an indispensable part. Future, both, comfort, comfortable and beautiful single soldiers will be an important force point of the company’s group purchase channel.

According to the financial report, the year-on-year sales business sales in Milema was 50,7241,600 yuan in 2018, the year-on-year increase of RMB 72.516 million, the growth rate of 16.68%. Since 2007, Wanli has been a qualified supplier, Ministry of Public Security, Ministry of Public Security, Ministry of Public Security, Ministry of Public Security, Ministry of Public Security, Ministry of Public Security. The company has obtained “Guangzhou famous trademark”, “Guangdong men’s shoes top ten brands”, “China famous best-selling brand”, “China’s well-known trademark”, “commemorate the Chinese people’s anti-Japanese war and the 70th anniversary of the World anti-fascist war victory ” The first place in general service shoes honor.

In addition, Wanli also announced the 2019 business plan:


1. Channel Construction Plan

In 2019, Wanli will take the line on the line on the two major strategies of “full channel” + “experiential consumption”, and digital layout is realized in the online, marketing, logistics, data, etc.

(1) Group purchase channel – force special protective products, create core competitiveness

Wanli Mission will continue to maintain the military system, state power organs and branches and state-owned enterprises, and focus on the military and civilian system products, focusing on military police, integrating system products. Under the strategic deployment, we will promote the development of military and civilian integration, using the company in research and development, quality, technical advantages, and build a “perfect protection” series of “perfect protection” products combined with special protective combat and beauty. At the same time, the successful experience of the military police was installed and applied to other two major group purchase customers, and the group purchase business was fully developed.

(2) Sports channels – fine training, fine marketing

Milita plans to launch a more fashionable, more level-sensitive, more reasonable, average cost, a new generation of shop decoration standards, more scientific and standardized store decoration standards to cooperate with the company’s brand value. At the same time, combined with the ownership of the store, timely adjust the store structure, close some unprofit store, reduce financial expenses, to achieve cultivation, fine marketing overall goals.

(3) E-commerce channels – rechape in the industry, create wisdom retail


In March 2018, Wanli completed the acquisition of 51% equity of Super Qi E-commerce, and both sides will explore more in the new retail field to optimize customer experience, improve operation and supply chain efficiency.


(4) Wholesale Agent and ODM Channel – Implementation Channel Collaboration


In the case of reasonable layout of sales channels and relatively sufficient production capacity, Wanli will further improve the wholesale agent channel and ODM channel layout to enhance the market coverage rate of company products, improve production capacity utilization, and achieve cooperation of various channels.

2, M & A plan

After the strategic layout of Wanli in the group purchase channel, the company’s group purchase business has achieved steadily development and played an important role in stabilizing the company. At present, Wanli’s group purchase business products are mainly made of military system and national power organs and state-owned large and medium-sized enterprises, to meet daily travel and training. Combined with the favorable opportunity of the national strong soldiers, specialty routes and military and civilian integration development strategies, research and development of special protection such as anti-piercing, flame retardant, and corrosion resistance, combat mapping products will further expand the group purchase business product line, and enhance the company’s core competitiveness.

The progress of the material is always the fundamental in the field of special protective equipment. The company will seize the favorable opportunity of military and civilian integration, focusing on the strategic goal of doing a strong main business, seeking the same industry, upstream or new material enterprises to do appropriate acquisition mergers. , Continuously expand the scale and strength of the company, and achieve collaborative development.

3, intelligent production line upgrade renovation plan

Wanligueo brand, multi-product product line, multi-channel covering customers group, has achieved good market effects, the customer’s order demand continues to grow, the company’s production and sales scale has expanded steadily. At the same time, the capacity bottleneck has also gradually become an important factor in restricting the further development of the company. In order to alleviate the problem of production capacity, in recent years, the company has adopted a series of measures such as advanced production equipment, optimizing production planning arrangements, and strengthening production staff skills training, but it is still difficult to meet the growing order demand.

At present, Wanli Horse capacity has reached high-load state, and some products and processes need external procurement and external production. In 2016-2018, the capacity utilization rate of the company’s shoes was maintained at a higher level of about 95%. Therefore, the company will begin to upgrade the existing production line and / or new intelligent production lines, greatly improve process level and automation level, speed up the layout “machine change” project, promote the intelligent, automation, informationization of R & D, production, By breaking through the capacity bottleneck at this stage, enhance the supply capacity, and it can also reduce the cost of employment and lay the foundation for the further expansion of the company’s production and sales and future sustainable development.

4, research and development plan


Wanli will continue to increase investment in research and development, increasing technology research and development power. On the one hand, to develop special combat classes and protective products to specific group purchase customers, thereby enhancing the company’s products, consolidating the benefits of group purchase channels, enhances the company’s leading position in product development and design, more highlighting the company’s core competitiveness . On the other hand, in terms of fashion products, strengthen cooperation with domestic and international fashion institutions and designers, maintaining the same track with international fashion trends. Implementation of fashion leather goods, functional leather, fashion boutique extraction, military region, special combat protection, etc.

(1) Increase talent investment. Through cultivation, cooperative development, introduction of talents and other forms to strengthen the construction of the R & D team, in order to achieve the company’s future rapid development of energy storage.

(2) Increase equipment investment. By purchasing advanced design R & D equipment at home and abroad, establish an intelligent research and development center platform with advanced facilities, efficient delivery, diverse function, convenient, and efficient operation.

(3) The research center for establishing a combination of industrial research. Utilizing the industrial advantageous resources, working with research institutions, colleges and universities, and the establishment of a research center combined with industrial research, and give full play to their own own advantages.

5, information upgrade plan


Wanli Ma planned on the basis of existing information systems, further improved the use of information-based methods to integrate the information resources such as purchase, production, sales, and finance, breaking the interconnection of the information of the company to achieve various business segments, and the improvement of the information system is satisfied. Business development further improves business management efficiency.

6, brand improvement plan


Wanli will make a combination of international competition in the next few years, adhere to brand creation, brand cultivation, and brand development, highlighting brand creation and value. On the one hand, flexibly uses emerging media (such as Weibo, WeChat, Community Forum, Blog and Portal, etc.) vigorously promoted; on the other hand, increase their efforts to carry out diversified brand operations, improve the scale of operations, through different products Effective combination to expand market share. At the same time, the company plans to combine seasonal product themes and promotion, using line-in-line physical store for quarterly and annual propaganda, combined with brand distribution strategy, and further improve brand awareness, continue to create thousands of miles Ma is the main multi-brand operation pattern to meet different consumers’ differentiated needs, and strive to create a leading brand in the domestic leather industry. (First Textile Network Martin)