The satin sling skirt, so wearing a beautiful explosion.


4 shoulder straps cross the skin around the skin,

Outline the beautiful scapula lines.


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¥ 159


Spring, sunny, blossoms, t-shirts, shirts, jeans are thousands.

There is a material, but it is bright and romantic.




Especially one

Flow-grade-clearing satin sling skirt

, Filing with a light cooked woman is not aggressive, simply gaining new realm ~

Simply simple set, big party exposed the shoulder, sexy and charming ~

Matching in spring

Suit OR windbreaker

More highlighting taste and personality in the land –

Always sweater sweater + jeans is more boring, directly put on,

It turns into a skirt, even better than the A word!

Such a beautiful dress, no wonder fashion people have wearing themselves ~

Today, I recommend this for everyone –


V collar acetate satin strap dress.

Use triacetanate satin, it is a dress, high-definite to precious satin

, Skin-friendly, thin breathable, disclose elegant temperament ~


Not only has silky feelings



More in fabric

18 kinds of amino acids beneficial to the human body, have a delicate moisturizer

Simple V-neck

, Just the advantage of exposing the clavicle.

Edition simple atmosphere, combined with human curves, visual effect is 10 pounds

Let the 90-120 catties of girls can have a charming S curve.

Fine shoulder strap

, Telling the desire to say sexy.

The back look is more charming

4 shoulder straps cross the skin, outline the beautiful scapula lines.


Silky, elegant

, The waist is cleverly, and the skirt is swing, one step is turned, and I have never deliberately show your graceful posture.

The texture of silk is easy to manage, and the price is higher.

Note: The silk is easy to become yellow, easy to hook, only hand wash

Five colors:


Whether it is

Sexy black, minimalist white, ready-to-gas red, temperament silver gray, mysterious ink green

It can be the existence of this spring and summer trendy explosion.


This spring and summer is cool, it will definitely make people look bright.




The “satin sling” of the stars

Meiyi early spring, personal sexual fashion


1 second to put the French in the body

For women,


Silk hacking skirt can’t be less than four seasons

When you are warm, you will die in generous skin, refreshing and fashionable.

It’s cold, you can also use it as a bottoming.

Exigd suit, thin news, etc., can wear a different fresh feel.

Elegant and temperament, will not be hot, I am not afraid to catch cold in the air-conditioned room.

This spring satin material is still a fashion, comfortable and comfortable.

The satin itself comes with the pearl glossy feeling

No matter whether it is the daily outstanding or attended the official, the star is shining, becoming the focus of the crowd …

Supermodel Kaia in the photo on Instagram,

Wear a black silk satin sling skirt


, Sparkling under the sun sunset ~

There is also a familiar Kental-Jenna,

Golden satin sling skirt

With gorgeous handbags + knee boots, simply put the suspenders out of another style!



Simple version, smooth line, slim

袅袅 袅袅 姿 姿

Spring is a season that is getting cumbersome and the body and mind become light.

A beautiful satin dress,

There must be a fine detail design:

Simple atmosphere

The lines are smooth, and they are in it.


Simple V-neck, draw long sight, optimize facial lines, just out of the label.

In the summer, although some T-shirts can also be used in V-neck, but in the satin hanging taking dress, more exquisite, light fabrics, more highlights the feeling of pendants, while making the neck look more slim.

The back shoulder strap, show your beauty back.

Detiled 4 tubular shoulder straps are also a satin package, seemingly simple, and is a delicate process.


The process of the shoulder strap is very difficult, need to be handmade, each fine shoulder strap looks like silence, but it is more tough and flexible than you imagined.

Dine tape cross around the skin

With a certain degree of waist, the whole is a loose shape.

Highlight the body of the gold curve


It will not feel tight.


Light luxury acetate satin material

Slide silk, cool, summer wind, do not pick

Dress high-definition, put on the S curve

Many girls, not much confidence in their own body,

Think that only the backbone can HOLD live happiness skirt, then it is wrong!

The material of the suspenders is very important:

A acetate satin dress can be modified, 90-120 catties wear no pressure

Immediately have the sexy and romance of the French woman.

This tric acetic acid fabric,


The raw material is natural wood pulp, naturally environmentally friendly, cool and breathable.

The long skirt of “simulation silk” is used in more than the market, which is practical and type.

Gloss, lightweight, silk slide, fitness is even better.

Because the material of the acetic acid has a smooth texture of silk, it can make the whole person become [vertical body].

A human body curve, “water barrel waist” can also be a second change S curve.


There is 18 kinds of amino acids that are beneficial to the human body in silk mesens, which are different from the amino acid contained in the human body.


It can promote the metabolism of cells, enhance cell vitality, so there are also the US “second skin” of human beings.

It is more beautiful for a long time, which is unreasonable.

I believe that people passing through:

Soft and smooth, light breathable, no static electricity


If there is no skin, wear the whole person to make it feel light ~


The satin sling skirt, so wearing a beautiful explosion.


Outline the beautiful scapula lines.