Can the newborn baby play the fitness rack to improve the baby’s small hand to coordinate? Can you get the answer you want?


If someone asks me where my baby’s toy is my most excited, then I will tell you that this fitness rack given by my small partner.


This fitness frame is very simple, that is, when you pull a small loop buckle, you will send a different sound, or music or laughter or reading. Although it is a very simple little toy, the baby is not happy about playing for about half an hour every day.


39 days baby

This toy is a baby just out of the full moon. When I gave her, when I got her, her little hand could only touch the small tie rope above, and the luck is good. Occasionally. At that time, they said that because the baby’s small suggestion was played again after 42 days, and the time to play every day would not be too long, and don’t let her stare at a place, it will easily fight the eye.

3 months 25 days baby


The fitness racks will be played for a while every day. Now you can play with your hands and feet. When you are happy, you can also turn your body on the ground floor, very comfortable. I think this little fitness model not only brings a lot of fun to the baby, but also makes her little finger to get things like. Like some thick toys, when she can’t catch up, I will use a thumb and index finger to play. This new skill has been 1 period of time.

I believe that every baby is to torture your little angel, you will have no temper in front of her. At the same time, I also think that every toy is a small weapon for exercising your baby, just use exercise to get the gains you will not want. We don’t want the baby to be genius, just hope that my fool mother can record her happy growth in her happy childhood.


I am a newbie mother, welcome all the message to varying powder.