Autumn and winter coats are stuck, and it is 1 + 1> 2 exquisite and handsome, six sets of superimposed formulas,


The season of autumn and winter, the most popular stack. It is exquisite and handsome, which is 1 + 1> 2, is also a must-have shape. The superimposed essence is not how many layers you wear, but the mutual coordination between layers and layers. The level is distinct, and the color is superimposed, and it is effectively stacked.

We are always stacking, and there are also a variety of superimposed formulas. But the focus is to wear a style, thus forming a visually bloated, not only unrelated with the fashion, but also lowing the wearing grade. The six groups of autumn and winter coats are overlay formulas, let us play together to play coats.

Autumn and winter coats are stacked, not a layer of columns. Instead, the echo of style, the color of color, and the evolution of clothing fabrics. No matter which angle is, it is tracks. The stacked essence is to add a layer of warm, and take a comfortable layer. Between crossing, it is comfortable. Between each layer, each other can be beautiful.


Match formula 1: coat + shirt overlay

The elegance of the coat, handsome with the shirt, can be said to be the sky. The coat with shirts, if there is less, it is naturally not stacked. The so-called stacking, it is impossible to have only one layer or two layers, and the least least requires three layers.


The brush is quite chic coat, plus handsome stylish shirt, with a classic little high-end collar, and inherent superimposed combination. We need to take care of the coarse needle threaded style when you look at it, using a delicate knit shirt as an embellishment, and the overall precision will be stronger.

Matching formula 2: coat + suits

The elegant and generous coats, the unfortunateness of the suit, is best for the workplace commuter wind to be worn. Occasionally, some formal occasions, coat combination in suits, also very feed. However, coats and suit belong to the jacket series, and they want to pay attention to the performance of hierarchy. The layout is also very critical.

Coats need to have certain inclusiveness, but they can’t be too lazy. So there are more choices of straight H-type, or slightly loose. As the intermediate layer, the suit can choose the slim style as much as possible.

Matching formula 3: coat + sweater

The land of the coat is atmospheric, and the knitted is gentle, and it can also form a more fertile breath. If you want to outline the level, you still have a shirt with strong bones. After all, the knitted sweater is soft, and the layered level needs to be compared.

Bone blouse, necklace naturally exposed collar, and lines of pendant pendants. You can create a more lazy and comfortable level. The overlay of coats and knitters requires a strong shirt with strong bones, as an extension of the level.

With formula 4: coat + denim jacket

The coat is elegant, perhaps too dull and dead. At this time, we may wish to try with a relatively strong item with a personality element. The cowboy jacket, handsome and eye-catching, I have long been a synonym of fashion. Whether it is a retro style, or a fashion fan, there is less than a denim jacket.

Cowboy kana is handsome, personality is full of personality. As a superimposed under the coat, it is easy to expand. At this time, we need to pay more attention to the fabric and texture, delicate and soft fabrics of the denim coat, simple and soft, can avoid bloated effects.

Match Formula 5: Coat + Sweatshirt

The so-called sweatshirt is generally a relaxing and lively style. The sweater is a typical representative, and it can also be a flight service, jacket jacket, and the like. The stack of sweatshirts and coats is a style that is more biased to mix and match. Middle-aged women can weaken age.


When we choose a coat combination sweatshirt, don’t choose too loose, wide sweatshirt, overall visual, more comfortable sweatshirt, show yourself, and more playful fashion. With a coat, elegant, trendy atmosphere.

Matching formula 6: coat + leather

The gesture of the leather is also very strong, handsome, cool, fashionable, exquisite. The leather in winter is still a bit shaking. A beautiful girl, may wish to use leather as a stack. The combination of coats is also a personalized mashup, trendy atmosphere, exquisiteness.


When choosing a leather, it is necessary to pay attention to the version of the leather. Suitable skin clothes, more handsome style, can improve the eye index. The shorter the length of the leather, the more delicate the upper body, the easier it is, the longer the legs.


Ok, the above is the fashion information to share today. Now you know, how should coats be superimposed? Do you share the fashion trend of fashion trends every day, pay attention! (Text original, picture source network. If there is any infringement, please contact delete.)

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