How to match the long jacket in winter? Practical dressing skills sharing, highlighting and high


Winter is here, the long coat of warm and pull the wind has been arranged, but the little son girls began to worry, worried that they will be short and more fat, and I also worry that I can’t wear a higher fan.


If there are many long coats in your wardrobe, there is no inspiration, so the practical matching skills shared today, let you easily wear what you want!

Long sweater coat

In the early winter, the thick long sweater coat is very suitable for wearing, warm and light, completely without bloated problems, but if you want to be high, the choice color color is more important.

When a small child is in a long sweater jacket, you can consider the short skirt + long boots, and the next half of the next body is missing, so you can wear the long legs, and it is more tapful, no drag, no drag, It is slim.

The long sweater jacket wants to wear high-level Fan, and color matching can choose the same color system to match. Black and white color sweater jacket, choose a black high-neck sweater, not only more coordinated, but also better effect, but also more advanced.

Bathrobe long coat

The long coat of the bathrobe is a quite classic style. It is easy to shape the unique gentle lazy cavity in autumn and winter. Its outline is loose, and it is very friendly for sterling or too thin girls. of.


When we choose a bathrobe coat, we recommend that the belt position is designed to be designed, so that when tied the waist with the belt, you can mention the waistline, look good, it is also quite suitable for small children. With the bathroom coat, a girl who likes the trousers, it is recommended to choose some of the slim pants, such as pipe tube or pencil pants, which will be more thin and high.

Little child girls choose a skirt that is shorter than the coat, showing a slim calf, which will not press a small leg, so that it will not bother. Lake blue bathrobe coat, with a blue-colored sweater with Tibetan blue skirt, the length of the coat cover the half skirt, more likely to be Territory, and a light feeling.


A high child can choose to match the half-skirt that is long than the coat, more level, looks at the air. Mi camel coat, with coffee lattice skirt, revealing skirt, seeing more renewal, hierarchical matching appears.

Lotion long coat

The long coat, especially loose version, and the design of the shoulders, more suitable for high shoulder width, and it is more powerful.

The contour coat wants to be slim, and the inside is recommended to choose the collusion. Gray contour coat, in the inside, black high collar sweater with black pipe pants, the inside is very tall, with a loose version of the coat, there is no drag.

H-length coat

The H-type long coat belongs to the most classic single product, the design of the straight line, the upper and lower width is similar, so the style is suitable for all the body, try to choose the simple design long coat, will be more profitable.

When matching the H-shaped coat, it is recommended to open it away. Inside the selection, the short-length matching method is displayed, and it will be more similar to the high waistline. The camel coat, the sweater inside can be put into the trousers, the coat is open, the whole set of people feel the atmosphere, and it seems very high.


Land color long coat

The long coat of the earth is a very popular single product this year. We want to wear high-level feelings, you can choose the same color or contrast.

The camel coat, the white and the water blue stacked, so that the cold and warm colors are mixed, and the freshness is added, and it breaks the dull, age, still very white, suitable for yellow girl. Khaki coat, matching card, sweater with camelous pipe, all-in-one color system, visually causing the sense, is technically thin, and the same color is completely unfair, advanced is full.

Neutral color long coat

The classic neutral colored long coat is also a very wild single product. If we don’t have time or to color, you can choose a classic black and white gray to match, it is not easy to make mistakes, and you can easily create Excellent high-grade fan.


Long down jacket


For the north or very afraid of the cold, the long down jacket is used in winter, how is the thick long down jacket? We can choose to have a genital pipe tube or trousers to match, both warm and not bloated.


Black down jacket with gray trousers, very casual style, wealthy style is super good, but also more slim, with black down jacket, classic neutral color matching, high-level feelings.

If you want to put the long down jacket gentle woman taste, you can try a knitted skirt, simple and beautiful. Turning yellow long down jacket, with camel, knitted dress, inside and outside the same color line for matching, significantly thin, with cof color long boots, warm and high level.


Ok, this share is here, I believe there will be a lot of long coats in your closet, and quickly collect these practical matching skills, it will be useful!

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