Car | ride a motorcycle ruled! CFMOTO first electric ATV CFORCE EV110 children released


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新车 | 骑机车从娃娃抓起!CFMOTO首款电动儿童ATV CFORCE EV110发布

[Understand the car Emperor original products] Recently, we learned from the official, spring is the first pure electric power Child ATV CFORCE EV110 released. Peak power of 4.5 kilowatts car mounted, the maximum torque of 40 Nm permanent magnet motor as a power source.

Features new car

新车 | 骑机车从娃娃抓起!CFMOTO首款电动儿童ATV CFORCE EV110发布

New car design was inspired by EVOLUTION A

新车 | 骑机车从娃娃抓起!CFMOTO首款电动儿童ATV CFORCE EV110发布

Two years ago, CFMOTO had released a pure electric concept car ATV -EVOLUTION A, two years later, its production version has finally come out. The new car is also the first product of spring YOUTH product family.

新车 | 骑机车从娃娃抓起!CFMOTO首款电动儿童ATV CFORCE EV110发布

The official said the new car’s design team spirit attitude gifts for kids to design products, and adult ATV standards and technology to create, rather than manufacture a “toy.”

New car color is very bright, showing full of youthful

Design, the new car color bright, demonstrating full of youthful. EV110 continuation of the EA concept car design language, dynamic styling, especially the long and narrow headlights, highly recognizable.

The car’s power equivalent to 110cc displacement motorcycles

Power, this child mounted ATV 4.5 kilowatts peak power, maximum torque of 40 Nm permanent magnet motor, the performance of fuel corresponding to engine displacement of 110 ml, and more torque. The new car also has anti-coaster intelligent control system to optimize power output curve, help kids get started driving more smoothly.

Maximum mileage of new cars is about 60 km

And the battery life, the new car is equipped with a soft core and a lithium battery pack designed for children of the kinetic energy recovery system, direct car charger, the battery can also carry out a single charge for electricity, 4 hours can be filled smoothly, in which mileage 60 kilometers around. It supports hierarchical set speed of 1-45 km / h, in order to ensure the “driver” to achieve advanced driving.

新车 | 骑机车从娃娃抓起!CFMOTO首款电动儿童ATV CFORCE EV110发布

“Small” but fully fitted

New cars equipped with BMS battery management system

Security configuration, the new car is equipped with BMS battery management system to monitor the whole charge, parameters discharge conditions and temperature changes, the discovery of overload, overcharging, overheating and other anomalies, automatic real-time early warning, active intervention, dynamic adjustment, the maximum level of protection drive Safety.

新车 | 骑机车从娃娃抓起!CFMOTO首款电动儿童ATV CFORCE EV110发布

Adjustable rear car section 5 double A-arm independent suspension, it is possible to meet various road riding, make driving more stable, while the car is also equipped with a hydraulic disc brake caliper 3, the front and rear interlocking brake control hand brake, foot brake control alone wheel brake, the main electrical waterproof member to IP67 standard.

新车 | 骑机车从娃娃抓起!CFMOTO首款电动儿童ATV CFORCE EV110发布

Meanwhile, EV110 is also equipped with magnetic safety rope, one end fixed to the child who, after falling off the vehicle immediately cut off the power output, to prevent secondary damage caused by their children.

The new car is equipped with a dedicated App to increase security

新车 | 骑机车从娃娃抓起!CFMOTO首款电动儿童ATV CFORCE EV110发布

In the “networked car” configuration, EV110 have exclusive APP, you can view the general direction of the child at any time. And are able to parents as the center, set the maximum 500-meter security fence, the fence near the beginning of the speed limit until it stops and trigger an alert on the App.

Children can call SOS call function remote first time parents through the body, ask for help. Parents can also call App child, two-way information exchange, to ensure maximum safety.


Cyberquad For Kids

Not long ago, overseas Tesla released a children’s ATV models –Cyberquad For Kids, the car also has a handsome appearance, but its performance, configuration and CFORCE EV110 are still some gaps.