How to choose a bottoming shirt in autumn and winter? The thickness of the version of the fabric is essential, from 26 yuan to stay 10 pieces


The nearest weather is colder one day, I want to ask everyone:


Cold wind, autumn and winter


Which is the most shortage of clothes in the wardrobe?

If you want me to pick up a fall and winter can’t be missing, you must


Warm knitted shirt!

They all say that they are all the tides of the fashion circles, others don’t talk, let’s take a look at the fashion circles, stars, bloggers, and the secrets of humans in winter.

Yes, the bottoming shirt is indispensable.

Why is so many people love to bottom?

Because of it


Don’t pick your body, don’t pick the age, not easy

How to face, how to match, how to face it.


No excess design, no need for flowers,

“The less simple, the more advanced”

The more classic bottoming shirts are so good ~

Fashion world


It is single to wear a syndrome, increasing a kind of knowledge, and points

Elegant breath!

It is also the fashion blogger’s heart in autumn and winter,

Whether it is with a suit, windbreaker, or single


It can be very fashionable!

It doesn’t need too much modification, and you can wear a natural casual sense of natural and free.

Single wear, bottom, stack, inner …

Every road blogger is even more


Nine nine eighty-one fancy


, Truly interpret this sentence,

“Fashion, style forever”.


The bottom shirt seems to be foundation, but the election is not good, it is very easy to step on the thunder.

Not only don’t wear a high level, but wear like an autumn clothes.

Drag, old, up, wrinkles …


In fact, the more basic style,


More test clothing, fabric

Quality, and details of the details.

On the market, you will have a lot of bottoming shirts, and the fish dragon is mixed.

The version is not good for good fabrics and design, too!

To start a perfect bottoming shirt,

Get from version, fabric, thickness, texture, workmanship ..

Pick up.


Let’s share a few pieces to everyone, not only to meet the above points, I am more

Look or cost performance

After all, the hand is really “very tight”.

Solid color warm cation stripe


Cationic component, double warm

This is the explosion model recommended by a red book, two types to meet your needs,

Can wear to 80-130 catties.

Oversized elasticism,

Self-heating thermal function

Wear moisturizing skin, wear resistant to the ball, thin and wild.

Half-high medicine

There is no style in the whistle whistle,


At first glance

, But maybe your wardrobe

Inaractable one

Knitted texture is delicate,

With a ductility,

With small loose version,

Wearing on the body


Will not have a binding and hot, insept, divided into minutes


The INS style is in a sense. There is a coat outside, which is the heroine of Korea drama.

Cationic debrel half high collar bottoming shirt


Giant thin bottoming shirt

There are several colors, but they are all in line with our Asian skin.

So don’t pick your skin.

It is a version of the code,

80-130 pounds

Do not pick any figure.

And it is still

Grind fabric

, In general, the fabric is still

More thick and very warm


, Everyday does not need to wear warm underwear, one is enough to do it!


Thick figure

This version of this

Slightly loose, will not overemployment

Let the clothing and the body,

Leave a sense of air that is just right.

Just like the breeze is on the skin, very comfortable ~

My favorite is it.

This neck is designed

,not only can

Rising temperament


, Put on the moment of Hepburn is elegant!

The weather is cold (the neck is cold, the throat is itchy, especially if you cough)

Can also wind warm warm ~

Pile of piles of solid color warm stripes

Do you see this picture? Can you see its highlight? What I want to say is

Its high collar design

Natural crimp

Show free beauty, low-key detail

Evanic temperament.

The neckline seems to be engraved, in fact, the effect of the microbe


It is more free to wear and free.


And more fashionable.

The neckline is more than one needle.


More secure, focus is very warm!

Soft 气 气 内 针 织织

When you see a good-looking scene, you will take a photo of your mobile phone. I will not let go.




The general girls have no resistance, let alone or that kind of

Soft stuffed shirt?

The average person feels that the high collar is very warm.

It turned out to be “special high collar” version,


Pull to the eyes,

I feel that winter is put on.

The mask is not worn.

Temperament square leader

I can always see those in cold winter.


For example, wearing a short skirt does not wear warm hips.

Direct light!

Every time I see these little girls, I will take it.


But I will still look at both eyes quietly.


It is really attractive to the eye.

This piece

Small square collar

It is suitable for such sisters,

Full care machine design

It is still no problem with the neck bone, of course, your neck is beautiful!

Did you have a small brother.

Lock temperature, warm knitting stripe

Are you familiar?

This is the same paragraph of the endorsement of Ruth.

The material is pure wool,

Naked wearable, technology blended fiber

, In a timely effect, the moisture generated by the skin breathing into thermal energy, forming a heat generating effect,

Effectively protect against autumn and winter.

It is a high collar,

Many high collar clothes will take our neck, and it will not, the collar is

Cotton soft fiber stitching


Will not wear the neck.

The elasticity is also very good, adopted

Vertical ribbed texture

Combined with the slimming structure,

Outlook body curve,

Vision is more thin,

Cuffging lengthening design


It can be covered to the back of the back, making the arms more smooth.

Klein Blue High Collar Sweater


2021 Klein Blue Fire! To say that there is the most color of the frequency this year.

When Klein Blue

From INS to small red book, shake, everywhere is the figure of the Clein Block Screen.

So as a bottoming shirt, you can’t absent this color.


Loose straight version combined seamless process


High collar design can be put down

Do a double lapel

Style, wild and warm.

Smooth micro-shoulder shoulder, can be well modified, and arm lines,

More lazy.

Goat seamless one-weave bottoming shirt


On the quality, this bottoming shirt can be used

Textive speech

,fabric composition:

99.9% cashmere

, Feel soft and delicate.


The cream is a general touch, warm and relaxed, even

Sensitive muscle wear will not feel discomfort.


Deep-skinless, upper body

Skin dress is really zero burden zero pressure

The fabric is very soft, the heat is very fast,

The lock temperature is good, you can wear it directly, closely feel

Allied cashmere

High-level skin-friendly feelings.

But actual

Be more resistant to

And will grow more and more smoothly with the growth of wearing time,

The large pit strip design is self-contained.


Single wear or bottom

It’s very suitable, high-necked design

Can be lapel

Can also be

Pile of piles can be officially leisure.

In this issue, the sharing of bottoming shirts is here, welcome to praise comments or forwarding!

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