There is a baby family adapt to Dai Sen must-have ground cleaning artifact – Sprinkle T5


There is a baby family adapts Dai Sen necessary ground cleaning artifact

– Sprinkle T5


If you want to have such a baby, there will be such a feeling, and the children are in the process of growing up.

“Invincible Destruction King”, every time I see the “masterpiece” of my children in my hometown, I have to rely on 80 “I am born” to strengthen the anger in my heart.


As the age is different, the damaged technique is gradually upgraded. The most common infancy is to play the rice paste, noodles, and a sloppy bowl is buckled on the face; and then grow the milk, juice Overhead, I will go to stick to stick to stick, it is difficult to clean; I bought it last year Dai Sen vacuum cleaner

V8, but help me solve big problems.


But with the growth of the child, it has now met the needs of cleaning. My child is now four-year-old, and the floors have a variety of food residues, wind-dried pigments, and the blood pressure is full. This kind of scene that is almost every day, I am tired, don’t mention the pain when cleaning, under the Amway of my friends, I started to sweep


T5 turned the floor, finally put me out of my family, and then shared it to you, I hope to help you.

Sprinkle to the delivery, according to the practice to Zhang Quanjiao: Sprinkle the body, the body is self-contained, the spare rag,

150ml of water injection can, spare nozzles and instructions, cleaning cloth spare and nozzles can be said to be very intimate. Touching the texture is great, matching Dai Sen is perfect. You need to take the Dai Sen’s original head drum head, and then install the tow and drag the floor, you can install it in one second, you can install it in place, add water in the water tank with the original injection bottle, you can start working.


T5 has a horizontal line on the left side of the head body, which is an indicator. The position on the right side of the host is a hidden water tank. It is very convenient to water. Sprinkle T5 also has a water tank hydrating reminder function. When the water tank is insufficient, the indicator will flash red light, remind water to add water Very humanized. When you use it, you still worry that Dai Sen will suck the water, thus damage the Dai Sensen motor, now it seems that there is no such concerns, you can use it with confidence.

There are two pieces of the bottom of the fuselage bottom of the fuselage station on the drag head, which is dry and wipe, in the process of travel, first vacuuming and water, the nozzle is designed in the middle, avoiding hair, Debris garbage is wet, better cleaning. Sprinkler slag, spilling drag

T5 pushes a pull, even if the particles are relatively large, it can easily clean and clean it.

The T5 dragging the floor is a vacuum, sweeping, mopping once, and it can be said to be 3 times the work efficiency. The working frequency of the two rags reached an amazing 600 times (the data found by the official website, but it is indeed the back -oured movement of the high-frequency word), so that the reciprocating wipes of the high frequency can significantly improve the cleaning effect, and clean the cloth isolated on water. Will not enter the machine, wipe the stain and will not leave too much water stains, clean and dry.

Very worthpassing,

The dust suction of T5 is very large, and the hair will not be entangled together, and this lot is can’t do. For the hair of the shower, you will take it directly, for the hair loss of the interlock, and there is a baby in the home, there is a user who is gospel.

The other is very surprised: I used it unexpected very light, I just got my hand, I was a bit worried, afraid that my mother was tired. After all, it is the original Dai Sen plus a small toward attachment. However, the result is unexpected, because the following mop module is vibration before and after it, causing the mop, you only need to make it gently, you will slowly go, really love, too intimate.

T5 is 2 cleaning cloth, blue is a non-disposable drag, which can be removed with water, a bit thickness, but the same concise clean.

The additional white is a one-time cleaning cloth, and it is possible to throw away each time, it can be thrown away, it is a lazy welfare, completely liberate your hands. Taking advantage of the year-on-year, I decided to get more one-year cleaning cloth, so that clean cleaning is more clean.

The whole ground is cleaned in the entire ground, twenty minutes, easy to get housework, really instantly turned into the people. Also do not have to worry about the parents will not be used, do not need to bend your waist, you can clean the sofa bed. Fall in love, this is a few minutes, and it is also a very cure thing when I look at the room. There is a family with a bear child with a Dai Sen vacuum cleaner. Be sure to try, definitely not lose!