Korean infant food supplement brand MODU’i debut Shanghai CBME pregnant baby exhibition


On July 14-16, Korean infant food supplement brand MODU’i participated in the 21st CBME pregnant baby exhibition, and conducted a three-day exhibition, bringing a signic platinum silica gel, white soil ceramics, high-quality stainless steel, PPSU The material’s extremely simple children’s tableware, wants more Chinese babies and mothers to learn this high-end complementary food appliance brand.

Modu’i means the “children of the world” in Korean. The main food supplement tableware is one of the materials – platinum silica gel, the raw materials from the Taishi silicone raw materials, the environmentally friendly materials extracted from natural sand, catalyzed, produced by platinum. It is reported that it can be used in confidence in a tableware, microwave, and dishwasher manufactured in this material. It can also be used in boiling water, and is more robust, compared to ordinary silica gel, platinum silica gel, and resist corrosion.

Modu’i’s landmark material is a ceramics of white soil. Its temperature band is between -40 ° C-250 ° C, which can be placed from the refrigerator can also be placed in the steamer, heating in the microwave, can be placed in a cold meal Taste.

The 21st CBME Pregnant Baby Exhibition



Address: Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center (No. 333 Yizhu Avenue, Shanghai) 6.1 Hall Korea Exhibition District

MODU’i booth number: 6-1b62-1

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