Hard pen word selection guide


For a while, I wrote a article about how to write a good word.

Everyone can write a good word, as long as you understand!

Many people like it, this makes me like it.


Then some children ask me, want to practice the steel pen word, what is the word?


I know, many people have phobia. So today, I will work hard, I am a good person, write a good word, of course, do something good.

Nowadays, there are very many words, the five flowers, dazzling, the beginners don’t identify the ability, I will worry if I choose the wrong word, isn’t it a teacher, how is it?

So for beginners, if I buy a word post, I recommend the following principles:

1, like it.

For most people who want to practice, there are two: ** One is not coming, no brain; second, it can’t hold it. **

For the first obstruction, I am


“Everyone can write a good word, as long as you get a law”

There have been said in it. One of the best ways to overcome the second hindrance is that

You like to practice.

Seeing an article saying that choosing a copy of the post to choose the same partial or similar structure classification, do not choose something such as ancient poetry, so there is a certain reason, which is convenient for proficiency and consolidation .

If you like it, of course, it is also very boring, isn’t it?

Ancient poetry, famous saying, beautiful text, some people originally like to copy these things, there is such a word post, what is wrong?

Here, some word is recommended, see if there is a favor you like, there is something, you can buy the author on Taobao.

Hard pen script:

Tian Yingthang hard pen


Wu Yusheng hard pen

Sima Yan’s hard pen

Lu Zhongnan hard pen

Hard writing book:


Sima Yan hard pen book

Gu Zhongan hard pen book

Wu Yusheng hard pen book

In addition, there are many many hard pen calligraphy characters, which are not enumerated. When your attention is transferred to this, these style will naturally run to your sight.

In addition, the kind of groove is not bought, if you are a child, understanding the ability is very lacking, adult buying that thing, is a waste time.

2, continue.

After we chose a copy of your favorite, then I started practicing it, and the choice process should not be too long, let go as soon as possible. Delay is a disease, want to write a good word, do not make this disease, otherwise what method is floating.

However, there are so many words, so many good words, you first choose, even if you are lucky, it is impossible to choose the most suitable – you like your favorite, because your field of view is narrow, The eye is very low.

So when you keep in touching the words every day, you need to pay attention to you, take your attention, get a little bit to calligraphy.

For example, you are walking on the street, free to walk, see the couplet, see the plaque, you may wish to pay attention to how people write, look good, no appetite;


For example, you visited the bookstore, see a bunch of characters posing there, don’t go through the past, there is no surprise where you are waiting for you;

For example, you will visit a museum, celebrity memorial hall, the general wall will hang a lot of words, you may wish to stop, and enjoy the appreciation;

For example, if you open the video software, see the video lecture in calligraphy, click to see, you will not spend a long time.


What I said is, just on the basis of practicing the word post on your hand, keep the interested concerns about other calligraphy, and slowly cultivate your vision and interest.

In fact, this is very similar to reading, we all know that reading is very good, reading changes in fate, and there are two words of “reading” on the road to the success of the cattle. Then everyone will start asking, I will read what books first, the big god, you give me a book.


But people who have more books know that the book is actually not recommended, you have finished reading this book, often coming out, because the confusion when you study, you need the next book to solve, you study The desire for knowledge is required to meet the next time.

Reading reading, your horizon is open.

Words are the same. The same is true.


Continue, choose no longer a problem.

3, upgrade.

In fact, as you continue to pay attention to calligraphy, whether your eyes are good, writing levels, or less will increase, will be upgraded.

But the upgrade here is the quality upgrade of another stage – the brush calligraphy.

After watching my calligraphy public account, I asked if I have a pen, I said no.

Because the pen is much more simpler than the brush, the two are not a level.


The pen is written, mainly the grasp of the Chinese character structure, the changes in the strokes are very small; the brush is different, it is the combination of structures and drawings, the two changes are added, not 1 + 1 effect is then simple, The increase in complexity is an exponential level.

Everyone may not pay attention to a fact:

The brush is famous, the hard pen is very good, the brush word is famous, the brush is very general.

Two examples of everyone who are familiar with.

Tianjin’s Tian Yun Chapter Tian Ying Chapter two brothers, from the influence of the child, practiced a lot of brush characters, the brush is posted, but when you buy a pen, you can see these two teachers. A lot of pen brings.

Mr. Pang Zhonghua, known as “China’s hard pen calligraphy”, now is basically sold, and you can also find pictures of his brush on the Internet. In the daily calligraphy lecture of Mr. Tian Yun, he has also mentioned him.

Instead, it is the other Calligraphy home in the historical, it is difficult to take the people and works in the history of other calligraphyists.


So, when you have a certain basis, you must try a brush, and the ancient people’s small characters, you can directly come directly when the pen is coming, the following recommendation:

Zhong Shaojing “Ling Fei”

Wen Ming Ming Xiao “Qin Fu”

遂 王 王 王 “乐 毅”

Ouyang inquiry Xiao Wei “Heart Sutra”

Zhao Mengfu Xiao Yu “传”

How about it? Is there a feeling of a kind of beauty?

In addition, there are many famous books, grassbooks, belongings, etc., ancient calligraphy monument, is a big treasure house, modern hard click stick, and these ratios, it is known.

But it is also recommended to learn the contemporary hard pens, because the ancient Xiaoyu is beautiful, the corresponding difficulty is much bigger, as an initiator, step by step – but don’t learn a few days of Tian Jingshang Sima Yan, how do you feel how How to learn any skill, don’t be a big, it is easy to become a laughter.

Some people may ask, you are recommended by this book, a book word, that is a book of books?


** The truth is the same, I like it first, continue, and then upgrade. **

Continue to write, continue to output, pay attention to WeChat public number: a muddy ethics calligraphy