Crocodile leatherware knowledge detailed


Every time you mention the crocodile skin, it gives people to expensive, rare, high-end impression, indeed, high-end crocodile leather bags and clothing value, high-end brands of high-end series will use crocodile skin, Hermes’s crocodile birkin and kelly more It is worth the city.

But there are also many crocodile skin products very cheap, 2, 3 thousand can buy, and even hundreds of crocodile leather goods, why is all crocodile skin, the price difference is so big, everyone looks at the official, read it, you can read it. Will have an answer.

Crocodile type

Our most common crocodile skin varieties are: Bay crocodile, American crocodile, Nile crocodile, Siam.

The crocodiles of these varieties have a common feature: the body is large, the leather lines are beautiful, and the abdominal leather gradually turns into a circular shape from the bamboo-shaped square, which is a top-grade carousel for making bags or clothing. The above is some common characteristics. However, different varieties have their own characteristics, which is worth mentioning that the azimony is not a breath, and several crocodiles of several varieties have a pore. After the leather processing, the bright crocodile skin, light crocodile The skin of the skin is obvious than the matte surface (middle surface), dark crocodile skin. Therefore, many people are distinguished by porosity. It is not scientific.

The crocodile skin is always a belly for expensive, and the mainstream products of luxury goods have almost no crocodile back skin products. If it is a high-end series of luxury, it will not use the crocodile backside. Therefore, the above crocodies are mainly based on the back, retaining rare, expensive belly. In particular, the Bay crocodile and the American crocodile are almost open.

All the crocodiles we often have: leather shoes, belts, wallets, straps, luggage, etc.

Crocodile skin, skin gold, inch bodder, for the production of finished crocodile leather, must choose the right skin according to the finished product, keep the integrity of the whole texture is very important, the finished product will have a visual perfection .

Of course, I want to buy a good crocodile skin must have experience, because the skin is rare, so there is a fake goods on the market, and how to choose the experience of the leather, I also share it, I hope to don’t know the pastel skin. Customers have help.

Crocodile Level

1. Bay crocodile: It is the best grade crocodile skin. English name Porosus is the largest crocodile type.

The cortical pattern is neat, the bamboo-shaped partial arrangement is most united, and the proportion of bamboo pattern is high. The crocodile body is narrow, about 5 times the length of the head, the length of the tail is about the head + torso. There is a small air hole, and the Porosus on the market is extremely rare.

Hermes’ Bay crocodiles are extremely expensive. Pelicit use is generally a luggage, from a variety of perspectives, the Bay crocodile has a more obvious variety of prices and other varieties.

2. American crocodile: Usually we say the American crocodile is a confidential Sicibi. There is no air hole, and there are obvious cracks, pores and cracks above the breeding holes are important symbols of this variety.

The bamboo is so beautiful, which is clear and the round line part is clear, and the round line is intensive and relatively small. Leather is suitable for box packages, especially suitable for small-scale leather goods, such as wallets, keybags, this type of small leather goods is superior to other varieties, especially the charm of the American crocodile, of course, not to say other varieties can’t do small Piece of leather, don’t misunderstand.


In addition, making straps, the American crocodile is the best skin, better than other varieties. The price of the American crocodile skin is second only to the Bay crocodile, although second only to the Bay crocodile, but in the market is also extremely high-grade crocodile skin.

3. Nile crocodile: One of the high-end crocodile skin, there is a gas hole, the belly is not so narrow than the American crocodile, the bay crocodile is not so narrow, the strip of the abdomen is the largest, and the difference is distinguished from other varieties.

Leather is generally used in making luggage, Many Birkin and kelly of Hermes are made of Nile crocodile skin, which may be because Hermes do Birkin’s reasons for the Nile crocodile, and many women’s bags are made with Nile crocodile.

The texture characteristics are more in line with women’s aesthetics. In short, the Nile crocodile is a high-grade crocodile skin.

4. Siamese crocodile: Compared with the Bay crocodile, the American crocodile and the Nile crocodile will be some. The belly pattern is also very beautiful, there is a small air hole, bamboo pattern and round line ratio, one mentioned the Siam, it is not high, if you look at the variety and the flexible perspective, Siam The crocodia is not bad, and it is also very good, the Siamese crocodate is a large crocodile, the skin does not bone, it is not hard, and many clothing is made with a Siam.

5. Keemin: The most low crocodile skin, the leather is severe, the skin is very hard, the style is very low, it is not suitable for high-grade crocodile leather goods, there is almost no big brand to use the Kailian crocodile bag, the price is also It is very low, it is a representative of cheap crocodile leather.

The above introduced several common crocodile skin varieties, summed up, in fact, the american crocodile, the surface difference between the Nile crocodile and the Siam is only the difference in the pattern, the following is a brief introduction, why is the same crocodile skin, price difference So big, look at the level division, it is clear.

Crocodile leather level division

The quality of the crocodile skin is divided according to the level. The higher the level, the higher the value, the crocodile skin is divided into the quality of the belly area when the factory is classified, basically does not consider the quality of the tail.

The international use is the cross division method: on the belly belly belly in the crocodile, in the cross-division area, a total of 4 regions, if there is no scar in the four regions of ABCD, a 1-level leather, there is a region in 4 regions, Trouk for level 2, sequential, 3 …, of course, it is also called A, B.

The method of dividing is actually very simple, it is to see how much the disability is. Naturally, the level 1 is very rare, and it is very expensive. For the crocodile this cold and blood, there is very little, thinking about it is very little, thinking about it, if you don’t let them fight, then you have to pay separately, the cost is too high, the price of the price Naturally, if the group, Level 1 leather can only be picked up, 100 can pick a few, it is very difficult. Therefore, the price of Level 1 is in the international market, and it has always been a trend year by year. Even so, the first-level skin has been in short supply.

Different comparisons of all parts of crocodile skin

There is a grade crocodile skin is the best abdomen, followed by the abdomen, the back and the tail is the right.

1. Bednes: all the rules, the soft feel. The belly of Porosus and Crocodile can see the air hole, and Alligator has no air hole.

2. Abdominal side: The hand is still soft, the pattern has been converted from the square into a circular shape. The price is slightly lower than the belly, still is the most commonly used part of the luxury brand handbag.

3. Back skin: back skin pattern is rough, and the hand is rough. The cheapest price. Generally, it is not used by luxury handbags, more common in popular brands, and is popular with young trends.

In summary, the same is true crocodile skin, selecting the best level as long as the soft feel, uniform symmetrical square pattern, delicate pores and soft gloss four factors.

Crocodile skin price

Finally, the price:

No matter what kind of crocodile, it is the price of the leather level, nature is the better the skin, the higher the value. The Nile crocodile’s variety is higher than that of the America, and there may be different fans to see the angle of view. In the international market, the American Crocodator is a little more expensive than the Nile crocodation, and the Nile crocodile is bitter than the Siam. However, the price difference is not large, can be used to make exquisite leather goods, it is also necessary to pick up Leather materials can be done.

Of course, Level Level 3 of Level 3 is not scrapped, and the price of finished products will naturally be low, or avoid scars, and the integrity and symmetry of the routine will naturally be affected.

Characteristics and identification of crocodile skin

There are many ways to identify crocodile skin:

1. The gap between the crocodile skin texture will appear small interlaced texture, and the leather embossing is very smooth.

2. The texture of the crocodile skin is not very neat, all of which are different and interlaced.

3. The flexibility of the crocodile skin determines extremely flavoring, and it will not be deformed after repeatedly pressing, and the recovery is good.

How is the crocodile skin craft?

Although the crocodile skin itself is a scarce resource, it is more complicated than ordinary skin in the process of packing tanning.

1. Select skin, clarinet, sewing, finishing

The selection of crocodile skin is more demanding than ordinary skin. When the luxury brand makes a handbag, only the pores, patterns, and the crocodile skin that is completely consistent. Because of such demanding standards, a luxury brand crocodile handbag usually requires 3-4 crocodiles to select a leather that meets the requirements. It is then an accurate quilt, consistent with handmade, strictly aligned pinhole, manual sewing tablets, unbreakable sealants, and then use a specific mold to support the front profile. The leather was then concorplanted with a specific ironing tool.

It is worth mentioning that because the crocodile skin is special, the surface particles are very rich, so it is more expensive than the general leather in the contrast. The crocodile skin is protruded and there is a bone. After polishing, it is necessary to spray a chemical preparation after polishing, and then polished it once.

2. Tanning

The tanning is to take off the fat, moisture, salt, and impurities of the crocodile skin itself, make it easy to save, and make the leather to swell, become soft and hard, easy to shape. There is a brand that is also trying to make the crocodile leather to make a strain or chrome, which makes it touching the skin, more flexible, waterproof, just like a woman’s face is as delicate.

3. Squash, fat fat, dye, polished

After removing the pigment fat of the crocodile skin itself, the cortex has become dry, in order to make the thickness colors, the craftsman will open its fiber channel, so that the color and the wax fat are uniform, and the leather is deep, the hand is very good, and the gloss is natural. . In the circulation, the bright crocodile skin is different from the mosity crocodile skin, and the latter is more difficult. The brightness of the crocodile leather sewing process can be re-made. The foggy crocodile skin is more difficult to handle, once the color is uneven during the dyeing process, it will not be repaired, and the entire leather will be eliminated. Therefore, the price of foggy crocodile leather bag is more expensive.