Wenwan series: to the top quality, turquoise three-way admire map


Hello everyone, I am a big flight!

How is you all over the weekend? Today, there is a three-way, the top of the turquoise fruit frozen material, attached to the trick, to tell the truth, play for such a long turquoise, have never seen such a good three-way, so I want to send it with you. If you have a friend who knows turquoise, you can watch it, because the goods in the market are really uncomfortable!


Still old, first-click on the picture, chat: I like the friends who want to play, don’t forget to leave your precious attention, have time to communicate, learn together!


How about it? Is it a friend who knows that turquoise? Runmei, porcelain, phase, all the high goods in the best, no silk wire, all kinds of flawless, such a three-way matching or handheld is the highest quality.

As for new friends, such a turquoise understanding can, it is not true, not to buy, the first price is not low, the second is that it is easy to be cheated, when buying, it is best to send it to the identification, see if it is natural Is there a wire, there is no foam.

The real natural product, there is something like this, some of the old players are equipped with the separators, two hundreds of pieces, so don’t understand, don’t go out!


In this product store, I accept the comparison, welcome to leave, this issue is shared here, I am a big flight, we will see it!